Tax protest Yes. Joe Wilson No.

By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The largest protest against Obama happened this weekend as another tax rally hit Washington D.C.and a local rally in Salem. The Salem rally falls right after a rally last Monday. These rallies are building momentum, getting positive media and getting literally thousands of Oregonians active for the first time. This is the right way to do it.

As for Congressman Joe Wilson interrupting President Obama’s speech last week — this is the wrong way. No one wins when we break down the rules of civility. It is true that liberal members of Congress booed Bush during his Congressional speeches, but that is no excuse for doing the wrong thing. I found it frustrating that some of the best town hall August debate moments (where the politicians were dumbfounded) were out often pushed aside by the more dramatic and uncivil interruption videos. Do not think that this situation can easily be reversed. Liberal activists have a long history of harassing speakers (it happens every Presidential convention speech) and even resort to political violence (Weather Underground, animal activists bombing labs, tree-spikers, etc.). You can imagine what kind of politics we will have if it becomes a race to see who can out-bully and out-threat the most.

Taxpayers are winning the debate and those taxpayer rallies are the genuine result of the hard work of thousands of civil taxpayers doing the right thing. We should not risk any chance at restoring freedom to mistakes or uncivil mayhem.

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  • Fire Fox

    Congressman Joe Wilson was telling the truth why should he, need to apologize again. He was right in doing what he did. The problem is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Did you see the look on her face, terror at hearing the truth? Congressman Wilson won, and Obama now wants E-verification, something the liberals have been fighting against for a very long time, they want socialism for this county. I want my republic back.

    Obamacare will not cover illegal immigrants. Yes it will, says Congressional Research Service–55021087.html

    Judge Napolitano was on Fox 2 days ago noting that the Supreme Court has ruled that national programs for human services that are created by Congress for all the citizenry, cannot be denied to people on the basis of illegal residency. I was very surprised. Never heard this before. According to him, even if the bill required verification of citizenship, the services (including non-emergency services) must be provided if they are otherwise universal. We really need someone to speak at one of our meetings very soon to give us all the facts. There is no doubt there would be a lot of interest among the seniors, could bring in new members.

  • Rick Hickey

    Yes I think OFIR could provide a speaker who knows the facts for a meeting. Contact them at or call 503-435-0141. As of today OFIR sent Nine people to DC for “Feet to the Fire” also including Lou Dobbs and Lars Larson, more hands-on activism than any group I know of from Oregon, with scheduled meetings with Wyden, Merkley, Shrader and others.

    Jason I agree that yelling at the Pres. is not good BUT wow the Publicity and money to Mr. Wilson’s campaign is a painful reminder of why the Republicans have no power in DC or here anymore because A. They ignored the Illegal alien issue which IS obviously a big concern for the voters (McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill?!) as I’ve been saying/writing for years and B. R’s Do nothing to get any notice. Did you see all the YOU LIE and thank Joe Wilson signs yesterday? I did here and in DC.
    Republicans, You ignored the damage that this not really Cheap Labor is really costing us (forgetting A. Lincoln), now we are all literally paying the price and therefore Sociailzed Health Care for the millions of the new needy is the result. And there is nothing you can do about it, nothing. If you still do not understand that this massive immigration flood is wiping out Capitolism and causing more people to accept Socialism out of desperation, you should not be running the show, I should!
    ps, Even if verification of status is in the final bill via S.A.V.E. (E-verify is for new hires only), Illegals will still flood the E.R. anyhow and not pay the bill AND our Schools and Jails and subsidized housing and Medicaid and TANF and OHP and Food stamps and free & reduced b-fast and lunch and free ESL classes and…

  • Joseph Shaddix

    Wilson told the truth. Obama had just finished, in effect, accusing just about anyone who disagreed with him of lying. I don’t even know what this guy is selling. There is no bill!

    If you guys try to win the day totally fighting by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, we are going to get our a**es handed to us again. Sometimes you call a spade a spade and speak truth to power.

