Senator Margaret Carter step-down creating waves

After Senator Margaret Carter announced that she is leaving her seat early for a State Job several politcal items have happened;

First The Eugene Register Guard Editorial raised questions on her leave;
“It’s puzzling when people in government act in ways that leave them open to suspicions of favoritism or back-scratching.So when state Sen. Margaret Carter glides into a $122,000-a-year job at the Oregon Department of Human Services, a job for which no other applicant was considered, a job that did not exist until Carter was hired, the questions arise,Did no one stop to think about how this would look? Or did they know how it would look, but just didn’t care? Either way, the arrangement looks too cozy by half.Carter, a 73-year-old Portland Democrat, has served in the Oregon Legislature since 1985…”

Second, Rep. Chip Shields plans to replace her which leaves a hotly contested three canddiates to replace him (see Willamette Week story here).