Lars Larson: Last Chance to Have Sotomayor Voted Down

Well, this week may be your last chance to send Sonia Sotomayor back to the lower Bench and not put her on the Supreme Court. Call your member of Congress and the United States Senate in particular. Say to them, “Please do not confirm Sonia Sotomayor.”

This woman has no place on the United States Supreme Court. She has ties to racial supremacist groups like La Raza. She’s made comments that leads me to believe, and people like Jeff Sessions of Alabama to believe, that she cannot get away from her activist past.

I don’t care how much she told that Senate Committee. The fact is this woman believes policy is made from the Bench. It shouldn’t be. Policy is made by the United States Congress. The Bench is there to look at the Constitution and decide what America’s laws are and not to create new policies.

Call your Member of Congress. Call your favorite Senator. Encourage them to vote “no”

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  • v person

    Last chance for the Republican party to cement the Hispanic vote, the fastest increasing voting block in the nation, for the Democratic Party for the next generation. Make those calls and send those letters right away folks.

  • Scottiebill

    Lars is right. Sotomayor does not belong on the SCOTUS for all the reasons Lars listed. But, in spite of that, she will be confirmed. It was a given from the first day after her nomination by The Komrade Emperor. The Senate hearings on her nomination were nothing but a sham. The ONLY reasons the hearing were held is because the Constitution (I believe) dictates that they will be held. But, in this case, they were unnecessary and a waste of time and money because the Congress is going to rubber-stamp her onto the Court anyway like the good little Obama toadies that they are.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Her nomination has helped Republicans more than it has hurt. Face it, you aren’t going to get a Scalia out of an Obama. You are going to get an activist and that’s it. So, if that’s a given, what better could one hope for than right on the heels of a bigot going up for confirmation that we get the Gates moment of teachable idiocy. The chickens are coming home to roost a little bit for Obama in that people a beginning to resent that some just can’t seem to bring themselves up from racism. The Sotomayor hearings have, in this time, certainly have helped people notice that about BO.

  • Anonymous

    After the Gates fisaco, it is clear that this President cares more about race than law. As such, a nominee to the Supreme Court who was apparently chosen because of her race, and who has a history of racial injustice when it comes to ruling on the law involving whites, must be opposed.

    • v person

      Why the assumption that she was chosen “because of race”? In the long history of the Supreme Court, we have had 2….count them….2 justices who were not white, and only 2 who were not male. Should we assume that all of these justices were also chosen “because of their race?”

      Sotomayor has more judicial experience than any current member of the court had when they were nominated. She graduated high in her class from a top university. She received the highest possible rating from the ABA. What is it that makes her less than qualified? Why do Republicans feel the need to make this a racial issue?

  • Paul Hobbs

    Sotomayor is going to be confirmed because she’s highly qualified, and even the biggest jackass Republicans in the legislature have run out of ammo to use on this brilliant and essentially conservative jurist. La Raza is only a radical organization in the minds of cavemen like Lars Larson. You guys have essentially had your way for most of the last thirty years, and you’ve just about taken this country down. Why don’t you put a sock in it while the adults try to clean up your mess?

    • Scottiebill

      If anyone believes the stuff Paul wrote above, I would like to talk to you about a great price I have for the Broadway Bridge in downtown Portland. And if you act now, I’ll throw in the St. Johns Bridge absolutely free.

      • Oh say can you si

        Write on, Scottiebill.

        Paul Hobbs patronizes La Raza like he really knows Shi’ite from Sunni Islam – alas, both not being all that fond of US.

        Hobbs, take off the blinders! La Raza, MEChA, Latino Kings, et al, are like ACORNs planted to reorder our borders, language and culture by snook, hook or by crook.

        Yes we can, HOPE the unwise Latino insurgencies are repelled and Sotomayor is not an activist jurist bearing a yeast inflection.

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