Editorial calls Oregon officials clowns

Now that the AP has figured out that the $176 million Oregon stimulus plan has created only a small fraction of the jobs its proponents claim, how is the media responding?

The hardest hitting editorial I’ve seen so far says:

“”¦some government officials have twisted the numbers more artfully than a clown making balloon animals.

“Oregon’s clowns — er, government officials — claim that state’s $176 million stimulus program has created 3,236 new jobs in the program’s first three months.

“But those jobs lasted an average of just 35 hours”¦”

“It’s as dishonest as it is deceptive. Oregonians shouldn’t tolerate it from their leaders.”

So, which Oregon editorial board made those pointed statements?

None. They were made in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin up in our neighbor to the north. Read the entire editorial at:

Oregon officials’ spin on stimulus jobs is deceptive and outrageous

Fox Business News also picked up on the story and interviewed yours truly on the Stuart Varney show. Watch it at:

Oregon Stimulus Scam?

When will the Oregon media notice this now five-day old story and hold Oregon officials accountable?

Steve Buckstein is founder and senior policy analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research center.