Lars Larson: Why voters don’t trust government

If you’d like to know why voters don’t trust the government, just check the latest political patronage handed out by Governor “sleepy” Ted.

Senator Margaret Carter lands a plumb job at the Department of Human Services as Deputy Director. Does she have any administrative experience? No, not really, but it’s a lucrative reward. Lawmakers put themselves in the PERS system a few years back. A $123,000 salary will let Carter retire in a few years on a fat, public pension at your expense.

The failed DHS agency who let one kid die while a worker read the “dead fish wrapper” and shipped other kids off to be murdered in foreign countries, now hires a Democrat from another failed agency that has ignored the problems at DHS, the Oregon Legislature.

Last week the Governor rewarded one lawmaker who cast a vote to kill jobs in the Metolius Basin resort development. Now, he appoints a lawmaker in charge of protecting your kids.

You wonder why people mistrust the government.

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