Cash for Clunkers Proves Government Can Do Good Things

The cash for clunkers program has been such a success (over 245,000 new car sales in just a couple days) that the government is going to triple its original allotment to a total of 3 billion dollars. This will enable hundreds of thousands of additional citizens to recycle their old, worn out and heavily polluting vehicles for new ones that are $3,500 to $4,500 cheaper due to the government largess.

Why is the program so great? It’s simple:

1. The program gets older, bad mileage, heavily polluting and often dangerous cars off the roads forever. They must be crushed and shredded as a requirement of the program, so they will never drive anywhere ever again. Anyone looking for a cheap ride will have to look somewhere else. An added benefit is that fewer people pressed for cash will be able to afford a vehicle, thus reducing congestion on our already busy highways.

2. The top cars being traded in were Jeep Grand Cherokees, Ford Explorers and pickups, Chevrolet Blazers, and Dodge Caravans. I think all will agree these vehicles were mistakes they day they were made and to shred them is the only way to treat such automotive travesties.

3. The top cars being purchased were Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, and the Ford Focus, so foreign companies benefit most from this program. Their economies are in worse shape than ours, so this program has the added benefit of assisting other nations while helping our citizens get better made vehicles for less money. Why not help others needier than we are if at all possible?

4. With newer vehicles on the road, ones that use significantly less fuel, we will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It might be argued those countries need our money, too, but they don’t.

5. Car crusher facilities will benefit the most as they stand to get almost ¾ of a million new customers. These are relatively high-paying jobs, too, and more of these crusher operators will have to be hired. These new jobs will help offset the high unemployment plaguing our nation.

6. Poorer people, who might otherwise not have been able to purchase a new car, now can with help from the taxpayer. Who doesn’t want to help a fellow citizen with his or her new car purchase? It is only fair. Just like food stamps. When someone needs a hand we must all give a little to help. It is the American way.

It’s easy to see, then, that this is a win-win-win-win-win-win all around. Way to go Washington. Finally, you got something right.