Video: Glenn Beck special on Van Jones

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  • capor

    Good riddence you communist SOB. I hope we get the rest of them too.

  • cecil91

    Please display the name of whoever approved the piano music. I wish to beat him with a stick.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I love it when these clowns use the “to those who might have been offended by my comments…” line.

    What a jerk.

    Oh Gee Van, I guess going on about the race of school shooters and getting it wrong in the process is really a subtle distinction in the crass department.

    Its not that his comments are offensive to some, they are offensive to the vast majority of Americans. Very few people run around with this “only white kids shoot up schools sure Ill sign your 9/11 was an inside job statement” attitude. Even without that, most Americans pretty much woke up to the idea that Communism was a bad idea when the Berlin Wall went up, or the cultural revolution occurred or when The Gulag Archipelago was published. When the Berlin wall came down, most Americans, indeed most people in the world, were happy as it seemed a death knell for one of the worst forms of governance. Not many were nutty enough to say at that point, let’s give it another shot.

    Maybe this guy is a green jobs genius. If so he is some sort of idiot savant because he seems to have the intelectual judgment of a head of broccoli.

    As for the man who appointed him, who told us all we would know him by the kind of advisors he circled himself with, lets just call this one a little bit of “I told you so”. Its about judgment and on that score, BO’s is highly questionable. BO didn’t know he was sitting in a church with a racist minister for twenty years. Therefore its a little too much to expect of him to recognize that a 9/11 inside job guy, a communist, and apparently a racist to boot might not be the best person for the job. That’s just part of the fun of BO I guess. Yes, we all know he is the smartest guy in the world, but it is fun to marvel that Mr. Genius couldnt figure out that a guy who became a communist in the 90’s might not be top shelf in the mental prowess department. Apparently the school shootings comment was enough to finally make that clear to Dear Leader.

    • v person

      To be a tiny bit fair, he signed a petition that asked for an investigation into what may have happened. That doesn’t make him a “9/11 inside job guy” unless he actually believes it did happen, which he claims he never believed. He was (from what I read) very briefly a self declared “communist,” but his career as a writer and activist evolved in a pro green business direction. And, I haven’t seen anything to suggest he was doing a bad job for what he was appointed to, have you?

      As for Obama not knowing what Van was or wasn’t 15 years ago, he does have to make several thousand appointments, so he can’t know everything about everyone, even if he is the smartest guy in the world.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Well of course we have to give Van and BO the benifit of the doubt, every break possible.

        They are after all Democrats. So that means you can never criticize them, only excuse them.

        Thanks for the input Dean, you confirm what I say about you with unswerving consistancy -you check the party affiliation first, then condem or condone accordingly.

        • v person

          I neither condemed nor condoned. You are projecting again.

          As a general rule, I pay far less attention to what anyone said in the past, left or right, than what they are doing in the present. I place a high value on free speech, and think if we continue to judge people by something they once said then we will end up with a bunch of people in power who never said anything because they were too afraid to.

          Is Van Jones a communist? No. Does he hate white people or Republicans? Not likely, but I can’t see into his soul. Does he really think Bush contrived to blow up buildings and kill people as part of a power grab? He signed a petition saying this should be looked into, but didn’t say it actually happened. He says now he shouldn’t have signed it and doesn’t believe it. I have no reason to doubt him.

          So we are left with should this guy have been appointed to a job for which he appears to be well qualified, given his past statements and affiliations. Politically probably not, which is why Obama cut him loose. But practically, why not?

          If you can show me any time in the past when I said someone should resign a post in the Bush Administration that they were well qualified for based on something they said or signed 5 or 10 or 15 years earlier that had nothing to do with their job, then fine, you can call me a hypocrite. If you can’t, then you are just projecting.

      • Anonymous

        VJ has a documented history of working as an organizer of the truther movement. He is far from just a petition signer.

        And saying he evolved from a communist to a “pro-green” thinker… what do you think the green movement is? Girl Scouts? No, the Green Party is an attempt to make communism mainstream by disassociation with the label.

  • Anonymous

    Supppose Obama is exactly like Jones and Reverend Wright and he’s now the president?

    Is this a movie we’re watching?

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Well, Obama did tell us to judge him on the people he surrounds him with.

      I suggest you don’t have to “suppose” for very long to draw your own conclusion. From the shape of things looks like a lot of other people are as well.

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