Glenn Beck Takes Seattle’s Safeco Field, Sept. 26

On September 26, Take the Field with Glenn Beck at Safeco Field in Seattle. Organized by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, tickets are available at Act quickly, Saturday, August 15 is the deadline to get the early-bird rate on tickets. According to Evergreen, “There are tour buses coming from all directions to bring people to this event. If you are interested in coming via tour bus, please contact our office for the location nearest you.”

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  • Steve Buckstein

    Oregonians and Southwest Washingtonians – join other Glenn Beck fans and travel to Seattle on tour buses organized by Cascade Policy Institute.

    Take The Field with Glenn Beck

    Saturday, September 26

    Evergreen Freedom Foundation along with Cascade Policy Institute and News Radio 750 KXL bring
    you Glenn Beck at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. Ride the bus with us!

    Buses will leave the Monarch Hotel
    12566 SE 93rd Ave.,
    Clackamas, Oregon 97015,
    (off of I-205) at 8:15 a.m. and return by 7:30 p.m.

    Choose from three ticket options:
    $75 tickets include bus transportation, a stadium seat, bottled water
    and snacks.

    $100 tickets include bus transportation, a stadium seat, bottled water,
    snacks plus a premium box lunch with drink.

    $150 tickets include bus transportation, a seat on the field, bottled water,
    snacks plus a gourmet box lunch with drink.

    Advance payment is required.

    Contact [email protected]
    or call 503.242.0900 to register.

    Watch for further details.

  • v person

    Don’t forget to wear your tin foil hat and sunglasses.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Yet another example of the liberals utter incapablility of introspection. Thank you Dean!

      • v person

        Introspection? Beck is a class clown Rupert. And he is laughing at you guys all the way to the bank. With due respect, you might try some introspection on yourself if you are a Beck fan.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          I look at it this way, you are a guy who first would have to know what the party affiliation of someone was before deciding if you felt their speech as over the top or too aggressive.

          You laughed and cheered on this blog when Bush got a shoe thrown at him but now you have a big problem with people just criticizing Obama’s policies.

          In short you judge the validity of what someone is saying according to how it affects your politics, not whether it is true or not. Therefore pardon those of us with a more serious attitude in life for not giving a lot of weight to your judgment on this kind of thing.

          • v person

            According to Beck himself he is an independent leaning libertarian. I have nothing against independents who lean libertarian, having once been one. But a loudmouth jerk is a loudmouth jerk, no matter his or her political party. I take people’s ideas at face value. If they are well reasoned and grounded in reality, I may disagree with the conclusion but respect the presenter. If they are based only on biases, emotions, or are counter-factual, then I have no use.

            How does one laugh and cheer on a blog? You are mixing me up with someone else, and not for the first time. What I recall writing (and thinking) back when the shoe was thrown was mixed feelings. On the one hand, A-hole that he is, Bush was my president too and I resented having anyone throw a shoe at him. Its disrespectful not just of him, but of my nation and thus me. On the other hand, given the wreckage this guy created, he earned it. I neither cheered, nor did I condemn the act. I shrugged.

            I have no problem whatsoever with people criticizing Obama’s policies. Beck, from what I have seen or heard does not criticize Obama’s policies. He criticizes his own grossly exaggerated characterization of Obama’s policies and person. He fans people’s worst fears. He emotes. He makes things up and later denies he did so (look up the Barbara Walters-Whoopi Goldberg on the train bit for a shining example). He is competing with Rush and Colter to see who can make the most outrageous statements as his way of carving out an audience niche and making a pile, and it is working. I don’t think he believes half of what he says. He simply plays to his crowd. I doubt he would not know the truth if it hit him right smack in the head. He is a yahoo, and anyone who would pay good money to hear him speak, if for anything other than sheer entertainment, should come and see me about some swampland in Florida ripe for development.

            Maybe you can tell me one single intelligent, reasonable, fact-based point he has made. I have yet to hear one.

            I take no offense that you give no weight to my opinions. My opinions are grounded in reality, so how could you take me seriously?

          • Anonymous

            If you’re going to pretend not to be someone, try posting from a different IP. Moron.

          • v person

            Like I said, a loud mouth jerk is a loud mouth jerk.

          • Jason

            I believe that Beck does believe every word that he says and they are all based in fact. If they turn up to be false he corrects the discepancy on the air to his audience. He is one of the few people in the media with enough boldness to speak the truth and not bow and kiss the feet of the Messiah.
            It worries him and a growing number of the population that Obama has decided to surround himself with extremists, communists, and radicals. The President said that he was going “to fundamentally change The United States of America” and he sure is. He even tried to indoctrinate our kids next week. Thankfully enough people saw what he was trying to do and spoke up putting a stop to it.
            Unfortunately, what you are calling conspiracy theories are based in fact. Backed up by video and quotes from the mouths of the offenders. These people that are in the White House want social reform and as much governmental power as possible. WAKE UP! Change the channel off of MSNBS or CNN or CBS or whatever liberal blogs you are basing your information in. I beg you and everyone else that is being completely ignorant to the fact that the best country in the world is heading down a path of implosion. Our constitution is near non-existant in the eyes of our polititians on both sides of the isle–republican and democrat–they are all out to further their own carreers with disregard for the wishes of their constituants. We all need to continue voicing our opinions to them and if they fail to follow throught WE MUST VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!!!

  • devietro

    I like Beck better on the radio than on TV but do like both. I like the fact that he is one of the only talk show hosts not afraid to speak freely about being a gun owner unlike most of the other hosts who treat guns as the 3rd rail of radio.

    Secondly I listen to Beck because I listen to LOTS of talk radio from the right and the left, granted when I listen to KPOJ or coast to coast AM its aggravating but I think its important to hear these things.

  • Anonymous

    Having some stupid progressive explain a conservative is a lesson in lunacy.

    But those progressive mischaracterizations are stunningly accurate descriptions of their own loons like Keith Olberman.
    Talk about tin foil.

    I watch him all the time in amazement. The guy’s screeds are some of the most hate laced around. Good progressives call it real news and factual.

    • v person

      Olberman is political entertainment, just like Beck but absent the conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t pay to hear him speak in a stadium or anywhere else. For a chuckle or 2 on TV he is fine, as is Beck. As political founts of wisdom, neither is useful. Beck’s paranoia fanning is downright dangerous however.

  • Anonymous


    You must never watch or listen to Olberman and the rest of the left. They run paranoia central you confused and/or dishonest lefty.
    Far beyond fanning it, they breed, boil, embellish, concoct and distribute it with their network of people just like you.

    • v person

      I am frustrated and paranoid.

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