Latest: Commissioner Peterson eyes Gov run

Clackamas County BBC Chair and former Lake Oswego City Councilor Lynn Peterson is eyeing a run for Governor the Portland Tribune reports.

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this supposed to be a CONSERVATIVE site?

    How about less coverage of the loser liberals and their failed policies and retread candidates – and more coverage of conservative candidates who bring new ideas to Oregon?

    I see a lot of comments about Jason Atkinson saying “well, he seems like a good guy, but people just don’t know him enough to support him.” Well… YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THAT BY COVERING HIM.

  • John Fairplay

    I don’t think you’ve visited this site much. On a daily basis it is not primarily an original content site. It relies on the MSM to publish articles that can be linked. The MSM is not interested in providing coverage – and especially positive coverage – of a person like Jason Atkinson as he is a conservative, the sworn enemy of the MSM.

    You do raise an issue that ought to be addressed, however – how can we get more positive or at least neutral coverage of conservative candidates for political office? If the MSM won’t do it, what other avenues are available?

    • Anonymous

      The dinosaur media will NEVER do that. It is corrupt.

      We need to use the NEW media to do that work. That is why we need sites like this to produce and distribute original content rather than just post links to the dinosaur media and hope for constructive comments.

      The bottom line on comments is: they are nice for regular readers who actually spend time exploring the sites, but most people who visit a news site just skim headlines and read the first few sentences of articles, then move on.

      Rather than rely on prolonged and robust debate in the comments, we need articles that express in the first three sentences the meat of the story and why it is important to both conservatives and to the population as a whole.

      If the goal is, for example, to promote a conservative candidate like Jason Atkinson, then we need to see:

      1) A big headline, proclaiming (this is made up for example): GOP Candidate Atkinson Cures Cancer!

      2) An exclusive photo of Jason with a smiling, beautiful child in a hospital bed

      3) An article that begins with three sentences, stating clearly and concisely that:

      a) Jason is a GOP Candidate
      b) Jason has cured cancer, which is good for everyone
      c) Jason is a conservative, and conservative principles led to curing cancer.

      Without a format like this, we are wasting our time.

  • Divert US from MARXing to Pretoria

    Lynn Peterson manifests a redux of Darlene Hooley-Muleygans and/or a bag of Judie Hammerstad’s supercilious d’oh!

    Michael Moore to come: John Taxhaber or Bile Badberry. OMG, know that’s really nightmarish!

    Dem there’s Peter DeFazio or Rick Metzger who might project better commoner sense than the aforementioned.

    Most electable GOP type: Arguably, RINO Gordon Smith who might be able to draw endorsments away from Dr. No.

    Hmm, would Kevin Mannix been worse than Ted Kulongoski? I don’t think so, inasmuch as Algae Ted’s green has made Oregon’s economy resemble a Sargasso Sea.

    OK, OK, hasten Jason, bring some legitimate bas’n to the candidate floor, but try to not oops slop, with any more amnesty for illegal’s faux pas slop.

  • Bad Boy Brown

    On no – yet another DEMO DUMMY wanting to run for Governor. In Peterson’s case; she’s another clueless housewife that got lucky and managed to fill a couple of political positions in an area that votes DEMO DUMMY. Of course, along with th other three DEMO DUMMY IDIOTS running for Governor – Bradbury, Kitzhaber and DeFazio – Peterson hasn’t held a real job in over a decade and has no skills whatsoever at running anything.
    And people still wonder why Oregon is going down the economic drain.

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