Indoctrination: Get ‘Em While They’re Young

Why should you care that the President will be addressing your children Monday? Simple: The content of the speech is being kept secret. When someone wants to talk to your children, but won’t tell you, the parents, what it’s about, sirens and alarm bells should be going off in your head. Whether you are for or against the President’s agenda, this should scare the hell out of you. After all, don’t we constantly warn our children that if any adult tells them not to tell their parents about something, they MUST tell their parents immediately?

The left has a long history of foisting their poisonous messages on our children either while hiding it from parents or, when exposed, in spite of parents wishes. I’m not speaking of the blatant leftism that has been part of college classrooms since the 1920s. I’m talking about the deliberate, subversion of our K12 schools by educators who know exactly what they are doing. Where exactly do you think all those millions of your tax dollars gifted to lefty organizations for “education” wind up?

Do you think it is just a coincidence that if your child is attacked on the playground and has the wherewithal to fight back (something we hope they will all do to avoid becoming doormats later in life) they receive the same punishment as the aggressor? You can thank “Teach Peace.” I’ll bet you thought that was just a bumper sticker. Wrong. Teach Peace started as a secret movement to insert a pacifist agenda into school curriculum. Member parents and teachers were advised to “seek out like minded individuals,” “not let parents or administrators know your agenda.” Members were told to wait for an incident of violence and then offer the Teach Peace curriculum as a way to address the issue.

Sounds like something out of the plot of a bad fifties anti-communist movie doesn’t it? Too bad it’s true. Does the part about using a crisis as an opportunity sound familiar?

One of the most virulent lefty bloggers in Oregon made a living for years working with extremist environmental groups inserting their lesson plans into the classroom via radical teachers. The disgusting truth is that this sort of subversion of paren’ts rights is commonplace.

What should worry parents more than the speech itself, or the fact that its contents are being kept secret, is the follow up lessons. Everyone who’s ever taught or trained knows that the curriculum following and framing an event is where the message is really driven home. The NEA has already provided an outline of how to build follow up activities around the speech and I’ll lay odds that weeks worth of full blown lesson plans arrive in teachers inboxes about ten seconds after the speech starts.

I would encourage ALL parents, regardless of politics, to keep their children home “sick,” refuse to participate in any follow up activities, and, where told non-participation will affect the student’s grade, file lawsuits.

If this sort of state sponsored indoctrination doesn’t scare the hell out of you, perhaps you deserve to have your parental rights infringed.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Gee, So you elect the most liberal member of the Senate and start getting fascist policies like indoctrinating children. Who would have thunk it?

    Well, apparently the BO administration is rethink some of the language in this address to children. I guess they are figuring that having the pre-K to sixth graders write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president was just a little too “Dear Leader-ish”. I suppose there were also wardrobe concerns with some of the suggested activities, such as having students discuss what the president wants them to do. Apparently it was going to be impossible to have enough red sashes made up in time, and BO’s fashion tsar, Constance Akrund thinks brown shirts are simply tacky.

    When ones personality walks as fine a line between astonishing arrogance and solipsism as BO’s does, one is bound to lurch into the realms of creepy totalitarianism. The original themes in the address to the nations school children make it one of those times. Should it scare the hell out of you? Probably. Does it tell you a lot about the quality of people we have in the White House? Certainly.

    Fascism – Its not just for kids anymore

  • Mary Ellen

    I think Mr. Obama is right to talk to our children. It takes a village, remember? Many parents do not raise their children very well. If they will listen to our president then all the better. I am proud of this man and what he is trying to do, against all odds, to make our country a better place for the disadvantage to live.
    I hope and pray that parents will not keep their kids at home just because this man wants to give them some solid advice.

  • Indoctinating our impressionable youth is Joseph Goebells stuff. Nuts!

    In this day and age, college kids tend to be Left-leaning. They know little except what have experienced less. I’m for raising the voting age to 35. These days, that’s about when adolescence is over.

  • Anonymous

    Are you retarded, Tim?

    A sitting president is addressing school age children as they begin a new school year. What nefarious agenda do you imagine he has? Extolling the benefits of hard work? The importance of education? Or some other such generic cheerleading? But I totally agree with you, the left does have a “long history of foisting its poisonous messages on our children”, starting with the creation of the public school system itself, to desegregation, and on and on…

    You should seriously consider seeing a doctor about your irrational paranoia. It seems like you might have a problem.

