Tax dollars fund investigators to go after referendum drive

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The State of Oregon has hired 10 private investigators at a cost of $135,000 of tax dollars to snoop around the citizen tax referendum petition campaign. Pat McCormick of Oregonians Against Job Killing taxes says these investigators routine questioning and challenging signature gatherers are slowing the petition process down. The investigations are expected to continue all year long in order to meddle in as many other petitions campaigns as possible.

It bears reminding the public that the same legislature that approved money to hire investigators to pry into people gathering petitions are the same politicians who voted to suspend enacting the voter approved Measure 57 which helped keep criminals behind bars. On one hand, the state is letting identity thieves and other criminals out of jail early while dedicating entirely new tax resources into hunting for criminals who do not exist and trying to stop their political opponents.

To be fair, why stop at petition drives utilized by citizens? Why not expand the investigation to include going after politicians who run for office? Show up undercover at campaign events where donations are exchanged. Why not investigate the three lawmakers who recently resigned their office to take sweetheart triple-digit salary state government jobs that they helped fund as an elected official?

In the end, criminals and politicians go free and citizens engaging in a referendum democracy get harassed.

Fight back by signing a petition at Stop Job Killing Taxes.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wouldn’t you think that the crowd that always pretends such great concern about rights and civil liberties would be apoplectic about this?

    I mean you would think this would at least raise eyebrows in the holier than thou’s. They did tend to go nuts when some kid threatening to spray police with a bug sprayer got tazered, somehow his rights were violated. They do tend to get concerned when terrorists might have been questioned without enough sleep and hot chocolate the night before.

    I wonder what the justification for this will be in their minds?

    The absurd and twisted logic by which they will condone this will not be a surprise when it makes its appearance, but it will certainly be interesting in its construction.

    Somehow they always come up with the most contorted of reasoning to justify that which they opposed on the previous day. This will probably not be an exception.

    Who knows though? This could be the one event where they act in with consistency not partisanship.

    I doubt it though. Thus the pious will continue to get laughed at when they express such deep concern for peoples rights. On that, they are truly ridiculous.

  • Reper

    SOS = Secretary of State
    SOS = Stop Oregon Signature-Gatherers

    P.I = Private Investigator
    P.I. = Punish initiative-users

  • capor

    The saddest part of this is the “investigators” can return to their director and make claims about individuals and businesses that allow state law to prosecute for. There is a form of politico-terrorism going on here that will eventually create a fear among some people in the future to get involved in the referendum/initiative process because they could be prosecuted for a crime or persecuted by the press for making an honest mistake with the ever complicated rules set forth by the SOS.

  • Marvin

    These buffoons will stop at nothing to kill the voice of the citizenry.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time to strike back.

    If you see one of these investigators get in their face. Don’t get violent or threatening, just ask them a lot of questions, invade their personal space, take their pictures, follow them to their cars and follow them home.

    If these tactics are good enough for the OEA and the SEIU, they’re good enough for the citizenry.

    • JohnB

      Put the pictures on a website.

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