    I love the way Wilson’s action sucked all the air out of the room and dominated the news cycle more than Obama’s speech.

    If Obama had truly engaged both sides in the process, the level of frustration would not be building to the level it is. His leadership sucks and he has no one to blame for this mess but himself.

  • v person

    The congressional bills on health care already specifically state they don’t apply to those here illegally. This is a total red herring that has nothing to do with what is being proposed. Wilson was not only rude, he was dead wrong. THen he makes a half-assed apology because he was told to. That is 3 strikes. Make him your newest hero if you dare, but it only leads you further into the pit you are digging for yourselves.

    Beyond that, where were the “conservative” protests against Bush and the Republican majority in Congress when they were doubling the national debt during their time, bankrupting the nation, and squandering the budget surplus left by Clinton? According to the latest figures, the US GDP is now back to where it was in 1998. Obama has been in office 8 months. You do the math here.

    Conservatism squandered its credibility by cutting taxes during a time of war and breaking the national economy. It will take a lot more than uninformed protests to gain it back.

    • Rick Hickey

      Military also says that Gays cannot serve BUT they have don’t ask, don’t tell (no thanks to Clinton) and with no verification required by law as it is now (Democrats voted no on two Amd.s to require asking by the way) Illegals will not tell and government workers won’t ask.

      • v person

        Illegals won’t tell what? That they don’t have citizenship? So what? How can they get into the proposed insurance pools?

        Most people with jobs have health insurance, and that presumably includes illegal aliens with jobs that provide insurance. The proposed pools and public option are for those working for companies that don’t provide insurance, or for self-employed individuals. If one is here with no documentation, or a documentation that has a phony SSN, how does that person buy into the pool as an individual? Since the SSN is likely to be used as the identifier, particularly if one is asking for a subsidy to buy the insurance, then that would be the point where he/she would be stopped.

        Beyond simple logic, did you know that Joed Wilson, the new hero, voted FOR providing government funded health care to ilegal immigrants as part of the Bush Medicare prescription drug legislation in 2003? Yep. He did. Sec. 1011 authorized funding for government reimbursements to hospitals who provide treatment for uninsured illegal immigrants. Ooops.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >did you know that Joed Wilson, the new hero, voted FOR providing government funded health care to ilegal immigrants as part of the Bush Medicare prescription drug legislation in 2003? Yep. He did. Sec. 1011 authorized funding for government reimbursements to hospitals who provide treatment for uninsured illegal immigrants. Ooops.

          What a load.

          You have to really be stretching things to conclude that a guy who votes to reimburse hospitals for care that the federal government required them to give in the first place equates to the same thing as supporting giving away taxpayer funded care.

          The government requires hospitals to provide care.

          Gee, well, since the government instituted the policy, sure seems right they reimburse hospitals for it.

          Sounds like a good vote to me. Government put the burden there, let government pay for it.

          Only a lunkhead who was pouring over the DailyKos for the latest hit piece on anyone who speaks out about Obama would post this nonsense without thinking it through.

          The whole thing misses the entire point of the debate anyway.

          No one is against health care for illegals either being in the bill or not. It doesn’t matter. No matter what is in it we all know they will get it. The Supremes will rule that way or the Democrats will slip it in during a midnight session. It simply defies any credulity to think that a system that gives free education to illegals, free ER treatment to illegals and in state tuition to illegals will all of a sudden….


          not have illegals ever included in any sort of government plan.

          Oh, and by the way, Puh Leassseeeee don’t come back at me with Bush this or Bush that

          Remember, I am a conservative first, a Republican second – you are a Democrat follower always. I can and do criticize my leaders. You are incapable of even considering them fallible, much less admitting to when they do something wrong. So don’t come back at me with it was a Bush plan. I criticized the plan then and still do.

