Lars Larson: Good guys win one for a change

In the last week I’ve seen something absolutely amazing. The White House had to fire Van Jones because of his connection to ridiculous organizations like the 9/11 Truthers. They finally realized you couldn’t have a nut working at the White House.

Secondly, the White House had to cut all of its ties to the ACORN group that was going to do a good part of our Census work. Do you realize how much the Census guides in terms of government policy?

The fact that the government got involved at all is interesting. The fact that they were going to allow ACORN to do some of the work is absolutely disturbing, especially after the hidden-camera journalism done by an independent, not by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or even FOX.

An independent filmmaker busted ACORN and then ACORN got busted by the White House. The good guys do win some of the time.

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