Gallup: Oregon 6th most liberal state – 34% conservative, 28% liberal


by NW Spotlight

New polling out from Gallup shows that Oregon is tied with Hawaii as the sixth most liberal state in the U.S. The polling is based on how people self-identify.

The polling revealed that Oregon is 33.6% conservative and 27.9% liberal – giving Oregon what Gallup calls a 5.7% conservative advantage. The national average is a 14.6% conservative advantage.

Nationally, 38% of Americans self-identify as conservative and 23% as liberal.

In reporting its results, Gallup asked “How do Democrats continue to win elections if so few Americans identify themselves as liberal?” Gallup’s answer “The answer may lie with moderates, which, as a voting bloc, are solidly Democratic. If moderates begin voting with Republicans in the near or long-term future, there may indeed be a Republican revival on the national level.”

  • Jack Lord God

    I think the dirty little secret is most who describe themselves as moderates are using the term as a euphemism for “I’m not very interested in politics”

    This explains a lot of aspects of our society. For example – how did people believe they were going to keep their insurance plane when it was crystal clear that despite Obama’s lies, that there would be insurance mandates and if your plan didn’t have them, bye bye plan?

    A moderate can be someone who really has considered the issues and consistently comes down in the middle. However I think such instances are rare. What it really means is someone who thinks about the issues somewhat, but isn’t really vested except every two or four years..

    As a second example this completely explains the 2010 response to the 2008 election, and somewhat explains the 1994 response to the 1992 election. How in the world could someone be activly interested in politics, help elect the most resounding majorities ever in 2008, and then when they do exactly what they said they would, deliver the results we saw in state and national elections in 2010?

    • Oregon Outpost

      I think you’re accurately describing a portion of the voting public.

      But I think there is a vital center who are very informed and active voters who are being defined by others (and maybe themselves if they think of themselves as independent) as moderates.

      I think these voters are more accurately defined as radical centrists. This group may make up 7% – 10% of all voters, and they are consistent voters. They don’t believe that moderation is halfway between the Democratic and Republican position. But there is a problem with some of these polls in that they are real two dimensional. Are you very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal, very liberal?

      A vital center voter may be adamantly pro choice, but just as adamantly pro military spending. They may be millenials who are for marriage equality, and supportive of libertarian economics. Neither of those is “between” the R and D position. So how does that person answer that conservative – liberal question? They probably say….moderate.

      So, at least some of the increase in “moderate” voters is, I suggest, simply a rejection of a rigid catechism of both the major parties. And right now, the Dem’s are doing a slightly better job of appealing to the 7-10% of these high information vital center voters. So they are winning the elections.

  • John Fairplay

    It’s also that folks who describe themselves as “conservative” mean they are cautious and careful, not necessarily that they support conservatism in government action. The term “liberal” has been virtually destroyed as one people want to associate with themselves, so that number is probably lower than reality. It would be very interesting to ask follow-up questions to see where those who described themselves as “liberal” or “conservative” stand on actual political issues.

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