Tax protest Yes. Joe Wilson No.

By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The largest protest against Obama happened this weekend as another tax rally hit Washington D.C.and a local rally in Salem. The Salem rally falls right after a rally last Monday. These rallies are building momentum, getting positive media and getting literally thousands of Oregonians active for the first time. This is the right way to do it.

As for Congressman Joe Wilson interrupting President Obama’s speech last week — this is the wrong way. No one wins when we break down the rules of civility. It is true that liberal members of Congress booed Bush during his Congressional speeches, but that is no excuse for doing the wrong thing. I found it frustrating that some of the best town hall August debate moments (where the politicians were dumbfounded) were out often pushed aside by the more dramatic and uncivil interruption videos. Do not think that this situation can easily be reversed. Liberal activists have a long history of harassing speakers (it happens every Presidential convention speech) and even resort to political violence (Weather Underground, animal activists bombing labs, tree-spikers, etc.). You can imagine what kind of politics we will have if it becomes a race to see who can out-bully and out-threat the most.

Taxpayers are winning the debate and those taxpayer rallies are the genuine result of the hard work of thousands of civil taxpayers doing the right thing. We should not risk any chance at restoring freedom to mistakes or uncivil mayhem.