Dems agree: distraction needed from Obamacare disaster

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by NW Spotlight

The Democrats’ masters of distraction have sent out their talking point for the week: talk about the “wealth Gap.”

Whatever you do, DON’T talk about Obamacare or Cover Oregon. They are unmitigated disasters, and should not be discussed.

No, just talk about the “wealth gap.” Let’s try to leave the health care disasters in 2013. The Huffington Post got the memo. AFSCME got the memo (or wrote it!) The Port Huron Times Herald in Michigan got the memo.

Remember, DON’T talk about Obamacare! Talk about the “wealth gap.”

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got the memo. Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek got the memo.

These guys are really well coordinated on distracting us from Obamacare and Cover Oregon. Notice how many of the above links are from Monday, January 06, 2014!

We have to assume that since they are now all focused on a new political issue that they’re saying everything is resolved with Obamacare and Cover Oregon, right? They don’t need to be focused on fixing any problems so people don’t lose their health insurance coverage, right?

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  • bob clark

    Income and wealth distribution trends are more reflective of global labor supply conditions and easy federal reserve monetary policies. Any efforts to change these conditions or policy most likely only accentuate slower economic conditions for the less affluent.

  • Jack Lord God

    Funny thing about the “wealth Gap”

    Democrats will always bring it up to show how much they care. If you aren’t down with the Wealth Gap as a topic of heated debate, then you arent with the program, you hate poor people, you are evil.

    Yet if you actually demonstrate any knowledge of the subject, and point out how much the Wealth Gap has grown under this president, or how Democrat policies of picking winners and losers tends to exacerbate the problem, then you get deer in the headlights.

    Try it sometime. Next time you are with a group of liberals and the subject comes up just point out that Obama took more money from Wall Street than anyone ever in history, that somehow under Obama not a single corporate officer was convicted for the recession shenanigans. Point out how the Wealth Gap has only grown under Obama, and gee, maybe giving special tax breaks to all his political contributors while hammering small business at every opportunity might have something to do with that.

    I guarantee you you will have a bunch of liberals staring at you dumbfounded. That is the problem with issuing talking points to the frothing mouthed. They pick them up, spout them off but since they haven’t really considered the issue, or considered that their side might actually be wrong on something, when confronted the really tend to be speechless.

    • guest

      Dateline 17 Feb 2014, Engage MIley Cyrus to sing/perform “Happy Presidents Day” at the White House.

      Of course, a requisite pair coconut shells and grass skirt may not bring down the house, but a pair of hula hipsters, Michelle and Hillary grinding (imagine “t” word) alongside, might.

    • 3H

      LOL.. and what does that fact tell you? Yes, Obama barely, and just barely, squeaks by Mitt Romney when you compare total numbers. Of course, that is comparing two Obama presidential campaigns to only one Romney campaign.

      I think it’s a better question to ask which political party collected the most contributions from Wall Street in the last two election cycles?

      No matter how you look at it, the Obama vs. McCain campaign was an aberration for a Democrat getting more campaign contributions than a Republican. A mistake Wall Street an aberration that was not repeated in the 2012 election.

      As for no one from Wall Street being charged with a crime, you are right (unless I’m missing someone). Now you understand why, among other reasons, I didn’t vote for Obama in 2012. And why I don’t consider him a liberal.. a Dino if you will. The corporate take-over of the main stream Democratic party is why I’m an Independent.

      Just throwing in a little nuance. Nothin’ wrong with that, right?

      Fortunately there are perfectly good liberal Democrats out there like Elizabeth Warren. I would vote for her in a heart beat.

      • .

        WARREN, butt knot Hitlary Lyin’Mess Clintoon or the bilks of DemmieDebbie Wasserman IknownothingSchultz, Dianne NutsoFeinstein, Barbara BoxerSnortz, Nuancy BagofHammers Pelosi, Patty binLaden Shakes’nbakes Murray, Maria Soitanly Can’tDoWell, nor beast of all, Cynthia Punchkin’Adjudy McKinney, by folly! .

        • .

          Do you Reid that, CON’drabe?

  • guest

    The Gristy bridge to nowhere pales in comparison to all the l’yn pride of DEM’tard hyena’s laughing off all the Clinton and Obama gates of undeniable falsehood incredibility bonging on since POTUSmorons Clinton’s and .Obama’s collegiate daze. Argh!

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