Lesson from “Cash for Clunkers”

All the bureaucrats administering the cash for clunkers program have to do is see that the paperwork submitted by automobile dealers is correctly filled out and that the appropriate checks are mailed. And they can’t even do that.

A management job so lacking in requirements for administrative ability that it is routinely done by people who barely graduated high school in fulfillment houses across the country and our government can’t hack it. Auto dealers — already strapped for cash — face the Hobson’s choice of carrying the government’s debt until they are repaid or not participating in the program and losing enormous sales dollars.

Every major consumer services program the government runs or has run is a clusterflop of colossal proportions. The post office is on target to lose $10 billlion this year. The mere mention of the DMV is enough to make most people’s blood pressure rise. Fraud and incompetence at FNMA and FMAC are largely responsible for our current economic mess.

I don’t know a single Medicare/Medicaid recipient or doctor happy with the portion of our healthcare already controlled by government. Medicare, when enacted, was estimated to cost $8 billion in 1990. The figure was only off by $170 billion.

When I have an employee who has continuous record of incompetence and failure, I don’t trust them with greater responsibility and I sure as hell wouldn’t trust them with life and death decisions.

But people are seriously considering giving government MORE control over our healthcare?