Re-cap of Oregon Governor Race and latest news.

This morning KGW-TV reports that former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury will announce this Thursday his run for governor in 2010 with former Governor Barbara Roberts endorsing him. Oregon Attorney General John Kroger is endorsing former Governor John Kitzhaber. Kitzhaber announced this week he supports the $1 billion in tax hikes for which a referendum petition is being circulated to repeal it. Kitzhaber also seemed to criticize Kulongoski in a meeting with the Portland Business Alliance about not handling the tax debate properly. Also, Congressman Peter DeFazio is considering a run.

On the Republican side, we have former State Senator John Lim announcing,, State Senator Jason Atkinson announcing, and Allen Alley finishing his walk-a-thon around Oregon. One news poll matches some of the early contenders in a survey.

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  • Anonymous

    I look forward to the democratic primary – Kitzhaber, Bradbury and Defazio will all be trying to out pander each other to win over the liberal base, making the ultimate winner that much more out of touch with the new conservative/libertarian anti-government uprising.

    • come again?

      “out of touch with the new conservative/libertarian anti-government uprising. ”

      In your dreams maybe. So far it is more like an extended teenie tantrum than an uprising. The moment Lim, Atkinson or Alley (titans that they are) put a program forward that shows what they are cutting from this government you and presumably they hate (education? health care for poor kids? operating state parks?) is when reality kicks in. Being against government in the abstract is easy. Cutting spending for some specific purpose is not so easy, especially in a state that has voted for Democrats in ever increasing numbers.

      • Anonymous

        Things are different today. Double digit unemployment with no relief in sight combined with double digit government growth and billion dollar tax hikes makes for an explosive combination. 2010 could easily be the year that even an unknown unqualified milktoast Republican can win just by not being part of the D establishment.

        • come again?

          It depends on just how short people’s memories are, given who was president when the ship of state went over the waterfall. “Trust us this time” is not a great campaign slogan.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Neither is

            “Obama spent more in eight months than all the other presidents combined.”


            “Remember when you had a job?”

            Face it, you guys own the deficit for a generation.

            In case you didn’t know that, there were some 100k people at the capitol last weekend to remind the congressmen.

            Oh, and if that isn’t enough we have the upcoming 2010 election cycle, which is going to be loads of fun with the commercials.

            “Congressman Libby Dem even voted to fund ACORN to run the census……..Who is ACORN?……….They were the group that was indicted in 14 states for election fraud and who last year gave advice in how to set up child prostitution rings using El Salvadorian slaves as young as 13 years old.”

            Voice over audio of ACORN worker giving advice……”no… no… no…. you have to realize if you teach them to read they wont want to work as prostitutes anymore and you wont make as much money off of them….”

            “Advice on how to run child prostitution rings and importing slaves, that was paid for by your money and Libby Dem voted to sign the check”

            “If congressmen Libby Dem couldn’t make the right choice when it came to funding ACORN maybe we all should be asking yourself if Libby Dem is the right choice for us?”

          • v person

            “Obama *spent* more in eight months than all the other presidents combined.”

            That would be a problem slogan if it were true. Only it isn’t unless others are as math challenged as yourself.

            “Remember when you had a job?”

            Paired with, “and chances are you lost that job during the Bush presidency. Are you better off now or 2 years ago?”

            “Face it, you guys own the deficit for a generation.”

            That is hilarious Rupert. So far “we” own FY 2010, which hasn’t started yet. But if you own up to 8 years of Reagan deficits, 4 of Bush 1, and 8 of Bush 2, then we can talk.

            “In case you didn’t know that, there were some 100k people at the capitol last weekend to remind the congressmen.”

            Only 100K? I’m proud of you Rupert. You had it at over a million yesterday. Self correction is the first step towards elightenment. But yes, 100K, 200K whatever it was, it was a lot of people angry about something or other. Deficits? Sure….ok. Everybody needs something. Better that than thinking Obama really was born in Kenya. But wait….there were those signs….

            Yes, your team should definitely run against ACORN in 2010. Ongoing war? Trivial. Struggling economy? Well talking about that will just remind them of Bush. Global warming? That is for sissys. ACORN. That is all anyone will be talking about. And hey…it worked so well in 08, why not double down? And if that doesn’t work there are those Reverand Wright clips and Bill Ayers. 2nd time is a charm.

            I think you should send a story board to the RNC and sell them on this one right away.

  • Xander Almeida

    I don’t know too much about Kitzhaber as I did not yet live in Oregon, and I also am not too terribly familiar with Bradbury either.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of background on the two of them. I’m a writer for the Portland Spectator, just finishing up with with some interviews with Mr. Alley. I’m doing an interview with Sec. Bradbury tomorrow and was interested in hearing what everyone wanted to know of him.


    Portland Spectator

  • Jim Ray

    What choices we have:
    1: A retread who has zero personality and is a CSB to boot.
    2: The most evil SOB ever to grace this earth. Yeah you Billy boy!
    3: A guy who walked for nothing. Absolutely nothing!
    4: A good young man who has NO chance. None, zero, Nada.
    5: Then there’s ‘ol Pete who should either P or get off the pot.

    Is there no one else in this God forsaken place to govern? NOPE!

    • Anonymous

      > 4: A good young man who has NO chance. None, zero, Nada.


    • Boring John

      How about a great xBlazer?

  • Reper

    Jim Ray for Governor!

    A Ross Perot-ish outsider who can stand up for real reform.

    P.S. Ray, would you happen to be billionaire?

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