    • Beef Orrino

      It never ceases to amaze me how purposefully uninformed the Left is regarding the Tea Party protesters and their mission. Interview after interview with protesters shows clearly that it isnt about political party, and that their dissatisfcation with govt INCLUDES the previous administration. But I realize that it is part of the Liberal creed to miscontrue the facts to fit their agenda. Regarding Obama’s healthcare speech to joint session of congress, I dont know what health bill Obama was talking about but it certainly wasnt any that are in legislation at the moment. Obama’s denials about what is in the bill is also fallacy. Joe Wilson KNEW what WAS in the HR 3200 bill bc he was on the committee and witnessed what was originally in the bill (such as Section 152 pages 51-2 which DID include coverage for illegals and non-citizens! But the Dems sneakily removed it after the speech. I read it myself! You shoud try that some time: reading bills..then u wont have to take anyone’s word for anything). In addition, Wilson witnessed a provision that specifically prevented illegals by requiring proof of citizenship get removed by Dems in committee. Thats why he was so outraged at Obama’s speech; Obama’s speech did not coincide with what was written in the bills. I see a huge hypocrisy going on, as Dems have booed Bush during Congressional speeches, and Sen. Harry Reid has called Bush a “loser” and a “liar” on national TV and Reid not only didnt apologize for calling Bush a liar but he defended his outburst (I know liberals wont ever look anything up, but it was on “Face The Nation”, Sunday, 7/22/07; also — and here the media commends Reid for his outburst: “Fortunately, Harry Reid doesn’t hold back. A lie is a lie — especially if it comes from George Bush. Most of the media doesn’t get that, but more and more Americans do.” So now all this outrage from the Left about Wilson’s remark is a complete hypocrisy and all about politicking).

      • v person

        Tea Party protestors don’t care about which party is in control? Where were they (you?) when Republicans doubled the national debt after inheriting a budget surplus? Where were they when Joe Wilson voted for government funding for health care of illegal aliens in 2003? And where were they as recently as last fall when Bush and his administration bailed out the banks and the auto companies and ran the annual debt well pas $1 trillion?

        What all of the sudden woke them up? Where have they (you?) been all this time?

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >And where were they as recently as last fall when Bush and his administration bailed out the banks and the auto companies and ran the annual debt well pas $1 trillion?

          Complaining pretty damn loudly.

          I complained to you on this blog about it. You were the one who thought it was a really great idea.

          You were the one saying every economist supported it ( they didn’t )

          You were the one supporting more of the same under your boy Obama.

          And now you are the one trying to play all innocent?

          Fat chance.

          You guys own the deficit. Your boy spent more in the first six months than everyone before him. Your boy is the one who said if we did so we would have 8% unemployment, and your boy was the one who did what every economist advised against, back loading the stimulus money rather than getting out there immediately. Don’t try and weasel out of it, you guys own the national debt lock stock and barrel.

          • v person

            Spin away Rupert. Wilson voted to spend taxpayer funds for health care for illegal aliens. He could have voted to deny illegal aliens access to emergency rooms, but he didn’t.

            “I complained to you on this blog about it. ”

            This isn’t about you Rupert, its about the “tea baggers.” Where were the tea party protests during the Bush years? Where were the pictures of Bush with Adolf Hitler mustaches painted on? Why is it that when people come to these protests they have signs disparaging Obama, but not Bush? Are memories really that short? Or is something else going on here?

            “Don’t try and weasel out of it, you guys own the national debt lock stock and barrel.”

            “We guys” (Democrats) are responsible for the national economy, including the deficit, unemployment levels, GDP, and so forth starting with FY 2010 which begins October 1 and continuing through Obama’s 1 or 2 terms in office. FY 2009 (current mess) was inherited from Junior. Like with Reagan after Carter, things were/are bound to get worse before they start to get better. But every major economic indicator except unemployment is already up from where they were when Obama took office. And by next year this time, unemployment will be down, GDP will be rising, deficits will start to head the other way, and we will be substantially done with at least 1 war.

