Lars Larson: Last Chance to Have Sotomayor Voted Down

Well, this week may be your last chance to send Sonia Sotomayor back to the lower Bench and not put her on the Supreme Court. Call your member of Congress and the United States Senate in particular. Say to them, “Please do not confirm Sonia Sotomayor.”

This woman has no place on the United States Supreme Court. She has ties to racial supremacist groups like La Raza. She’s made comments that leads me to believe, and people like Jeff Sessions of Alabama to believe, that she cannot get away from her activist past.

I don’t care how much she told that Senate Committee. The fact is this woman believes policy is made from the Bench. It shouldn’t be. Policy is made by the United States Congress. The Bench is there to look at the Constitution and decide what America’s laws are and not to create new policies.

Call your Member of Congress. Call your favorite Senator. Encourage them to vote “no”

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