Gallup: Oregon 6th most liberal state – 34% conservative, 28% liberal


by NW Spotlight

New polling out from Gallup shows that Oregon is tied with Hawaii as the sixth most liberal state in the U.S. The polling is based on how people self-identify.

The polling revealed that Oregon is 33.6% conservative and 27.9% liberal – giving Oregon what Gallup calls a 5.7% conservative advantage. The national average is a 14.6% conservative advantage.

Nationally, 38% of Americans self-identify as conservative and 23% as liberal.

In reporting its results, Gallup asked “How do Democrats continue to win elections if so few Americans identify themselves as liberal?” Gallup’s answer “The answer may lie with moderates, which, as a voting bloc, are solidly Democratic. If moderates begin voting with Republicans in the near or long-term future, there may indeed be a Republican revival on the national level.”