            The “weaseling” Rupert, is entirely with your side for disowning Bush’s economic accomplishments, summarized below:

            Median income: declined 2% (the only president in modern history who managed this feat)
            People living under the poverty line: increased 26%,
            Children living under the poverty line: increased 21%
            Number of Americans without health insurance: increased 21%.
            National debt: Increased $5 trillion (after he inherited a surplus. Bush the Squanderer).
            Jobs: Increased all of 2% in 8 years. The worst record of any president in 7 decades.
            Stock market: Declined at an average rate of 5.6% PER YEAR. Worst performance since Hoover.

            Check out this summary chart if you can stand it:

            Bush did well on keeping inflation low. That’s the sum of his accomplishments. Oh, he did lower taxes. I gues that did not work so well though.

            So please…spare me the lectures on managing the economy. Democrats have done better at it since Roosevelt. Step aside and let the adults be in charge for a while and even you will end up better off.

          • Anonymous

            The last democrat who did well managing the economy was JFK, and he slashed taxes.

          • David Appell

            From Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic:

            * Under Clinton, the median income increased 14 per cent. Under Bush it declined 4.2 per cent.
            * Under Clinton the total number of Americans in poverty declined 16.9 per cent; under Bush it increased 26.1 per cent.
            * Under Clinton the number of children in poverty declined 24.2 per cent; under Bush it increased by 21.4 per cent.
            * Under Clinton, the number of Americans without health insurance, remained essentially even (down six-tenths of one per cent); under Bush it increased by 20.6 per cent.

            One these presidents raised taxes. One lowered the. Which one do you suppose was which?

          • Anonymous

            The economy only picked up under Clinton after the GOP took over Congress. It went south under GWB only after the democratics took over Congress.


            Reagan and JFK cut taxes and the result was economic growth and prosperity. Compare to Carter.

        • Beef Orrino

          Ah, you’re chanting the libtard’s anthem. You obviously know nothing about the TEA party folks…or pehaps just the malinformation your absurd media feeds you that you are unmotivated to question or just plain dull enough to buy. The “budget surplus” you mention that was left after the Clinton administration only occurred because of the REPUBLICANS that ruled the House and not because of the Dem president – the Repubs dragged Clinton kicking and screaming. And I wouldnt exactly call Bush a true “Republican” administration, and it certainly wasnt Conservative at all; it governed as what you might call “neocon” which is kind of a misnomer since neoconservative has NOTHING to do with Conservatism at all; neocons are followers of the LEFT-wing philosophy of Leo Strauss and Leon Trotsky (of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia) but they are great masqueraders and they latched on to the Repub party like parasites. So, yes, under Bush and the neocon agendas we had the biggest govt expansion of all time (but Obama is trumping that easily).As far as “where were they when Bush bailed out banks…?”> wow, you dont know a dam thing, do ya?!!! They (and I) were against that bailout and they still are and they say that all the time! So, you are one of those who thinks “it was bad when Bush did it but its great when Obama does it” people? Because THAT is stupid. The TEA Party protesters didnt like the direction the country was going from the last administration and this admin is building upon that and going much much further in wrong direction, and remember that the economy has only been tanked for a couple years (since the Dems took over congress, coincidentally)…so the cumulation of all that led them to organize and protest. Much of the outrage of the protesters is bc of govt intrusion (spying, etc.) which Bush started and Obama promised to rescind, but Obama not only didnt rescind any of it he greatly increased it! In fact, there is some kind of increased govt intrusion into our privacy and our rights hidden in almost every bill (Stim. bill, HR3200, Cash4Clunkers, Cybersecurity Act, etc.) So it makes sense for pro-liberty pro-constituion ppl to be all the more upset as this admin renegged on its promises and escalated much more unconstitutional policies on top of the ones Bush started.

