Lars Larson: Baird feels he would have been safer in Afghanistan

There’s at least one member of the American Congress who believes he’d be safer in Afghanistan then he would in front of his own constituents.

I’m going to be talking to Washington State Congressman Brian Baird next week. He’s agreed to do a two-hour radio town hall to talk about health care.

You see, he is a Democrat. He hasn’t decided whether to vote for Obamacare yet and I’m hoping to persuade him otherwise.

He hasn’t held any in-person town hall meetings with his constituents because he thinks he’s in too much risk. In fact, he got up in front of one group just this week and said that he’d probably be safer in Afghanistan. He said, “I wish I’d been to the fire base in Afghanistan, which was my choice. But I came home to meet with constituents. I would have been safer there”. It’s foolish and it doesn’t make sense.

I’m proud of Americans for standing up and letting their elected members of Congress know what is on their mind and know what they do and don’t like about Obamacare.

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