Indoctrination: Get ‘Em While They’re Young

Why should you care that the President will be addressing your children Monday? Simple: The content of the speech is being kept secret. When someone wants to talk to your children, but won’t tell you, the parents, what it’s about, sirens and alarm bells should be going off in your head. Whether you are for or against the President’s agenda, this should scare the hell out of you. After all, don’t we constantly warn our children that if any adult tells them not to tell their parents about something, they MUST tell their parents immediately?

The left has a long history of foisting their poisonous messages on our children either while hiding it from parents or, when exposed, in spite of parents wishes. I’m not speaking of the blatant leftism that has been part of college classrooms since the 1920s. I’m talking about the deliberate, subversion of our K12 schools by educators who know exactly what they are doing. Where exactly do you think all those millions of your tax dollars gifted to lefty organizations for “education” wind up?

Do you think it is just a coincidence that if your child is attacked on the playground and has the wherewithal to fight back (something we hope they will all do to avoid becoming doormats later in life) they receive the same punishment as the aggressor? You can thank “Teach Peace.” I’ll bet you thought that was just a bumper sticker. Wrong. Teach Peace started as a secret movement to insert a pacifist agenda into school curriculum. Member parents and teachers were advised to “seek out like minded individuals,” “not let parents or administrators know your agenda.” Members were told to wait for an incident of violence and then offer the Teach Peace curriculum as a way to address the issue.

Sounds like something out of the plot of a bad fifties anti-communist movie doesn’t it? Too bad it’s true. Does the part about using a crisis as an opportunity sound familiar?

One of the most virulent lefty bloggers in Oregon made a living for years working with extremist environmental groups inserting their lesson plans into the classroom via radical teachers. The disgusting truth is that this sort of subversion of paren’ts rights is commonplace.

What should worry parents more than the speech itself, or the fact that its contents are being kept secret, is the follow up lessons. Everyone who’s ever taught or trained knows that the curriculum following and framing an event is where the message is really driven home. The NEA has already provided an outline of how to build follow up activities around the speech and I’ll lay odds that weeks worth of full blown lesson plans arrive in teachers inboxes about ten seconds after the speech starts.

I would encourage ALL parents, regardless of politics, to keep their children home “sick,” refuse to participate in any follow up activities, and, where told non-participation will affect the student’s grade, file lawsuits.

If this sort of state sponsored indoctrination doesn’t scare the hell out of you, perhaps you deserve to have your parental rights infringed.