  • rural resident

    *No one wins when we break down the rules of civility.*

    I think that ship sailed for the Republicans some time ago. The entire anti-Obama protest movement, including the “tea parties” has been based on incivility. That’s been at the core of the strategy promoted by Freedom Works and the FNC commentators: shout everyone else down, don’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise. The louder and more aggressive the protesters are, the more they must be in the right (as well as OF THE RIGHT. Making better arguments is for the effete liberals. When you’re calling for the assassination of public officials, you’re WAY past the point of being civil, Jason.

  • Vernon

    Assassination of public officials? Who called for that? That is really over the line.

    • HUH!

      Where do you get that?? Certainly not in this thread.

  • Anonymous

    Although the ultimate goal must be to completely kill the phony “health-care” bill (really nothing more than a socialist power grab) the fact is that in less than two seconds with just two little words Joe Wilson did more than all the rhetoric spouted in the last month by the roll-over-and-cave-in Republicans. You can not be nice to the Democrat/Socialists. You can’t go along to get along. They will run over you. The response by 0bama and the Dems to Joe’s outburst (admitting he was correct and that there was nothing in the bill to prevent illegals from getting coverage–also verified by the fact that the “number of uninsured ‘Americans'” they kept citing included illegals) shows that the only effective means of stopping them is treat them as what they are: Enemies of freedom and enemies of this nation.

  • Jim Ray

    Williams you’re a wimp! Take your”civility” and take a hike. This why RINO’s run rough shod over you.

  • wnd

    Check this out:
    Joe Wilson deserves praise, not ridicule.

  • Gullyborg

    Joe Wilson is a hero and a patriot. Did any democratics apologize after booing President Bush during his State of the Union? Where is the liberal outrage over blood-smeared protestors crashing closed hearings to attack Secretary Rice?

    There was a time in this country when patriots weren’t afraid to stand up and say out loud that enough is enough. How timid we have become when so many so-called “leaders” are willing to throw Joe Wilson under the bus just for having the courage to speak what we all have been thinking.

    If the GOP ticket in 2012 is Palin/Wilson, I will crawl over broken glass to help us win. Another McCain who just wants to compromise and play nice will give us more Obama and the march towards a Marxist Amerika will be complete.

    Now, is Jason Williams ready to apologize to us and to Joe Wilson?

    • anonymous

      So then by your definition those Democrats were heros and patriots for booing Bush, and Harry Reid should be given the medal of honor for calling Bush a liar (which he was).

      I hereby endorse your Palin-Wilson ticket. Landslide goes to Obama-Biden despite your bloody knees.

      • Gullyborg

        “So then by your definition”

        Nice try, but just following the Rules for Radicals and using your preexisting parameters. Y’all decided “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” and set the bar. Now I’m just following your lead.

        Be careful what you wish for. There is a real political revolution coming in this country. You might laugh at the idea of a Palin anything. But power players on the left must absolutely fear her, otherwise they would be promoting her as an opponent instead of spending more time, effort and money than every before in history to attack a woman who isn’t even in office.

        • anonymous

          “Now I’m just following your lead.”

          Well if it is that easy then go all the way and vote Democratic.

          “You might laugh at the idea of a Palin anything.”

          No, actually I don’t. I laugh at the idea that any thinking person would support Palin for a presidential run. She has a mediocre mind, a lazy intellect, and offers bromides as policy solutions. But she is telegenic and has camera charisma, so has become the Eva Peron of the right. A cult of personality has built around her to the point where her supporters hear whatever they want to hear when she speaks. I think if she does run and is nominated she will be crushed in a general election, especialy with a Joe Wilson or Joe the Plumber as her running mate. But there is always the chance something weird would happen and she would fool enough people and maybe win, or maybe not actually win but some butterfly ballots or the Supreme Court would get her in, and then I would exchange places with you in fearing once again for my country. No thanks. I would rather she sat it out and you found someone somewhere with some sense and maturity to represent your shrinking party. Surely there must be someone?

