Lars Larson: Evergreen Aviation’s fire fighting water tanker

Is there a good reason why that 747 water tanker was still sitting on the ground after one successful drop yesterday?

You know there are a lot of times I wish I could control the mainstream media. I’d love it if last night we’d seen a lot of national news stories about a particular 747 aircraft. It’s the one that was originally dreamed up by my friend, Dell Smith, at Evergreen Aviation. That’s the company that currently flies to every corner of the globe, to Dubai and Peking and every other place.

Dell Smith came up with a really unique idea””turn a 747 into an air tanker capable of dropping water or retardant, or both, on big forest fires like the ones currently burning in California.

They did one successful drop yesterday and then the plane sat on the ramp. There’s no sense to it. This plane can drop a path of water or retardant 100 yards wide and three miles long. That thing should have been flying all day yesterday putting out those big fires.

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