Web poll on Speaker Boehner immigration plan.

catalyst-poll-voteWeb poll on  Speaker Boehner immigration plan.

Please vote on this key February headlien issue of the House Speaker Boehner plan on immigration which has drawn both support and opposition within his own political party.   VOTE ON THE RIGHT HAND MARGIN of this website.

Here is the question on the poll: Boehner plan to extend temporary work visas to current illegal immigrants but not extend citizenship nor government services?  Yes or No?

Please vote Now.

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    Iowa US Rep Steve KIng offers the best remedy for defusing the illegal immigration bomb, yet pinheads on both sides of the political aisle seem oblivious to the Blitzkrieg of La Raza, MEChA and Latino King explosives going off all around US. “`Meanwhile, the dread army of Al-Qaeda continues marshaling along with other interests ready to glean up pieces left from an uncivil war going on within US.