Lesson from “Cash for Clunkers”

All the bureaucrats administering the cash for clunkers program have to do is see that the paperwork submitted by automobile dealers is correctly filled out and that the appropriate checks are mailed. And they can’t even do that.

A management job so lacking in requirements for administrative ability that it is routinely done by people who barely graduated high school in fulfillment houses across the country and our government can’t hack it. Auto dealers — already strapped for cash — face the Hobson’s choice of carrying the government’s debt until they are repaid or not participating in the program and losing enormous sales dollars.

Every major consumer services program the government runs or has run is a clusterflop of colossal proportions. The post office is on target to lose $10 billlion this year. The mere mention of the DMV is enough to make most people’s blood pressure rise. Fraud and incompetence at FNMA and FMAC are largely responsible for our current economic mess.

I don’t know a single Medicare/Medicaid recipient or doctor happy with the portion of our healthcare already controlled by government. Medicare, when enacted, was estimated to cost $8 billion in 1990. The figure was only off by $170 billion.

When I have an employee who has continuous record of incompetence and failure, I don’t trust them with greater responsibility and I sure as hell wouldn’t trust them with life and death decisions.

But people are seriously considering giving government MORE control over our healthcare?

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  • Joe

    If the government can’t run this stupid program, what good are they?
    You will note, in city after city, when dems are in charge things don’t go well.

    • Sybella

      So I wonder, why do they keep getting voted in?

      I agree with you and the fault I believe, lies with the voters who do not care. For everyone who does not vote for things the way they want, they just did, they voted against what they wanted by keeping their mouth shut, which automatically is a vote for the other side. For so many years people of America have allowed others to make their choices for them. It’s no wonder the health care debate is going the way it is. This is the first time I’ve seen people stand up, but it’s hard because we’ve let things slide for so long because of apathy. You see the results, we may be over ridden again if we don’t continue to stand up

  • Sybella

    Hi, I’m one of those geezers.

    I think you will find the biggest item, is comfort. We know what to expect or not to expect. Secondly, I have paid into Medicare when it was first in in the sixties. As a geezer, I now pay monthly premiums based on my income. At this point it is about $179.00 per month, plus a supplimental policy of $119. per month for my coverage. This pays for everything medicare does not pay for. No Medicare is not as good as the insurance we purchased in our pre-geezer state, but we have paid for it and we want what we paid for.

    Don’t you feel the same about the insurance you pay for?

    The government is the main reason Medicare is going broke. It has been stolen from, borrowed from and used for all thier pet usages. I don’t want the government to get in any deeper. At least with Medicare I know what to expect.

    • v person

      Syb, someone removed my post. A hacker afraid of a debate I guess. I’m a near geezer myself, and recently buried a mother who was well cared for by Medicare plus supplemental insurance.

      Medicare may not be as good as what you had, but it is probably a lot better than what you would have in the absence of Medicare, since private insurance companies view old age as a pre-existing condition.

      I’m a Kaiser member, have been since 1985, and am reasonably satisfied other than the constantly escalating costs, which are clearly not sustainable.

      “The government is the main reason Medicare is going broke. ”

      This is a strange statement. No government = no medicare at all. All we are asking for Syb, is an extension of health insurance to those who do not have it because their jobs do not provide it and they cannot afford it. Is that so much to ask for?

      • Sybella (not syb)

        Honey, when you get to be a real geezer and have to take part in the system, then you can talk to me about it. The government is the reason Medicare and Social Security is going broke. They cannot keep their hands off a dollar. I agree it was government that set it up and it is government that is taking it down. What in the world do you think they’ll do when everybody is covvered by the same crappy coverage. They will use the money for anything but coverage. I’. PO’d that the money I paid in for my coverage was used for something else and now I get to pay again because of it. Holy Moly but you are dense.

  • Same old Geezer

    By the way, when we become 65, our choice is pretty much removed from us as to the coverage we can have.

  • Terry Parker

    The real worn-out and dilapidated clunkers are still on the road. They are being driven by people who can not afford to buy new. Now with the government destroying many of the vehicles these people could move up and into, the old smokeys and oil burners will be misfiring on the road even longer. The whole program as designed reflects the wasteful stupidly of congress

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