Lars Larson: Good guys win one for a change

In the last week I’ve seen something absolutely amazing. The White House had to fire Van Jones because of his connection to ridiculous organizations like the 9/11 Truthers. They finally realized you couldn’t have a nut working at the White House.

Secondly, the White House had to cut all of its ties to the ACORN group that was going to do a good part of our Census work. Do you realize how much the Census guides in terms of government policy?

The fact that the government got involved at all is interesting. The fact that they were going to allow ACORN to do some of the work is absolutely disturbing, especially after the hidden-camera journalism done by an independent, not by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or even FOX.

An independent filmmaker busted ACORN and then ACORN got busted by the White House. The good guys do win some of the time.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Lars,

    Did you know that ACORN/SEIU is trying to take out Sid Leiken in his race against DeFazio?

    I know you love to kiss DeFazio’s backside whenever he calls your show, but I would hope that as the “voice of conservatives” in Oregon you’d dig into the attacks against a great Mayor.

    Just sayin…

  • Anonymous2

    Hey Lars,

    Did you know that ACORN/SEIU is trying to infiltrate our minds to influence how we vote?

    They want to force us all to vote for Democrat candidates like Scam Adams and Pawn Kitzhaber so they can advance their communist agenda in this country, starting with socialist things like libraries and effective schools. Bastards.

    Just sayin…

  • v person

    The right wing has nearly completed its exchange of positions with the left wing by calling for the firing of people based on their violation of politically correct speech. Good luck with that. It did not work well for us and I suspect you will come to regret the day you adopted that particular tactic.

    Disrupting town hall meetings with rude behavior and staging useless protests are 2 additional tactical exchanges we are glad to make with you by the way.

  • Zero

    Van Jones was just a symbolic Czar.

  • JTT

    *They finally realized you couldn’t have a nut working at the White House.*

    Wait…then what was Cheney doing there for so long?

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Well Dean – One can only hope most liberals think like you.

    Van Jones didn’t violate any politically correct speech. He was simply just a racist with some pretty nutty views.

    Whatever rise in conservatism we are seeing can only be aided by a continuation of the thinking you espouse in your side.

    Conservatives have already gotten public option off the table, hopefully our successes will continue. When you have guys like Jay Rockefeller getting cranky about tax increases and Olympia Snow jumping ship that’s astonishing.

    The albatross of ACORN will be another nice to hang around BO’s neck in 2010 and 2012. I’ve already given you a taste of what the commercials will be like. I can’t wait and I would strongly encourage you to think of this as an insignificant story as well.

    I would also encourage you to think Van Jones was just simply politically incorrect and that the largest march on Washington in a long time is of no significance. Ignoring reality on your part along with as many of your side as you can convince is one of our strongest assets. This is one instance where I hope your powers of persuasion are stronger than I suspect they are.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Oh hey Dean!

    Speaking of things you have been dead wrong on.

    Looks like Iran can now produce a nuclear bomb, at least according to the IAEC.

    Wow, remember when the national security estimate came out with this nonsense that Iran had abandoned its nuclear program and you fell for it hook line and sinker?

    Remember how I told you that report was probably a load of BS designed to make Bush look stupid?

    Oh well, who cares.

    BO has green lighted Israel to start bombing runs through his total withdrawal of leadership on the issue. He has left them with no choice whatsoever other than to go to war. Should be interesting.

    I guess the only thing now more certain than war in the region is the certainty with which you will blame it on Bush.

    Lets do the outline:

    Step 1 – Bush stupid – blame wrong intelligence report about Iran abandoning its nuclear program on him.

    Step 2 – Not Obama’s fault, he inherited the situation from Bush. No, he inherited it from stupid Bush. Every other president came into the world with a clean slate and nothing on the table. Bush was stupid.

    Step 3 – Obama smart. What could be more brilliant than withdrawing missile defense from eastern Europe on the exact same day as the IAEC gives its confirmation.

    Step 4 – Obama engaged in diplomacy which was better than anything Bush, stupid Bush that is, ever did in the region. Sure Israel and Iran are at war now, but if it hadn’t have been for Obama they would have been at war sooner and it would have been a worse war.

    • v person

      Rupert, you really are going off the rails of late. I’m worried about you. Why bring Iran up in a thread about ACORN?

      The short story is that if and when Iran gets a bomb, and if and when they use it within the next 7 years, and if and when Obama goes to war with them over this or something else, we can hold Obama responsible. Just like Bush had the watch during 9/11, and Carter had the hostage problem, international peace or conflict responsibility goes with the job title.

