Poll: Clackamas Co. voters oppose Obamacare & CRC traffic

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Poll Shows Clackamas County Voter Opposition to Healthcare Law and Traffic Impacts of CRC Bridge on I-205

A recent poll of Clackamas County voters taken by Elway Research in early January shows voter opposition to the Affordable Care Act and Cover Oregon has ramped up significantly. Only seven percent of voters think it is working well the way it is, while 30 percent think it should be totally eliminated, 26 percent think it needs major modifications and another 30 percent want minor modifications.

Twenty-three percent of voters think that President Obama knowingly lied about patients’ ability to keep their own plans and doctors; and 31 percent thought his promise was mostly untrue.

The president’s approval rating (45 percent approve; 52 percent disapprove) closely matches the low approval numbers nationally, even though Oregon is considered a “blue state.” The numbers are likely to foreshadow tough campaigns focused on this issue in the May Primary as well as in November.

Another burning issue in the region, the proposed Columbia River Crossing (CRC) bridge project roused voter interest due to the projected traffic increases that would be caused on I-205, which runs through the county.

When asked about increased traffic impacts from CRC construction on I-205, voters were overwhelming in their concern about negative impacts to the county. Only eight percent thought the impact would be positive; while 68 percent thought the impact would be negative. The CRC is being debated again in this legislative session, so voter opinion could impact the decisions of legislators up for re-election in the county.

Clackamas County residents appear to be wide open to the potential for alternatives to TriMet, with 67 percent of voters saying it is a good idea to explore independent bus service for parts of the county.

The poll questioned voters about the direction of the economy and their own sense of economic opportunity.

Some 63 percent of voters expressed concern that not all Oregonians have an equal opportunity for success, citing special interests and poor government policies. Nevertheless, 28 percent expect things to be better in the coming year; 48 percent expect it to be the same.

The poll had a four percent margin of error and sampled 603 Clackamas County voters.

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  • Metro taxpayer

    Go West with the CRC machination. Reshape the I-405 Corridor in parallel with the I-5 and I-205 grids. A third bridge crossing is plausible and possibly the best alternative to the drain wreck bottleneck at the historic !-5 crossing.

  • disqus_Fct5923LDM

    ObamaCare – The disaster that keeps on giving to the Republican’s win in 2014!

  • HBguy

    So, in other words…..Only 30% want to get rid of Obamacare, while 70% want it to stay, albeit, with some changes.

    • 3H

      Yes, that is what they meant when they said Clackamas County voters oppose the Affordable Care Act. Exactly what part of 30% means a majority don’t you understand?

      • .

        So “603” Clackamas County voters have Sponge Daub and Square Rants knickers up tight in a knot.

        Suffice to assay what’s really at fault is POTUS Chief Justice, RINO Roberts, for not kicking the ACA back to Congress when it was well nigh past time to do so.

        For reality gripes sake, GET IT RIGHT, the ACA was UNCONSTITUTIONAL from the get go; So let go of the faux pas emotions and demand a complete do over that can be lawfull for both sides of the I’ll be satisfied to become established, not CONvoluted end over end.
        ~ Period!

        • 3H

          Yes, I’ve been incredibly impressed by your Constitutional knowledge and scholarship. Perhaps you missed the call to accept a nomination for the Supreme Court. Bad cell reception in your mommy’s basement and all that.

          • .

            You’re welcome to share David Appell’s Portnoy toy with him. That is if he’s willing to unleash a portion of his grasp of politics symbiotic with yours.

          • .

            C’mon, get real. Roberts dropped a political bawl and you know it! The ACA is a discombobulate farce in the face of freedom of choice under our Constitution. Wake up or assume the position you love up to Obama’s sass for imposing a one government new world order on US.

    • cecil91

      Stats can be used to support whatever your particular political bias demands; therefore, it is equally true that 86% don’t like the ACA as it currently exists.

      • HBguy

        I’d say it’s equally untrue actually.

  • Randy

    Why would anyone not want Obamacare? It has helped me a lot.

  • Jack Lord God

    Obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving. With 56% wanting the act eliminated or major revisions in a state like Oregon that’s incredible. Remember, in 2010, Oregon was the only bright spot for Democrats, that’s how dependably blue Oregon is.

    It’s especially impressive given only 26% think Obama knowingly lied about the plan. That’s pretty incredible given coverage of the Obama Like plan keep plan lie was pretty widespread and is demonstrable that he clearly knew it was a lie when he said it.

    So what does the poll tell you? Well, it tells you that either people are totally misinformed and somehow missed the lie of the year award, or they know he lied, still think he is a nice guy, and gloss over it.

    Personally I go with the former. Most people probably missed the lie of the year award, have know idea what the federal register is and really don’t follow politics close enough to realize there is no way one could credibly claim Obama thought like plan keep plan was true when he said it.

    So….what does all that tell you?

    Well, you can bet that the 30% who want Obamacare outright repealed are likely people who have been directly affected by it. The self employed who got screwed royally by Obamacare, maybe their relatives and friends. The 26% who want major revisions are likely moderate news followers. who have heard some of the bad coverage.

    And what does that tell you about the future?

    Pretty simple really. There is a reason Obama put off the employer mandate until after the election, He knew its effects would not be popular. If you have a law that is your parties signature issue and you think it will really help people, you implement it as fast as possible and see gains in the election.

    If you think your signature law will hurt people, you put off its implementation until it is more politically advantageous to hurt the voting public. that’s exactly what Obama did. His actions tell you all you need to know about how he thinks this will affect you.

    My guess is that 26% who think there should be major modifications is going to shift to the repeal side real quick when the employer mandate kicks in and they start losing their employer based coverage and see how expensive Obamacare mandates have made things for people.

    56% wanting a law repealed or majorly changed is not at all a good portent and Obama knows this. That’s why he is delaying so many things in this disastrous bill. That repeal number is only going to increase when the employer mandate kicks in.

    Never in my life have I seen a piece of legislation so hated by the public for such a protracted period of time by such a consistent majority. When you cant even get support for a signature Democrat issue in Oregon that is nothing short of incredible.

    Looks like 2014 will be a repeat of 2010. That’s a bad thing for congressional Democrats, but a good thing for the country.

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