          • Anonymous

            We said much the same about someone else a while back… Apply this to, oh, late 2007:

            He has a mediocre mind, a lazy intellect, and offers bromides as policy solutions. But he is telegenic and has camera charisma, so has become the new JFK of the left. A cult of personality has built around him to the point where his supporters hear whatever they want to hear when he speaks. I think if he does run and is nominated he will be crushed in a general election, especialy with a Joe Biden as his running mate. But there is always the chance something weird would happen and he would fool enough people and maybe win, or maybe not actually win but some butterfly ballots or ACORN would get him in, and then I would exchange places with you in fearing once again for my country.

  • Anonymous

    v dean,
    You’ve taken your party lie to a new level.
    Bernie Sanders and other Democrats have been saying “there’s nothing in the legislation which extends coverage to those here illegally.”

    Of course there’s nothing in the legislation which extends coverage to women either.

    Now here you are piling on a bigger lie that the “The congressional bills on health care already specifically state they don’t apply to those here illegally.”

    Just yesterday I heard Ellis Henican, in for Lionel, say “There is no clause or line item that extends coverage for illegal alliens.”
    This is supposed to be some slick way of avoidng the fact that there is no clause or line item which excludes illegals.
    Democrats are killing amendments requiring proof of citizenship.

    If Obama was really interested in getting this “Red Herring” out of the debate all he had to do was say he would VETO any bill that did not exclude illegals and require proof of citizenship or legal status.

    He did not because he is a liar just like you.

    Wilson is being praised by many because of your and your fellow democrats lying and then calling the reality of illegals covered a myth.
    Myths can be easily debunked with amendments. Not Bullshit.

    Liberal Democrat Marc Abrams admitted on Kremer and Abrams that the President lied about the cost and deficit adding component to Obama care.

    You’re one of the biggest liars on local blogs.

    Fortunately on the grander scale it is you and your Democrats who are falling into the pit you are digging.
    Your global warming/cap and trade fraud and health care push will go as amnesty did with the American public rightfully condeming the efforts.

    You also too stupid to have recognized the countless conservatives who did protest the Bush/ Republican spending with the Democrat glee.
    Yet there you lie once more.
    Can you tell the truth about anything?

    Conservatism tax cuts didn;t do what you lie about either.
    BIG government brole the national economy by getting too big to do it’s job.

    Now you and yours are demanding it get much bigger. Swell.

    How more of a fool can you be?

    • v person

      Stop hyperventilating before you hurt yourself.

      “Democrats are killing amendments requiring proof of citizenship.”

      Yes they have. Because many Americans don’t walk around carrying “proof of citizenship.” So including this requirement would end up excluding a lot of Americans. Someone here illegally who curently works for an employer who provides health insurance ALREADY has health insurance, and that will be still true in the future if one of the proposed bills passes. Big deal.

      And beyond that, do you really want the illegal immigrant kid with swine flu to come to your kid’s school to infect everyone, or would you rather have them have at least some access (emergency room?) treatment? Do you really want every ambulance driver to ask for “proof of citizenship” before they pack off a sick or injured person to a hospital? I mean….what sphere of humanity do you and Joe Wilson represent?

      “Myths can be easily debunked with amendments”

      I wish that were true. But with your side, myths are a way of life. So spending the time debunking one only encourages you to make up another one.

      “You also too stupid to have recognized the countless conservatives who did protest the Bush/ Republican spending …”

      Yes. They were in deed “countless.” I didn’t manage to count any because they did not take to the streets, wave ridiculous signs with offensive pictures of our president, shout and take over town halls, and throw public tantrums. I repeat: where were they until now?

      “Conservatism tax cuts didn;t do what you lie about either. ”

      Lie about? Well there you go again. I cited factual data from the Census bureau. Bush cut taxes twice, did little else economically, and the national economy did worse in his 8 years than at any period since Hoover. You call that a lie? Sorry my nameless friend, it is a fact. You just won’t let yourself accept it so you insist that reality is just not so. THat is your problem, not mine.