      “Van Jones didn’t violate any politically correct speech. He was simply just a racist with some pretty nutty views. ”

      You and Beck are entitled to your opinion, but ascertaining who is and is not a racist is a sport I try to avoid absent more evidence than this case has. As for “nutty views,” if I were Beck I would be cautious about casting that particular stone. He comes up with one nutty view after the other and its all on tape. He even just flat out looks and sounds nutty.

      On the public option, there you go counting your chickens again. Off the table? The House will pass a bill with a public option. One Senate committee has already passed out a bill with a public option. Baucus’ committee probably won’t, but so far he appears to have the least support since is compromise found no takers on your side of the aisle. Doctors are in favor of a public option. The majority of the American people are in favor of a public option. Obama is in favor of it. A majority of the House is in favor. Can 50 out of 59 or 60 Democratic (get moving Mass.) Senators be rounded up to support it at the end of the day? I dunno, but to declare it “off the table” indicates that you are off your rocker.

      And I’ll repeat something I mentioned earlier. The public option has been scored by the CBO as the single most effective tool in holding down both public and private health care costs. You have been whining about the deficit ad nauseum of late. Why are you and your fellow “conservatives” against saving money? You have already adopted every unfortunate tactic of the far left; useless protests, meeting tantrums, silly masks, rude signs, race baiting, and political correctness. Now you have adopted the far left’s inability to budget? What next? You want the peace symbol?

      Hands off that one.

      “The albatross of ACORN will be another nice to hang around BO’s neck in 2010 and 2012. I’ve already given you a taste of what the commercials will be like.”

      Yes you have. And I have encouraged you to run with it haven’t I? It didn’t work in 08, so is bound to work in 2010 or 2012 or maybe 2016 at least. You just have to keep trying. Sooner or later you will win an election and then you can claim ACORN bashing as the reason. I’m sure the American people fret every day about what ACORN is up to. Or Bill Ayers maybe.

  • Conscience of a Moonbat

    ACORN will not be missed in the 2010 Census because Obama had already installed hundreds of ‘social justice’ groups like Project Vote … everyone acceptable to the radical Progressive wing. Key individuals will fake their ‘resignations’ and stay 100% in the game — just like ACORN’s Wade Rathke a year ago before the election, when the MSM spiked the $ million Rathke embezzlement story. The hydra has many, many heads. The ’60’s radicals started digging in fiercely 20 years ago when official Communism fell, and anti-socialists were not paying attention, too busy enjoying liberty but — under progressive RINOs like the Bushes — not taking responsibility for preserving it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that is why we need a full blown RICO investigation of ACORN and all affiliates. Any organization with even tangential ties to ACORN, or to Rathke, or to SEIU, is suspect.

      • Scottiebill

        ACORN and the SEIU should both be investigated under the RICO Act.

  • Joe

    Acorn is nuts!

  • Anonymous

    SEIU is more nuts than ACORN!

  • John in Oregon

    The Acorn sanctions are remarkable enough. But they pale in the light of something even more stunning. The revelation that the legacy media no longer has the ability to embargo the news for most of the American people.

    I was fascinated to watch the story unfold. Day 1. Video 1. Lame Acorn excuse.

    The legacy media, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, and Washpo — chirp. CHIRP. CHIRRRRRRRP.

    The White House census bureau cuts Acorn. Chirp chirp chirp chirp

    Video 3 and Acorn throws two under the bus. CHIRRRRRRRRRRRP.

    Acorn MD has no state license. CHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP

    The Senate votes to de-fund Acorn. That morning Don Wade of the WLS morning show is on for his weekly banter with Charlie Gibson. You know Charlie don’tcha, Charlie of the look over the top of your glasses at Palin and misstate the Bush Doctrine fame. Yes, that national news anchor Charlie.

    But it get better. Wade has to ask that damn question. You know the question. Why isnt the legacy media covering the Acorn story? Well’ CHIRP sure isnt gonna work now is it Charlie? And how does Gibson answer?

    *Charlie Gibson:* (laugh) I don’t even know about it. Uh, so you got me at a loss, I don’t know. Uh, uh, but, but My goodness if it’s got everything including sleaziness in it we should talk about it this morning.

    With the chirp card gone and faced with having to justify news manipulation, Gibson chose to play the buffoon. What Acorn news story?

    The legacy media has been cought with its pants down. Van Jones. The 9/12 March. And now Acorn. But the pattern continues. How may saw the Qods Day (Friday last) news covered in the legacy media? Don’t worry there wasn’t any.

    It’s not like Breitbart didn’t fire a warning shot on 9/07/09.

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