Poll: Obama dips on Health Care, Deficit, Economy

From PEW Research

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  • Mary Ellen

    Of course he is dipping. He called the cops stupid, and what has he done that has worked yet????
    I think nothing. Most of what he has done has hurt us.
    I am not impressed. I wish the poll people would call me…I could give them some feedback on this going nowhere empty suit.

  • Bob Tiernan

    32% still approve of his handling of deficit reduction? That must be the Democratic Party base. The Repubs also have a number close to 32% that will always say they approve of their guy on that issue. Even Bush II (thanks to that jackass and Repubs in Congress, the Repubs lost their higher standing on economic issues in general — you’ve gotta be pretty stupid to pull off that one).

    Bob Tiernan

    • Anonymous

      If I’m stupid, does that mean you are also stupid

    • Give BO’s plenty the air

      “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” ~ Thoreau

      “Beware of all Chairman Maobama’s haberdashery, PERIOD! ~ Mr. Blackwell

  • eagle eye

    He’s tanking now, but it looks like the recession may be ending. The stock market may well be in a new bull market. If the economy really pulls up, he could be like Reagan after his recession ended. i.e. unstoppable.

    • v person

      I think you are right Eagle. Reagan’s first 2 years were pretty tough, which people nowadays forget. As the economy recovered from a deep decline he regained his popularity and wass overwhelmingly re-elected. That outcome is likely for Obama given the way business cycles work and the continuing dissaray of the opposition.

  • Anonymous

    Except Reagan turned around the economy by lowering taxes. Obama is doing everything he can to kill the economy, capitalism, and the American way.

    You think the economy might turn around and we might have a bull market? I don’t see it happening. Where are new jobs going to come from? How are working class Americans going to recover?

    Yes, stocks are going up. But it is not because the economy over all is recovering. Stocks are up because companies are laying off workers to cut costs, making them (temporarily) more profitable. Once profit-taking occurs, stocks will drop again.

    We are actually looking at the death throes of the market, the last surge before collapse. It is like the Battle of Bulge was for Germany. I predict that by this time next year, we will have a DJIA hovering around 5,000 with national unemployment at 15% – and regional unemployment in places like Oregon and Michigan over 20%.

    Think I am overly pessimistic? Maybe so. But until I see government lowering taxes, cutting regulations and making life BETTER for business, what reason do I have to think otherwise?

    • v person

      Reagan lowered taxes and the economy tanked over his first 2 years. He then raised taxes back up somewhat and the economy grew quite well. Clinton raised taxes and the economy grew better and longer than it did under Reagan.Deficits ballooned under Reagan and were balanced under Clinton. These are facts. They don’t point to cause and effect, but they seem to suggest that business cycles are what matters, not whether the government cuts or raises taxes.

      Obama is not attempting to “kill capitalism.” That is just hyperbole. He is surrounded by capitalists, not socialists, and there is no support for pure socialism anywhere. I’m not as pessimistic as you seem to be about the resilience of our economy and people. I guess I would say pay attention to the facts. The economy is stabilizing, the market is up, private savings rates are up, and the worst appears to be over. Unemployment will stay high for a while because it always lags a recovery. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I would say we will start growing again shortly if we don’t panic and do something dumb like try and balance the budget too soon.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an interesting related article:


    The worse the President is doing, the more investors buy. Why? Because investors believe the ONLY thing the government can “do” is create more regulation that hurts the economy. An unpopular President is less likely to move forward with a successful agenda. The best economic times have tended to occur during gridlock, when the President and Congress were at odds and couldn’t pass any new big government programs. Reagan in the 80s had to deal with Tip O’Neil. Clinton in the 90’s had Gingrich. Both times, the economy flourished because GOVERNMENT DIDN’T DO MUCH.

    The economy first started to tank when people last fall looked around and seriously thought Obama might win and move forward with a liberal Congress. The massive liberal spending of the first 100 days saw the economy continue to tank. But once it became clear that Obama would have some big hurdles before passing yet MORE big government, things have started to smooth out. If Obama is seen as another one-term underachiever like Carter, investors will have more confidence. But if Obama goes back up in the polls and builds some political capitol to pass a socialist agenda, the markets will completely fail.

  • Bob Tiernan

    *v person:*

    Reagan lowered taxes and the economy tanked over his first 2 years.

    *Bob T:*

    That comment displays your addiction to economic illiteracy as well as
    talking points.

    Lowering of taxes had zip, zero, to do with the bad economy of 81-82 which of
    course was already going down while Carter was finishing up his single term with
    inflation in th high teens and interest rates over 20%. What Reagan was doing
    he knew would be unpopular at first (due to the rhetoric and BS most people would
    hear) whereas Obama is making no tough decisions at all (it’s easy to spend

    You need to look at what tax *revenues* come in, not just the rate. Even Obama
    (an economic lightweight if ever there was one) knows that rasing taxes doesn’t
    bring in more money because he said what matters is “fairness”. That’s why I really
    hate to see such people in leadership positions because they’re more interested in
    seeming to be “fair” (by sticking it to someone) than in taking in higher levels of

    Bob Tiernan

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