Sen. Bruce Starr: Statement on CRC

Sen. Starr

Sen. Starr

Sen. Bruce Starr

Salem, OR – Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) released the following statement yesterday:

Based on the Washington legislature’s demonstrated unwillingness to engage in a bi-state process, as seen by the Washington Senate’s recent passage of Senate Bill 6125, it is clear that the co-operation we need to build this bridge is not going to materialize. Because of that, I will not be supporting House Bill 4113A if it comes to the floor.

I still support the goal of building a new bridge across the Columbia River. I voted in favor of last year’s proposal because I believe it is critical to Oregon’s economy and long-term future, and because it was centered on a partnership with Washington. Last year the Oregon legislature did its part to fund and complete this project. Unfortunately, Washington’s end of the partnership never materialized.

The only option going forward is if the Washington legislature were to change course and fund the project as envisioned under House Bill 2800A.

The relationship between the Oregon and Washington legislatures is of vital importance, not just in the case of the new bridge, but many others. As president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, I believe it is of the highest importance for legislatures to work together with respect and cooperation toward shared goals.

Former state Rep. Katie Eyre’s comment on Sen. Starr’s statement: “My senator has spoken. This, my friends, is perhaps one of the best smoke signals from Salem about ending the CRC project in this session. Once again, Sen. Starr does the right thing.”

  • stopcronycapitalism

    Good for you Senator Starr. The use of Oregon tax dollars to build this bridge is ridiculous. The bottom line is there is no concrete assurance that Oregon taxpayers will not be saddled with millions of dollars to support a project that could have been built for a fraction of the money. Once again, Oregon spent a bunch of money to design a bridge that was too low, and then put in special interest add ons that made it totally unreasonable from a financial perspective. Thank heaven Washington State came to their senses. Let’s hope that our Oregon representatives as a group also come to the conclusion that Oregon taxpayers cannot afford this luxury bridge.

    • guest

      Bravo! IMO, the only bridge copacetic to current and future needs is a 3rd crossing downstream. It should parallel the I-205 concept (via I-405) and leave light rail out of any equation until current railroading pencils out as cost effective. So far, not!.

  • Leathermouth

    Senator Starr is right. No new bridge that is not an improvement on the present one! And Washington County needs a decent bi-pass road instead of Cornelius Pass Road. Really, we can’t afford either one…….

  • havetoask

    As I read this; if the Washington legislature would have agreed to spend the money on the bridge Senator Starr would also vote for it. The bridge with few supporters in Oregon; a bridge that would have caused shipping lane problems; a bridge which was good for light rail but not good for vehicular travel and it would have cost much more than estimated. This is information I have read in news reports about the bridge so if I have it wrong I apologize. But why are we praising Senator Starr? Because Washington saved our bacon, temporarily we should give him kudos? Why?