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In response to questions from Republicans around the state of Oregon, the Oregon Republican Party would like to remind everyone that the Dorchester Conference is not an official Republican Party event. It is an event founded and run by former Senator Bob Packwood. Senator Packwood explained that he designed the conference to try to pull the Republican Party to the left on policy issues and that he originally set it up as a protest to exclude the official Republican Party. The Oregon Republican Party welcomes everyone into our party to debate the issues, but we desire to make it clear that we have an official party platform stating our positions on relevant issues. The platform of the Oregon Republican Party is debated and modified at our Convention and is always available to view on our website.

The Republican Party is proud to be known as the party of liberty. As the party of freedom, we believe that Americans should be free to live their lives as they wish, so long as they do not impede the freedom of others to do so. The state leadership of the Republican Party in Oregon continues to stand for freedom and religious liberty.

The Republican Party has been the champion of civil rights for 160 years including leading the great movements abolishing slavery and enacting civil rights legislation in the 1960’s. However, freedom also includes being free from having the institutions of government used to interfere in your life and redefine social institutions such as marriage, which people have built their societies around for thousands of years.

The institution of marriage being between men and women pre-dates government, and has continuously served as the foundation for family structure in ordered societies for thousands of years. We oppose the use of government to suppress and control your rights by interfering in bedrock social institutions.

We continue to ask everyone of every background to join the Republican Party to help us protect and preserve freedom, protect your religious liberty, and to prevent government overreach from destroying the institution of marriage and further taking away your rights through social engineering.

Tyler Smith – Republican Party Congressional District 5 Chairman
Art Robinson – Oregon Republican Party State Chairman

  • Sol668

    LOL @ the Oregon GOP

    We’re the party of freedom!..So long as freedom means living your life in accordance with our moral dictates

    We’re the party of civil rights!..but we’d deny a black man from entering a business open to the public so long as the owner deny’s that man based on his “religious beliefs”

    We support the traditional definition of marriage!! But ignore that for most of history and throughout our own religious texts that included polygamy

    • .

      Sol668, your home phone number 666 is hailing you as an antichrist general in New World Order smarmy marching US toward a Revelationsorry descending.

      • Sol668

        Wow a general

        That’s quite the promotion from poor working person!

        • .

          In a general sense…like peon-ing our national foundation to erode the founding father’s intent for a freedom loving sovereign republic – and, not for the slake of unbridled socialism, still a work in no-progress lacking even a hill of beans in sight.

    • .

      In udder words, Sol668, your gig has no points other than of being a ‘benign’ allegory. Lulzpdx, what’s your stance here?

      • LulzPdx

        GOP doublespeak. “Americans should be free to live their lives as they wish, so long as they do not impede the freedom of others to do so.” Except for gay marriage. Where we believe it is A-OK to impose the religious bigotry of our supporters on everyone else.

        Evidently gay marriage impedes on the ability of good Christians to practice their religion? Maybe the GOP is afraid that straight singles will be forced to marry someone of the same sex?

        The statement is so blatantly hypocritical and self-serving that it is funny. Would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

        • sol668

          Lets also not forget the intellectual dishonesty of invoking the civil rights act…Do the authors of this article really believe that if the current US house of representatives was to vote on that exact same act TODAY, we’d see 80% of republicans voting for it?

          I have a hard time believing the modern GOP would side against property rights and in favor of “big government” intruding into the private affairs of business owners

          • LulzPdx

            Texas Republican party included a repeal of the Voting Rights Act in their 2012 platform.

          • .

            LultPdx and sol668…perhaps, golden calf supplicants?

          • LulzPdx

            You sure spend a lot of time referencing the Bible, but ignoring the teachings. Starting to believe that is a constant among most religious conservatives.

          • Ballistic45

            You are absolutely correct, the GOP of today is nothing more than a subsidiary of the Democrat Party… Their only function today is to run interference for Obama and his Lemmings while giving true Conservatives the illusion of being represented on Capital Hill.. Both Parties Vilify Constitutional Conservative grass root movements and their representatives for daring to support Constitutional Government, Small Government, Balanced budget and stop killing 3000+ babies a Day in America… Nah, today, the GOP would join Democrats in keeping Blacks as slaves and supporting the KKK….

          • Sol668

            Perhaps your republican representatives on capital hill realize that ruling in a constitutional republic in which (I know this is crazy) about 50% of Americans completely disagree with your definitions of “constitutional government” and your desire to eviscerate the social safety net in the name of “small government”, requires compromise, realism and decency and while they might not disagree with your end goals, find your extremism threatening to their chances at the polls

          • .

            Nonsense. Sol668, typical of blue lip chicanery.

          • LulzPdx

            Interesting what a difference in perspective makes. I consider the national Democrats to be Republican-lite.

  • gullyborg

    In other words, the Oregon Republican Party wants to remind us all that, despite Dorchester, they are still the party of hating gays and forcing women to have babies. Yeah. THAT’S how you win elections here. Good luck with that.

    • .

      Another gollywoggle promulgated by gullyborg, surname gollum.

    • MrBill97702

      It’s not so much about bigotry against gays as much as it’s about freedom for everyone. If someone believe homosexuality is morally wrong (and many do), they should be able to live their lives according to their beliefs without fear of being harassed by the thought police.

      As for forcing women to have their babies instead of killing them, guilty as charged. I’d take that stand even if it were your mother and she was contemplating aborting you.

      Whether it wins elections or not remains to be seen. Whether it’s right or not is what concerns me.

      • sol668

        So you’re of the opinion that if a business owners believes blacks are “vermin” and refuses them access to his business which is open to the public…”they should be free to live their lives according to their beliefs”…so much for the article invoking GOP support for the civil rights acts of the 1960’s

        • MrBill97702

          You are trying to make being black and being gay morally equivalent. I don’t accept that.

          Comparing present day gays to pre-Civil Rights blacks isn’t a valid comparison. When was the last time you saw a “straights only” drinking fountain? The Civil Rights movement was dealing with discrimination on a whole different level. Whole different problem.

          So far as someone refusing to serve blacks, good luck finding someone who actually does that. I’d love to be that person’s competitor. I’d treat the people they turn away right.

      • LulzPdx

        Since gay marriage does not infringe on anyone’s rights, you are in favor? Or do you follow the GOP line of talking about honoring individual rights (as long as we like you)?

        • MrBill97702

          Nope. I don’t support gay marriage because I don’t think homosexuality’s right. BTW, I also don’t support marrying your sibling, mother, father, animals, or dead people for the same reason. It’s not about liking or not liking anyone. It’s about what’s right and wrong.