Special Session to derail referendum drive?

The buzz continues that there is a lobby effort to create a Special Legislative Session in September to rework the two massive tax bills into a temporary tax — which is something that was pushed by many business groups earlier this year. If the Democrat-led Legislature went into Special Session they could change those previous bills which would void the referendum petition drive. The pressure must be in response to the tremendous unity in the business community and the rush of petition signatures coming from both volunteers and paid against the tax. Doing such Special Session would be another example of Democrat lawmakers abusing their state power in ways unseen in the history of Oregon.

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  • Signature gatherer

    If they do this, they will never be re-elected. They will have to find other jobs in the future. They won’t be returning to Salem. Too many of us have worked too hard to stop these job-killing taxes. It is another Democrat power play.

    • Voter

      I doubt many of the liberals will be re-elected regardless, if the GOP candidates are worth a crap. The liberals have really stepped in it, only complete stupidity could grasp deafeat from the jaws of the victory they’ve given the GOP next election.

  • .capor

    Pretty good indicator that Dem leadership knows their bills are on the ropes. Everyone needs to keep the pressure on and stay on task with the referendum processes

  • Anonymous

    don’t worry, Kate Brown will invent new ways to invalidate any petition drive.

  • Joe Jericho

    Fuk these people. I HATE ’em.

  • staffer

    Huh? First I have heard of this checked around the House and Senate no one else seems to have heard this. Not going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t being talked about among capitol staffers. But it is being talked about between Ted, Kate, Peter and Dave.

  • A. Griever

    The OEA and SEIU, et al, will ex$pend boo coo bucks to derail commoner’s sense by legislative hook or by Kate Brown snook. D’oh!

  • John B

    I wonder if Kate inherited bills book of unwritten rules. These are the ones he used to derail signature gathering efforts while in office.
    Bill had his magic book that he could look at through a scrying glass and it would reveal hidden text and cryptic messages that only he could see or interpret. These he would cast upon the lowly citizen initiative process as the new law as given to Bill. Woo to those who opposed the new revelation, they would be cast into the lake of law suites and fines. There to be punished for breaking the commandments as given to Bill. After all as the anointed one he was the interpreter of the initiative process and was tasked to see that it remained fair and corruption free.

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