North Clackamas Teachers Deserve the Raise – Only in the Top 20% of Wage Earners

There is no doubt that the teachers in the North Clackamas School District deserve the raise they “bargained” for and are getting. Please remember that the top salary in the district for a teacher is $68,113 and that does NOT include benefits or PERS contributions.

In the United States there are roughly 130,000,000 jobs (although that number is declining fairly rapidly). 80% of those jobs pay less than $60,000 per year. So, you see, North Clackamas teachers need that raise — those at the top of the salary schedule are only in the top 20% of salary earners in the nation. (job salary figures from BusinessWeek, September 2009)

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  • capor

    Wouldn’t it be cool if those raises had been done based on:
    Merit, or performance values that were indicated by successful students,and
    Economic indicators that showed a need for a salary correction based on like skilled individuals across all Oregon work force that are currently employed, and
    an economic tax base that could support the increased taxes that come from these errant raises.

    This contract is a sword in the heart of a statement that any Oregon teacher makes to us regarding their “poverty wages”!

  • Moderator

    Bad language is not permitted.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t be serious?! And what percentage, pray tell, of teachers in the North Clackamas School District earn $60,000 per year or more? 5%? 7%? I know one quite well who makes $40,000, so… are saying that if the NCEA12 were to agree to freeze salaries above $60,000 you’d shut the heck up?

    Does that make you feel better moderator? I sometimes forget that words upset the delicate sensibilities of some. I’m more disturbed by the offensive manipulation of ideas.

    • Jerry

      Most teachers work at least 30 years – that is the normal length of employment for full PERS retirement. You only need 12 years of experience to get above 60K in the 2009-2010 schedule. I would assume MANY teachers in the district have 12 or more years experience. Relax a bit and just think about it. Do you really believe most of the teachers in the district have less experience than 11 years??

      • Anonymous

        Jerry, please do your homework before you spout your hatred. Your numbers are WAY off, I checked. Also, do not make assumptions. You what they say, when you “assume” you make……

        • Jerry

          No numbers are off at all.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I really believe most of the teachers in the district have less than 11 years in the district, and I know that at least 40% are under 5 years.

        • Jerry

          Glad you know. I don’t know and I don’t know how you know. I suspect you are wrong but what difference does it make if you can’t prove what you are saying???

          • Anonymous

            You are, of course, welcome to disbelieve me. And you are correct, I cannot prove it at the moment. I got the information yesterday in discussion with the vice principal of a North Clackamas middle school. I chose to take him at his word. He also explained to me that the salary schedule is effective from time of first employment with the district. In other words, if a teacher with twenty years experience in a classroom transfers into the district from another, his or her salary starts at the bottom of the schedule.

          • Jerry

            I know for a fact that if a teacher transfers they may or may not be given their experience credit. It is always negotiable. No one would ever transfer if they went from 60 K to 35 K. Think about it.

          • Anonymous

            You may very well be correct, Jerry. But that would be between the individual and the school board and I am not privy to any such negotiations. I am only relating what I was told (by someone who is presumably in the know). All I can say at this point is that if I were a school administrator in need of filling a position, particularly in tough economic times, I would opt for a new hire at the bottom of the schedule. Perhaps that very situation is the reason for such a high percentage of relatively inexperienced teachers. Anything beyond would be pure speculation.

  • Anonymous

    For the sake of clarity:

    I’m more disturbed by the offensive distortion of the truth..

  • Much too much foo foo going on

    Meanwhile, how about the boo coo pay raise given the new NCSD Superintendent beyond what Naso gulped in taxpayer bucks?

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