Must see chart. Private vs. Government job growth

Oregonians Against Job Killing Taxes is the Oregon tax referendum petition campaign trying to stop the two massive business and income tax hikes passed by the 2009 Legislature.

Legislators raised job-killing taxes, making Oregon’s economic crisis worse.

Oregon has lost more than 118,000 private-sector jobs since the start of the recession nearly two years ago.

The legislature’s response? A job-killing $733 million tax increase — the biggest tax hike in Oregon history.Whose jobs did legislators protect? Government jobs that pump huge dues income into the public employee unions that funded legislators’ campaigns.But now, citizens are gathering signatures to let voters decide about these job-killing taxes. Legislators say they are only a tax on the rich. They’re wrong. We’ll end up paying more for groceries, gas and other services, and that will impact all Oregonians, especially the poor.

Small businesses would be forced to lay off their workers, reduce wages and benefits, or close their doors if voters approve the legislature’s permanent tax increases. Economists estimate these new taxes will cost as many as 70,000 Oregonians their jobs.

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