Lars Larson: Vets “death book”

So the Veteran’s Administration under Barack Obama wants to get rid of veterans. The old slur on George Bush was “Bush lied and people died”. I think the one on Obama could end up being “Obama lied and Veterans died”.

Consider the fact there is a new pamphlet put out by the Veterans Administration that the VA under Barack Obama is insisting be shown to every one of the 24 million veterans under the care of the VA. It’s called “Your Life, Your Choices.” I’ve posted a full copy of it on my website.

Insighted, detailed by Jim Towey writing in the Wall Street Journal, it asks the question, “If I’m a vegetable, should I pull the plug. If I can no longer contribute to my families well being. If I’m a severe financial burden on my family. And, does my veteran situation cause severe emotional burdens for my family.”

It seems very clear that the VA wants to get some veterans thinking “is it time to pull the plug?” It was written by a man who is very much in favor of doctor assisted suicide.

“For more Lars click here”

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  • hapypacy

    Just when I don’t think Obama can get any more despicable! Interesting isn’t it, that there has beena a rash of articles in the news recently about an increase in vets committing suicide. I’d say with this administration “Soylent Green” should be required viewing by all. Fascinating twist that Heston starred in the movie that would depict our lives/deaths under the Obama Administration. ObamaCare anyone! Line up for your ration of Soylent!

  • Anonymous

    I see cap and trade and health care going the same way as the “guest worker” amnesty with the left throwing an even bigger fit.

    Funny how the bulk of their energy always goes twowards either claiming the public doesn’t understand or oppostion is sucessfully lying.

    Yet the public gets it and the total BS legislation gets exactly what it deserves.

  • Gullyborg

    Hey all,

    What is even more disturbing is the combination of the death book with the gross error of mistakenly telling over a thousand veterans they have ALS. Please read my further commentary here:

    With mistakes like this, do we want the government MORE involved in our general health?

  • large larson

    Lars thinks everyone should behave like the republicans did with Terri Schaivo. Republicans always know what is best for your family. Lars farted.

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny to read that seemingly every fail is being blamed on the President. It doesn’t matter who the President might currently be, fanatical opposition will blame him (or her) for every shortcoming. Hint: Your car gets crappy mileage because you are a crappy driver, not because of anything the President did or did not. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      “I find it funny to read that seemingly every fail is being blamed on the President”

      I find it funny that you can say this with a straight face after liberals blamed 9/11 on President Bush.

  • Andy

    That might be true IF THE DEATH BOOK existed. Do you have any source besides Fixed Noise’s propaganda machine?

  • Jack Roberts

    I went to the VA’s website the first time I heard about this. It is the same booklet many people are given throughout the country. It is very good information about living wills, medical directives, etc.

    My brother, my sister and I went through the whole medical directive thing recently for my mother, who has severe Alzheimer’s. It is not pleasant and it really makes you think. We would have loved to have had her read this and fill something out when she was still able to do so.

    This is far from a “death book.” It’s called “Your Life/Your Choices” and subtitled “Planning for Future Medical Decisions: How to Prepare a Personalized Living Will.”

    If you don’t trust Lars you can find a copy on the website of the Rhode Island Health Literacy Program at It is the same publication Lars has on his website.

    This is very valuable information and I urge everyone to download a copy or at least read it on-line. You may want to share this with your family members.

    Thanks for making this available, Lars. The VA seems to have taken their’s down.

    • Anonymous


      It is not the booklet. It is parts of the booklet. When GWB was in office, parts of this booklet were removed. After GWB, those parts went back. And the questionable parts are about helping you decide if life is worth living.


      Your failure to realize this is the “primary” reason you did not get elected governor in 2002.

    • Anonymous

      Jack –

      By now you must have become immune to the stink of having your nose buried up the Democrat establishment’s ass. I hate to break it to you, but all your brown-nosing is for naught. There is no political appointment in yur future and you couldn’t get elected dog-catcher.

      • Anonymous

        This is me from 7.1 again. I would like to emphasize that I do know and respect Jack, and I think he would be a fine judge and could do well with any other appointment from our next sure-to-be-GOP governor. But I also fully realize that Jack failed to take off in 2002 and 2006 with the electorate because he is just too squishy on social issues. Jack tries to be a consensus builder and reaches out to both sides – the result being no consensus because both sides slap any heretic in the face.

        Jack, either you are pro-life or you aren’t. Either you are opposed to euthanasia or you aren’t. Take a solid stand, and stick with it. Be proud of what you believe and encourage others to come to you, instead of the other way around.

        This is why you have failed.

        • Jack Roberts

          I don’t know why you say I’m “squishy” on social issues. I’m not pro-life and have never claimed to be pro-life. ORL knows that, although I’ve enjoyed a very good relationship with them precisely because I don’t pretend to be pro-life but we treat each other respect and often find agreement. For example, I do think that parents should be notified when a minor has an abortion and I’m opposed to so-called “partial birth” abortions. What’s squishy about that.

          I’m not in favor of euthanasia. That’s not what this booklet is about. I’ve read the booklet. I also used to do estate planning when I was a lawyer and I’ve had to deal with these issues in my own family. There is nothing “squishy” about my opinions on this.

          And people can attribute whatever motives they want to me. I have no plans to run for anything and have never applied for an appointment to any job in the public sector since I was appointed to a vacancy as a Lane County Commissioner in 1989.

          And any sensitivity I may have once felt about people commenting on my lack of success at the polls rubbed off long ago. I’m sure that among the anonymous posters on this blog are people who have won a lot more statewide elections than I have.

  • anonymous

    “Health care reform is a legitimate topic for discussion and debate,” said John Rowan, National President of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), “but it is outrageous for some partisans to politicize the debate by targeting veterans with blatant scare tactics.

    “The issue du jour is the so-called Death Book for veterans,” Rowan said. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the person who headed the office of faith-based initiatives for the Bush White House attacked ‘Your Life, Your Choices,’ a 52-page booklet of end-of-life options to be considered by veterans and their families that has been given out by the VA as per federal law. This booklet, developed in 1997 when Bill Clinton was President, was given to veterans and their families, if requested, under a directive in 2007 from President Bush. It was updated last month, under President Obama.

    “This booklet was developed with guidance from clerics,” Rowan said, “and it addresses options most of us and our loved ones will have to sort through as we live our final years. To play politics with veterans’ end-of-life choices is not only irresponsible politically, but it is cruel. We agree with Congressman Joe Sestak, a retired Navy Admiral, who is outraged at the ‘Death Book’ charges and has called them ‘inexcusable.’

    “It is our hope that sane minds reject fear-mongering, and that veterans recognize these scare tactics for what they are,” Rowan said.

  • SPiHC

    Thank God you’re covering this story. I’m so tired of the MSM trying to sweep this travesty under the rug and cover their friends in the Obama WH.

    My nephew sent me this great site about this story, it delves a lot deeper — and supports it with evidence from the pamphlet itself.

    Tell your fellow real Americans to stand up and stop this travesty.

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