Kulongoski showcases the future!!!!

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words….

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  • Jerry

    I can’t believe this guy. He is, without a doubt, the absolute worst governor Oregon has ever had. He has broken promise after promise – especially concerning gambling. He will do anything to bring more money to Salem, but then does nothing right with that money. Our trooper situation is a perfect example.
    The only good thing I can say about this fool is that for the most part he has been so pathetically weak that he has not done that much damage. Unfortunately, he keeps on trying.

  • Jason

    Kulongoski’s behavior is down right bizarre. One moment he seems disconnected and out there, and then out fo the blue he will spring into a situation full force with a lot of oddly fit ideas (like the casino). His political philosophy aside, I think we have a governor who is grossly preoccupied with something else than governership.

  • Bad Republican

    I fully agree with the two above posts; Ted is truly pathetic. The sooner he is shown the door the better it will be for the entire state.
    I didn’t think we could get a Governor as useless as Babs Roberts; but I guess I was wrong.
    I find it amazing that during most of the past two legislative sessions he was all but invisible. Talk about a total lack of leadership!
    I am hoping and even praying that Ron Saxton wins in November, so we don’t see this pal of Oregon’s best known child rapist again.

  • Anonymous

    I think the State should file a Measure 37 claim for Crater Lake and put whatever the hell they want there.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, perhaps, Ted has pulled well ahead in the polls the last couple of months. Unless Saxton starts performing better, he is going to get drenched.

  • I think it’s a good idea…that resort looks awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Kulongoski has stated privately that gambling is the answer to Oregon’s fiscal problems but will not go on the record with it.

  • Jerry

    Doesn’t Ted know that gambling is simply a tax on the poor/unwise?
    His constituents, by the way.

  • Anon-

    What poll are you seeing Saxton falling behind?

    There is only one poll that hans’t shown Saxton competitive and that poll was sponsored by a labor union. Everything else has Saxton and Kulongoski within the statistcal error margin of each other.

    For a sitting governor to be this close shows this to be an extremely close race.

    • Anonymous

      Dare, do a google on “kulongoski saxton poll”, maybe try “news”. The Zogby and Rasmussen polls consistently show Kulongoski ahead by an average of about 8 pts. I doubt that this is a tie within the statistical margin of error.

      It may tighten up especially depending on the debates. But I just don’t find Saxton terribly impressive as a speaker or politician. (Not Ted either, don’t get me wrong.) A strong candidate on either side could probably blow the other one out of the water. I liked Mannix, but I think his time has come and gone.

      e.g. try this:

      “Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski continues to hold a lead in the Oregon governor’s race over Republican challenger Ron Saxton, according to a new Zogby poll conducted for the Wall Street Journal Online.

      The Aug 29-Sept. 5 survey, conducted mostly over the internet, shows Kulongoski at 47 percent and Saxton at 40 percent. Constitution Party candidate Mary Starrett is at 4.5 percent.”

      There is a very recent Rasmussen poll with very similar results.

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