Rep. Greg Walden helps stop Obama harm to Medicare


by NW Spotlight

Having Destroyed Successful Private Health Care Market, Obama Targets Successful Medicare Programs

“Put simply, it’s downright embarrassing to have a well-functioning part of Medicare existing alongside the hulking failure that the traditional Medicare system has become for younger workers.” – Grover Norquist, National Taxpayers Union

There is a simple and unavoidable conclusion to draw from government health care programs that rely on the free market and consumer choices: they work.  Medicare Advantage – the private sector version of Medicare – has 270,000 Oregon seniors enrolled.  Naturally, this kind of success is going to come under attack by liberals, and Obama didn’t disappoint by raiding it to pay for Obamacare.

Earlier this year Obama came after another program that works.  The Medicare prescription drug program, known as Part D, was built on the foundation of competition and consumer choice.  The result is that it costs 45% less than initially projected, seniors’ premiums average only $30 a month (they were projected to be twice that), and it has a 90% satisfaction rate.  But bureaucrats don’t run the system the way they’d like, which is why Obama proposed to eliminate some of its free market underpinnings that hold down cost.

House Republicans weren’t having any of this.  They recently scheduled a vote on H.R. 4160, the “Keep the Promise to Seniors Act” sponsored by Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina.  Rather than suffer an embarrassing bipartisan defeat and create more bad news on health care, Obama pulled the onerous portions of the rule … for now.

Chalk one up for the House Republicans and our own Congressman Greg Walden, who was one of the leaders in the fight to check Obama on this issue.  If we had more choice and competition in health care, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.

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  • Jack Lord God

    At this point if you haven’t figured out Obamacare was about destroying, not building, then you are frankly an idiot.

    This is the only explanation for the behavior of people like Obama or Kitzhaber. They didn’t actually give a rip about the care itself, they just wanted control over it.

    Don’t like that? Sure, I know, it’s kind of depressing. But how else can one explain their behavior?

    Democrats never really had a cohesive plan for health care, they just knew they wanted the money and power that would come from being in charge of it. That’s how we got the 1,300 page nightmare we did. Paying off this Democrat or that with whatever power grab they wanted over you.

    And that was all any of them ever cared about. I cite as evidence the fact that Obama and Kitzhaber both walked off and went on massive vacations and golf trips, generally at our expense, and couldn’t have cared less about implementation. Even the absolute easiest part of the process – getting a damn web site to work, was an abject failure. And they put the whole thing on a credit card. Making Bush look like a thrifty guy in the process, no mean feat that.

    There is good news however, for us, not our kids. The individual mandate is de facto dead. The fines for not having health car can only be enforced if you are expecting money back on you tax return. There is no other enforcement mechanism. If that’s not enough, just check the hardship box and you are exempt, no proof needed

    Should a Republican president be elected in 2016, the law can simply be waived by Presidential fiat as Obama has already established the precedent. I suggest should a Republican be elected that should be job one.

  • HBguy

    But government pays more to private insurance providers for a Medicare Advantage enrollee than it does for a traditional Medicare enrolllee

    That is, it appears that the government program – Medicare – is less expensive than the private program – Medicare Advantage.

    Now, some Advantage programs do offer some benefits that government doesn’t. But could that be because they are paid more?

    A fair test of the free market here would be to have the government pay private plans the exact same as a traditional Medicare program costs. Requiring them to maintain some basic level of coverage that protects the taxpayer from having to pick up some medical costs that should have been covered.

  • delraydavis

    Wow…this is the biggest load of fact skewing corporate serving bullshit I have ever read.

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