Beer summit, Cash for Clunkers: Good week for Obama?

Beer Summit: This week Obama made good on his promise to bring two deeply divided people over a nationally sensitive racial conflict both together for a beer at the White House. Good comments came from the participants and the media. Is this a new tool of the Presidency as a mediator?

Cash for Clunkers: During the same week, the government had to suspend the so-called Cash for Clunkers program because too many people were using it which was depleting the reserve funds. Car dealers were pushing the program, advertising and inventory on it.

So can both these two issues be considered a good week for Obama? Please comment.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    And the week in review

    *Beer Summit Teachable moment turns into mockable moment* as most Americans realize angry professor probably was more overwrought from being locked out of his house after a long flight than any racial indignity he suffered from cop simply trying to do job. Somehow teachable moment is received as condescending by voters as the only one who seemed to really need a lesson is BO, who had zero excuse for his comments as he clearly had the most time of anyone to think about them before hand.

    *Cash for Clunkers goes belly up* – The actual teachable moment of the week as Americans leery of government health care grab ponder if they really want government running health care when they can’t stay in the used car business for a week.

    • v person

      “Cash for Clunkers goes belly up …”

      The evidence is the opposite. If one runs a sale, and sells all goods in a week, that would be considered a success in any business. If one runs a sale and nobody shows up, THAT would be a bust.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >The evidence is the opposite. If one runs a sale, and sells all goods in a week, that would be considered a success in any business.

        Uh, no, that’s called a major screw up on inventory. Ok, so you don’t know retail, not a big deal. I am in retail, so Ill explain it to you.

        If you are in retail and run a major nationwide sale of this nature and don’t have enough inventory to meet demand, not only have you lost potential revenue but you have generated a lot of really angry customers.

        That’s what BO is generating now.

        Sure, there are some like you who go “oh right, BO is a democrat, he can’t make a mistake” and go whistling down the road.

        I think some will be mad they missed the deal. More than a few will give pause to think that if government mis anticipated the demand this badly on a used car deal, imagine how badly they could be underestimating demand when they take over health care.

        • v person

          You are right, I’m not in retail and have not been for many years. But if the goal of the “sale” was to get people into private auto dealers to trade in gas guzzlers and buy shiny new cars and trucks with better mileage, thus boosting the sagging auto industry we are paying billions to kep afloat, then those goals appear to have been satisfied. Whether those who hesitated are now p-o’d at Obama or Congress for not giving more away, who cares? You say they mis-anticipated the demand. Maybe and mayb not. I think what they did was limit the program based on the funds they decided to make available. Are you advocating more debt spending here due to high demand?

          A lot of the critique of Obama and the stimulus spending was that it was too slow, thus not effective. Here you have a program that was now too fast? I just think you are looking for every way to criticize.

          As for whether BO made a mistake or not, I have no idea. Its not a program I was all that comfortable with in the first place. But I still believe that if it sold out in a week then it probably fullfilled at least that much of its purpose. As an experiment, we now know that we can convert America’s auto fleet pretty quickly to higher mileage vehicles if we throw enough money at it. And there are far worse things we could throw money at, like farm commodity subsidies.

          • Watcher

            Is D-E-A-N allowed to post here under this handle?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Whether those who hesitated are now p-o’d at Obama or Congress for not giving more away, who cares?

            Well, because thats the entire point of the article as well as my reply.

            Since you don’t care about the PR aspects of the issue, which is what this discussion is about, why are you bothering to comment?

            Next time if you don’t have any concern about the issue at hand, perhaps it would be best not to comment or at least think a little bit first before entering the discussion.

            As it stands now, you have just taken yourself out of any consideration in the discussion with this statement.

          • v person

            Oh. I hadn’t realized you had been granted the authority to decide who can be part of this discussion and who is banned from it. That is quite some power Rupert. Use it wisely.