    • Steve Plunk

      When news of this first came out I thought okay, why not? But since I have learned the lesson plan did not originate in the Department of Education or locally but instead came from the White House itself. A lesson plan that included some questionable activities. The White House has now withdrawn that plan giving an implicit admission of it being inappropriate. I guess Tim was not being irrational at all. In fact the White House has the irrational paranoid in Van Jones who is an avowed 9/11 “Truther” as well as a vulgar speaker.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, I see your point Steve. The Obama Administration was almost certainly intending to begin the mass indoctrination of American children to a Soviet-style communist system… or wait… maybe it’s more of Maoist thing. One can’t be sure as long as that lesson plan remains top secret.

        As for Van Jones being a vulgar speaker, because he used the word “asshole” publicly? Seriously? LOL

        You guys are hilarious.

        • Harry


          School indoctrination is a local thing, you a$$h0le! We have the ODE here in Oregon to shove $h!t down our kiddies throats. And if they can’t find enuf $h!t, then I am sure the local school board will shovel some over. Maybe the local chapter of ACORN can indoctrinate. Obama can ki$$ you little a$$ with his Obamadoctrination of children.

          • Anonymous

            I’m still laughing. LOL


  • Bob Clark

    Bama is mega bad news just as Bush before him. Big government, big mistakes. That said, the Bama has shown some support for charter schools. Charter schools and adding other education pathways is a very good thing, because eventually the Teacher unions may lose their vice grip over Oregon’s education system and Oregon’s government. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty clear Bama is mostly about image, and might let charter schools be take down by unionization.

  • Anonymous

    Hey our teachers have been prepared.;-Oregon-Style.html

    Cultural Competence Summit Report, page 3.

    What cultural competency means for teachers in Oregon: Summit Report, page 8.

    A culturally competent teacher advocates for social justice
    A culturally competent teacher exhibits awareness of key concepts: privilege, affirmative action, assimilation vs. pluralism, color blindness vs. color awareness, meritocracy, etc.
    A culturally competent teacher has the ability to receive and integrate critiques of cultural competence
    A culturally competent teacher understands the ways schools reproduce inequality
    A culturally competent school leader will develop methods for assessing/evaluating cultural competence of teachers
    The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission will revise rules, after review, to achieve high cultural competency standards including possible revocation of licensure for culturally incompetent behavior
    The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission will ensure new and existing licensed educators are culturally competent
    The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission will require cultural competence for license renewal
    A culturally competent teacher must apply cultural competencies and believe it
    A culturally competent teacher must embrace and implement the standards
    What cultural competency means to an educator wanting to become a principal:

    “She might acknowledge that she is a beneficiary of privilege, a party to perpetuating institutional racism, an unconscious oppressor and an imperfect exemplar of cultural responsiveness. She would open her eyes to the realities of oppression and work with others to eliminate it from the school…she might find her own voice, develop political savvy and add advocacy to her portfolio.”

    “Our ambitions–and not yet fully realized-action agenda focuses on recruiting and supporting diverse faculty and students, implementing curricula and assessments that incorporate multicultural perspectives, and developing an intentionally inclusive community that promotes social justice. The program to prepare school leaders is situated within that agenda.”

    Phyllis Edmundson, Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University. NY Times article.

    When the cultural competency summit based its definition of cultural competence on social justice and equity with the focus on oppression, privilege, power, and advocacy, they turned the cultural competency initiative from educational to political. The summit report is, in essence, a political document that designates the political perspective and philosophy that everyone in education must adhere to. Teachers, principals, counselors, and others must advocate for the kind of social justice that is approved by the state

    • Anonymous

      What part of PUBLIC SCHOOL do you not understand?

  • skippy

    George H.W. Bush and Reagan did the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      No they didn’t.

      They both made nationwide broadcast speeches to schoolchildren, but that’s where the similarity ends. Bush I and Reagan were both up front about their speeches’ contents and there were no follow up lesson plans from the DOA and NEA encouraging students to “help the president.” No politics or hidden agendas, they made speeches and that was it.

