Lars Larson: Kitzhaber as Governor

Let’s talk a little about what John Kitzhaber would do if he was returned as Governor of Oregon.

Governor John Kitzhaber was bad for Oregon. I think I can show that statistically. The man came into office. He grew government.

Back in 2001 he grew government by 17%. Did your paycheck go up 17% in 2001? The Governor also voted in favor of tons and tons of new taxes. He worked in favor of the environmentalists, the hard core ones that want to lock you out of the forest, and he worked against the rights of private property owners.

I think John Kitzhaber was bad for Oregon.

He favored doctor assisted suicide and so did the public. Maybe that’s okay. But, this guy also fought against individual property rights. He didn’t favor Ballot Measure 7 or 37. He fought against them and I think he even played dirty pool.

Now he wants another term as Governor. I think he’d be just as bad the second time””maybe worse””than he was the first time.

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