Lars Larson: Vets “death book”

So the Veteran’s Administration under Barack Obama wants to get rid of veterans. The old slur on George Bush was “Bush lied and people died”. I think the one on Obama could end up being “Obama lied and Veterans died”.

Consider the fact there is a new pamphlet put out by the Veterans Administration that the VA under Barack Obama is insisting be shown to every one of the 24 million veterans under the care of the VA. It’s called “Your Life, Your Choices.” I’ve posted a full copy of it on my website.

Insighted, detailed by Jim Towey writing in the Wall Street Journal, it asks the question, “If I’m a vegetable, should I pull the plug. If I can no longer contribute to my families well being. If I’m a severe financial burden on my family. And, does my veteran situation cause severe emotional burdens for my family.”

It seems very clear that the VA wants to get some veterans thinking “is it time to pull the plug?” It was written by a man who is very much in favor of doctor assisted suicide.

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