      I would add that many of the same lefty groups and politicians lauding Obama’s speech had their panties in a twist over Bush I and Reagan’s speeches.

      • v person

        Reagans’ speech to the nation’s school kids included the following:

        “Today, to a degree never before seen in human history, one nation, the United States, has become the model to be followed and imitated by the rest of the world. But America’s world leadership goes well beyond the tide toward democracy. We also find that more countries than ever before are following America’s revolutionary economic message of free enterprise, low taxes, and open world trade. These days, whenever I see foreign leaders, they tell me about their plans for reducing taxes, and other economic reforms that they are using, copying what we have done here in our country. I wonder if they realize that this vision of economic freedom, the freedom to work, to create and produce, to own and use property without the interference of the state, was central to the American Revolution, when the American colonists rebelled against a whole web of economic restrictions, taxes and barriers to free trade. The message at the Boston Tea Party — have you studied yet in history about the Boston Tea Party, where because of a tax they went down and dumped the tea in the Harbor. Well, that was America’s original tax revolt, and it was the fruits of our labor — it belonged to us and not to the state. And that truth is fundamental to both liberty and prosperity.”

        Sounds like a political message to me.

        • Harry

          “Sounds like a political message to me.”

          Yes, totally political. Especially the history lesson on the Tax Revolt. And the bit about democracy, free eterprise, low taxes and open world trade. And also the bit about America’s ‘vision of economic freedom, the freedom to work, to create and produce, to own and use property without the interference of the state.’

          I just wish Reagan had stuck to our history as a nation, and not politicized it so much with that free enterprize crap. Oh, and that democracy crap. And the private ownership crap.

          Reagan just totally politicized what could have been, like Obama has planned, a routine, run of the mill, “education is great” pep talk to our future generation of America.

          Obama = good; Reagan = political and bad. It is really rather simple, you know?

  • capor

    Just say NO to brainwashing. I don’t care if another President had an opportunity to address school age kids. It is espescially annoying when lefty’s use the “Bush did it too” statement when the teachers and school administrators are the “deciders” of what is flushed through our kids heads in the public toilet system. It is time for us all to have a better grip on what others try to influence our children’s belief systems with. What is next? Will it be OK for the Obama administration to get teachers to present a program on sexual diversity and tolerance? Eco behaviors? There is a considerable list.

    Stop the cultural drift here! Take responsibility for cultural behavioral modification at home! It is NOT the responsibility of government or state sponsored schools to teach it.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you need to send your children to private school, capor. While I agree with your statement that “behavior modification” is first and foremost the responsibility of parents, I think characterizing anything as it pertains to this conversation as brainwashing is beyond reason. At some point in your life you’re going to have to realize that the world is full of people who think differently than you and are potential influences on the thinking style of your children (for better or worse).

      • capor

        Oh Thanks Anon. I never realized sending my kids to a private school might be an option! That is good news. Meanwhile, medaling morons are capitalizing on folks that drop the “public option” for intellectual superiority in a controlled private environment. If I had the option of keeping my tax dollars as well as sending my kids to the private school I would simply respond the same way you do.

        • Anonymous

          You’re welcome, capor. Home schooling is also an option (though perhaps not for you, I don’t know). I’m not trying to offend you. But I’m not sure I follow your “meddling morons” comment. Who are the morons? How are they capitalizing on folks? As far as your tax dollars are concerned, do you not feel that contributing to the education of all is in this country’s best interests, regardless of parental status? But, of course, public education is the product of a leftist social agenda, so…

  • Margaret

    All this yelling back and forth because the president wants to talk to our children? How can that be bad?
    He is the president. He should be able to talk to our citizen children anytime he wants. I am proud of the excellent job he is doing so far despite the best attempts of the right wing crazies to make him look bad.
    My children will be there, front and center, to hear his words. We plan to discuss it at dinner and talk about how we can all work together to finally make the US a country where we can be proud once again.

    • Conscience of a Moonbat

      Get a clue. It will never get better if you keep picking it.

  • Margaret’s reality check

    What excellent job? It seems like all Obama has done is extend and accelerate the worst aspects of the Bush administration-bailouts that nobody wanted, massive debt spending, ramping up the war in Afghanistan…so where’s that hope and change he promised? What exactly has he changed? What has he done, aside from making Bush look slightly less stupid?

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