Kitzhaber for governor? Witness his 20 years of tax hikes!

Two decades of Kitzhaber’s non-stop taxing spree! and now he is interested in running for Governor again?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

From 1981 to 1994 Kitzhaber voted 15 times for higher taxes, including:
– 6 gas tax increases,
– 2 income tax increases, and
– 3 times for higher sales taxes

From 1997 to 2000 Kitzhaber proposed or backed 10 different types of higher taxes:
Sales Tax (Oregonian 1-8-99),
Twice proposed keeping kicker (Oregonian 3/16/99 & 3/17/01),
Advocated higher gas taxes & transportation taxes (Oregonian 1-26-97 & 2-4-00),
Opposed a 10% property tax cut (Measure 47 in 1996),
Proposed corporate income tax hike from 6.6% to 8.6% (Oregonian 3/16/99),
Backed a cigarette tax hike (Oregonian 11-10-96),
Proposed a new excise tax of 3 cents on each beverage container (Oregonian 12-9-96),
Proposed a per-household tax (Oregonian 1-26-97),
Proposed a tax based on miles traveled (Oregonian 1-26-97)
Backed a plan for taxes on pesticides and fertilizers (Oregonian 1-8-99).

In 2001 Kitzhaber took the people’s kicker, raised the tax burden, increased fees and grew government by 17%
(1) Kitzhaber stole 1/3rd of the people’s kicker tax refund
(2) proposed over 25 new fees increases
(3) proposed ¼ billion in new bonding authority which would max out lottery bonding for 10 full years and put Oregon in it’s biggest debt load in it’s history
(4) proposed and approved a budget that spent $4.4 billion more than the last budget.