Oregon bloggers get the spotlight

Oregon political bloggers made front page news in the Sunday Oregon. Jeff Mapes helped review the players and describe how the blogs are changing political communication in Oregon.

I wanted to welcome any new visitors by highlighting below some of the best articles and contributors in the past few weeks at OregonCatalyst.com. Who knows, maybe YOU can be our next great opinionator? If you have an idea or commentary you want submitted we would love to hear from you, just email Jason Williams at [email protected]. Your thoughts are more important and needed than you think.

State Rep. Linda Flores: Flores Criticizes ODE Actions Against Charter School

State Rep. Jeff Kropf: The Oregonian, the Evolving Public and Abortion

Bill Sizemore: Measure 48 and the Insurance Credit Scoring Scam

Ron Saxton: Saxton addresses Oregon’s land-use problems

OIA Director Dave Hunnicutt: Measure 37 Rights are Fully Transferable

State Rep. Dennis Richardson: Solving the Tobacco and Provider Tax Cash Flow Problem

Columnist Larry Huss: Did candidate Westlund bow out for other reasons?

Tom Simpson: 10 Things I Want From My Next Governor

Steve Schopp: What Transportation vice grip?

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