Dr. Monica Wehby has alternative to Obamacare

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Dr. Monica Wehby for U. S. Senate

Portland, Oregon: Today, Dr. Monica Wehby is unveiling her plan to put the American health care system back into the hands of the patient. Even after President Obama apologized for his misleading statements on the Affordable Care Act, Senator Merkley has still not taken down the statement, “If you like your health insurance you can keep it” from his website. Furthermore, he has not provided any substantive proposals on how to make good on that promise.

Oregon needs a Senator experienced in healthcare to clean up the ACA mess. A Senator who will be open and transparent in the process of reforming the healthcare system to meet our common goals. A Senator who knows that local answers and innovations are essential elements of the solution, not a Federal bureaucracy accountable to no one which will dictate how you get your healthcare and what you pay for it. Dr. Monica Wehby is that Senator.

“The strategy of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to force Americans to overpay for coverage requirements they don’t need or want, pay hidden taxes, pay penalties, and comply with government mandates to support a huge new federal entitlement program.  I think we need a patient centered approach, not a central planning, top down, one-size-fits all approach.  This is my plan to start putting our health system back on track.”  

-Dr. Monica Wehby

From Dr. Monica Wehby:

 “The Democrats need to acknowledge that the ACA is riddled with problems, delay the mandates which are forcing people into a broken system, and come back to the drawing board and work with Republicans to start implementing patient centered approaches.”

“Working with the brightest minds in medicine, business, and technology, we must assemble a first class and bi-partisan implementation team that ensures access to affordable care for all citizens, with market-based reforms that will spur efficiency in the delivery system and put healthcare decisions and accountability firmly in the hands of individuals and their doctors.”

“Oddly, the only two physicians in the U.S. Senate were excluded from the development of the ACA. It’s time for the Democrats to come back to the drawing board and work with Republicans who actually know how to improve our country’s health care system. We need to come together to fix this now before the damage of the ACA’s deficiencies become irreparable.”

Monica’s Fixes

  1. Allow the exchanges to sell less expensive catastrophic plans that cover major expenses but not routine care.
  2. Expand Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, which allow people to save money tax-free for use on out-of pocket expenses
  3. Allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines to increase the number of options in the marketplace
  4. Allow EVERYONE to purchase health insurance with pre-tax dollars so they own the policy and can keep it if they change jobs.
  5. Eliminate the new 2.3% excise tax on medical devices (pacemakers, MRIs, US machines, braces) to preserve medical innovation and help American manufacturing.
  6. Establish state-based high risk pools to help pay for those with high cost medical care.
  7. Use tax credits, rather than mandates, to expand healthcare coverage.