            BTW, as a factual point the House just voted $2 billion additional to extend the CFC program.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Oh. I hadn’t realized you had been granted the authority to decide who can be part of this discussion and who is banned from it. That is quite some power Rupert. Use it wisely.

            So now you are back to the paranoid “Rupert is leading the charge to get me banned” thing. That’s real good.

            Look, I don’t know what your problem is but commenting on an issue you care nothing about and then getting all psycho when someone simply asks you to not waste their time commenting back if you don’t care about the issue is nuts.

            >BTW, as a factual point the House just voted $2 billion additional to extend the CFC program.

            Congratulations, you own a radio.

          • Ralph Branxton

            Cash for clunkers is the dumbest idea ever to come along. What is with these fools in Washington. I don’t need or want some pencil neck idiot telling me what to buy by way of giving me other people’s money.
            It is stupid.
            Please wake up you people. We are the government. They get all their money from us. If they give it to others to buy cars that is dumb.
            Our government was never intended to help people buy shiny new anythings.
            Those who think this is a good idea are simply ill-informed on the foundations of our government. I feel sorry for their ignorance.

          • Scottiebill

            v person doesn’t know if The Komrade Emperor made a mistake in his remars or not? Of course he made a mistake, and a huge one. He prefaced his remarks by saying that he had no facts on the incident and that Gates is a “good friend”. (With a friend like Gates, who needs enemies?) Then The Komrade went on to say that Sgt. Crowley and the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”. When he said this stuff, he confirmed two points: 1) That he is a racist through and through; and 2) That he really had no clue what he was talking about because he didn’t have his teleprompter doing his thinking for him.

            If he had kept quiet on this issue, it would not have blown up from a local issue into a national issue. He let his untelepromptered alligator mouth over load his hummingbird butt.

            BTW, there is an article in the new issue of Time Magazine about this thing. It is probably the most racially biased piece of garbage I have read. That article shows Time to be a liberal rag surpassed only by Newsweek. And, of course, there is no opposing views on this. Not that one was expected.

  • Maximillion

    A great week for Obama. He has earned his vacation.

    • Rob DeHarpport

      A great week?! It would seem more productive if our President would not become involved in such small local matters, one reason I believe that his approval ratings are diving is that he thinks he needs to weigh in on everything. Along with the fact that his narcisism, arrogance and ego won’t let him ignore such local matters or get the facts before making “stupid” comments. He should attend to what really matters 24/7, rather than mediate two grown men. What a huge waste of our Cheif Executives time!
      Cash for clunkers.OMG! Just imagine the real “stimulus” that would have been provided INSTANTLY if Obama would have declared a $4500.00 Tax holiday in January. Instead we got a $787 Billion boondogle that has done nothing to stimulate our economy> And to make reality even worse our grandkids will get to pay off this boondogle that was really nothing more than political pay-offs to Obama supporters. We must remember that this is OUR money that is being “pissed away”.
      As for his vacation at a $50,000.00 per week vacation rental, what a way to lead by example in these tough economic times. Hope he enjoys it! If we are really lucky maybe he will stay there an extra week or two, that could save us BILLIONS.

    • Not a MaxObama snorter


  • Terry Parker

    Cash for clunkers is but another program that demonstrates the government promotes waste. Although some of the vehicles eligible for the program are truly clunkers, undoubtedly many of them still have a useful life left in them. Given the cost and energy to build and transport a new vehicle, retiring an older vehicle before it is worn out is simply reckless consumption. If the vehicles turned in were required to be parted out instead of scrapped – thereby contributing to a low cost used parts supply for people modest means and the owners of other older vehicles – the program would make sense. If anybody disagrees that reuse in this manner is far better than just junking the entire vehicle, they should immediately crush all the dishes in their kitchen cabinets and use disposables to eat off of. You’ll not only save a lot of water that way by not having to wash the dishes, but the pay off is that you will pay less for utilities, and in Portland where sewer rates are excessively high having gone through the roof, you’ll save even more money.

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