2010 Lazy Fair Sunday August 1th

2010 Lazy Fair!
The annual free-market celelbration B.B.Q. in the Park.

Sun., Aug. 1th
11:00am – 4:00pm

Eagle Fern Park
(Eagle Fern Park is near Estacada)

Sponsored by:
Executive Club
Cascade Policy Institute
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The most fun political event of the year!
.The must-be-there picnic for brilliant conversation, companionship and laughter with fellow lovers of liberty!

$20.00 adults
$10.00 Children under 12

Send a check, and note on the names of those in your party payable to:
P.O. BOX 61, Gresham, OR 97030

Directions to Eagle Fern Park

Eagle Fern Park is located approximately
3 miles north of Estacada

Take Interstate 205 to Exit 12 Clackamas/Estacada,
Turn Right onto Hwy. 212/224.
Proceed 3.2 miles to the Hwy. 212/224 junction
Turn right onto Hwy. 224, follow signs to Estacada.
Proceed 10.4 miles and
Turn Left onto Wildcat Mountain Rd.
(sign reads Dover District/Eagle Fern Park.)
Go 2.0 miles to Eagle Fern Park Rd;
Turn Right. The park is located 2.3 miles on the
right-hand side of the road. Go to Area 2- the big A-Frame.


Please send in this slip and a check,
and note on the names of those in your party payable to:
P.O. BOX 61, Gresham OR, 97030

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  • Anonymous

    v person
    eagel eye
    retired oregon professor

    and any other Kitzhaber loving progressive knucklehead who posts their convolution here should come on out.

  • Anonymous

    v person
    eagel eye
    retired oregon professor

    would all be disappointed to find out how nice everyone is

    • valley p

      I would be *surprised* if the people here who call me names because I have a different world view would be nice about it, but not *disappointed* .

      But…I doubt I will show up at the event in any case, even though I live only a few miles from Eagle Fern. Summer is short and there are other adventures that call. Enjoy yourselves nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Oh V-p-dean,

    Don’t be afraid.

    The circle of neocon body snatching is painless I can assure you.

    You’ll feel better about yourself for the rest of your life.

  • Don

    Holding an anti-government event in a public park paid for by taxpayers, nice!

    • Anonymous

      You are confusing antarchsts
      with supporters of limited government

      Ant*ar”chist\, n. One who opposes all government

      • valley p

        Of course “limited government” defined by libertarian oriented conservatives, normally means no public parks, since these have nothing to do with protecting private property. To an anarchist, there would be no need for “public” parks because EVERYTHING would be public, because there is no private property to an anarchist.

        • Anonymous

          I think you should stick with what you believe and not try to tell others what you think they should believe. You may be disappointed to find, not all groups think alike.

          • valley p

            I agree. I’m not telling anyone what they should believe. I’m suggesting that political labels have implications.

          • Anonymous

            But you are telling us, what you think the label is.

          • valley p

            Yes. But I didn’t just make it up.

          • Anonymous

            Then you are repeating what someone else, that doesn’t belong to the group made up.

            Define your beliefs, not what you believe others should believe.

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