      • Anonymous

        >>> many Americans don’t walk around carrying “proof of citizenship.”

        Well, they COULD if you idiots would support the REAL ID ACT.

        Also, people applying for welfare benefits need to supply a ton of information that normal people don’t just carry around with them in their wallets or purses. Do you have proof of your last three months of income with your right now? You better have it if you want to apply for the Oregon Health Plan or Food Stamps. Can’t get the information? Then you can’t get benefits. If you are a citizen, you either have or can obtain proof. If born here, you can obtain a birth certificate – and if you can’t afford it, DHS will pay the bill. If naturalized, you have a certificate of naturalization that you need to all sorts of things and being proud of your accomplishment you probably know damn well where you put the thing. Also, if naturalized, your record is easily verifiable by any government agency through the SAVE system. So don’t even try to give me crap about “not walking around with proof of citizenship.” That is a complete load of crap and I have proved it.

  • Jerry

    Both were fine events.

  • Anonymous

    One doesn’t have to carry around proof of citizenship v. You jerk .

    Democrats are opposed to proof and that will give illegals coverage.
    That’s no myth.

    Just as you’ve been opposed to proof for driver’s licenses.

    That’s no myth either.

    Niether was amnetsy despite your despicable party trying to cast it as a guest worker program to bring them out of the shadows.

    You and yours really have become sickening with your lies and obfuscation of everything.

  • John in Oregon

    On the issue of Joe Wilson speaking out I have mixed feelings.

    On the one hand the house rule prohibits speaking out. The self same rule prohibits applause. Which rule applies?

    Democrats moved to the Republican side of the isle to wave, gesture and cheer, or was that jeer.

    For some eight years DC democrats never missed a chance to heckle at past presidential addresses. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Bush took it for eight and never lashed back. But when one does not defend ones honor its people assume he has none.

    The lion roars in the Senate. Liar, Liar Bush on fire. Its clear the Democrat left wing plays to win. Should the Republicans bring the Marquess of Queensberry rules to a bar fight?

    To my knowledge Obama has been called on anything he said exactly ONE time.

    The next morn we awoke to such a twitter
    Foot steps rushing from chamber to chamber
    Pen to paper, Senators scribble so fast
    To amend to require ID at last

    Not so simple is it?

    I don’t like rude. But when a bully slaps the kid for the 99th time. Kicks his new trumpet down the street. The trumpet his parents slaved and saved for. When finally that kid in a rage smashes the bully in the face. Who is to blame?

    But civility very very much does matter. No better example exists than just past 9/12. A large crowd went to Washington DC to say hear our voice. Satellite photos suggest a crowd comparable to 1/20/09. Numbers not expected by the Capital police, who unprepared were thankful the crowd was the most polite and well behaved they had ever seen.

    • v person

      “On the one hand the house rule prohibits speaking out.”

      No it doesn’t. What it prohibits, and this dates back to Jefferson, is calling the President a liar, or even suggesting he or she is lying. It does not prevent rolling the eyes, groaning, text messaging, shaking one’s head, sitting on one’s hands (withholding applause) etc. And it does not prevent calling the President a liar outside the chamber, as Harry Reid did with Bush, and many Republicans did with Clinton. Its called free speech, and Joe Wilson can yell liar liar pants on fire all he wants outside the chamber.

      “I don’t like rude. But when a bully slaps the kid for the 99th time. Kicks his new trumpet down the street. The trumpet his parents slaved and saved for. When finally that kid in a rage smashes the bully in the face. Who is to blame?”

      Not sure who you are referring to as the bully or the kid here. The elected President of the United States has the responsibility to craft policy and lead based on his or her principles and promises within the law. Obama is leading, not bullying. Republicans have every opportunity to help, amend, or oppose as they see fit. The system is working as it should and there was no need for Wilson (kid with smashed trumpet?) to step over yet one more line of long respected decorum.

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