In Support of Health Care Reform

We must have health care reform in this country and we must have it in a timely manner. Those who wish the government run health care to fail are very shortsighted. Here is why:

1. Many are not covered. This is simply wrong. How can we not cover everyone? Health care is a right — not a privilege of the chosen few. Cover us all and cover us now or pay the piper.

2. Health care costs are spiraling out of control. The government must control these costs and control them now. Only the government has the power to effect the changes needed to control these costs. Not consumers, doctors, insurance companies, or other weak-kneed participants. Only government knows how to control costs and implement the changes needed.

3. Much money is wasted on end of life care that, quite simply, is not good for anyone. The government can best decide who should live and who should die. Let’s be honest here — they can be impartial. We can not. So, they must make these decisions. Pain pills are often the better choice when deciding what to do with someone at end of life.

4. There are too many specialists. Government run health care can fix that problem by mandating which doctors are needed and where they are needed. Only then will the balance come to health care in this nation. I say let them decide. They couldn’t do much worse than whoever is deciding now.

5. Medicine costs too much. The $4 charge at WalMart for many medicines is simply outrageous. With government controls we can and must get those costs to a more affordable level for all working families.

6. Many people use doctors as their paid friends and have many procedures that are not needed. With government in charge we can finally put an end to this nonsense.

7. We must fund abortions so that those who can not afford them can get them. Otherwise, we will only have more back-alley botched abortions.

8. We must offer relief to the many who suffer mental illness. Many plans do not cover this area of care — but the government plan will and should.

9. People wait too long for care in this country. With the government running health care we can be assured of getting the care when we need it, not hours or days later.

10. People don’t know that much about medicine. Thus, they are poor consumers of it. With government in charge, you will no longer be allowed to make stupid decisions. This should be great news for the millions who waste time and money now on silly health care they never needed in the first place.

If government can land a man on the moon then surely it can do a better job with health care than the private sector. When was the last time the private sector sent anyone to the moon??