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This little ol’ piece doesn’t require much in the way of commenting, it speaks for itself. The Oregon Legislature couldn’t balance the budget like the rest of us do (cut excess, spend less, be careful), so they raised $733 million in new taxes that will drive small businesses from Oregon. Now that the people got the two initiatives on the ballot for January, the NEA and the OEA, Teachers unions, are starting to do battle. This document came from inside the OEA.

Archives of OEA Newsflash from 2005 to 2009 can be read here:

From the September 25, 2009 OEA Leader Letter

OEA: Signatures Turned in to Put Tax Fairness on the Ballot. Some large corporations and out-of-state special interests opposed to the legislature’s tax fairness measures appear to have turned in enough signatures to force an election this January. In order to uphold these measures and preserve Oregon’s critical services, now is the time to get involved in the YES campaign. (Bill Post: Notice they say “appear to have turned in enough”. Sheesh we needed 55,179 and got over 125,000 on each petition.)

OEA: Voting YES on these measures will preserve services by raising the $10 corporate minimum income tax for the first time since 1931. Right now, two-thirds of the corporations doing business in Oregon pay just $10 a year in income taxes, while the average family pays about $3,100. When a single Oregon family pays more than 300 corporations combined, it’s time for a change. Voting YES on these measures will make Oregon’s tax system more fair for working families and will preserve schools and the essential services we all depend on. (Bill Post: Ah yes, it’s always the old violin, “we’ll lose schools…..” How about balancing the budget with the increases you already have!)

OEA: The YES campaign needs your help. The corporate-funded opponents may have millions of dollars to spend on misleading TV ads, but we have you. We need your help to reach out to voters to explain why a YES vote will protect schools and critical services by making our tax system more fair. Your voice will make the difference. (Bill Post: Again, look at the spin: “outside money”. “Big corporation’s money”. So, if money comes from the NEA, SEIU & OPEU which have contributed huge sums in previous tax campaigns is not considered “outside money”? Hmmm…)

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    >Right now, two-thirds of the corporations doing business in Oregon pay just $10 a year in income taxes, while the average family pays about $3,100. When a single Oregon family pays more than 300 corporations combined, it’s time for a change.

    You know, this is exactly why I have no problem whatsoever criticizing teachers and their unions.

    Why shouldn’t I?

    They seem to have no problem implying all anyone has to do is incorporate and presto chango all of a sudden you just pay $10 in taxes a year.

    You know, it kind of makes me want to say bad things about teachers, they seem to have no problem saying bad things about everyone else. What makes them such a sacred cow? I mean we know they can’t do math or logic. If they could they wouldn’t be running around saying some mom and pop corner store incorporated and now they only pay $10 a year while these poor poor average families pay $3,100.00.

    The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if all one had to do was incorporate and ones tax bill immediately became a matter of slipping a couple of fives under the door everyone would incorporate tomorrow. Its such simple logic even a teacher could do it.

    Teachers often talk about getting respect. Society owes them respect, they do a hard job that requires dedication and patience so they will claim.

    Gee, I’m so sorry. You know, dedication and patience aren’t all that’s required to get respect. Respect is also earned by how you treat others. If you go running around with this mercenary attitude, insulting the people who pay your wages, I don’t care how many hours you put in or how much education you have. The fact is you aren’t going to get any respect any time soon. The fact is you will be seen as just another civil service employee who signed up for the job not because they were such a pro or were so nose to the grindstone that private enterprise couldn’t deal with your dedicated selflessness. No, the fact is you are just another guy who signed up for a government job because you wanted the stability, and in Oregon the relatively high pay. Oh, and since you are a teacher, you also get the real cush work schedule as well.

    You want respect as a teacher? Go tell your union to shape up its act a little. Id have a hell of a lot of respect for any teacher who did that.

    You want to keep getting no respect as a teacher? Then keep going with this “I didn’t do it, They did it, the union, nope, not me, I didn’t do anything, that was the union”.

    Hopefully you can manage the math on that one.

    • Sybella

      I’m a retired tax professional and have prepared returns for a lot of teachers over the last 25 years. I have been constantly amazed by how little they really know and the temper fits they throw when they have to pay. Not all, but a large number of them. I have had them stomp out of my office. I even told one of them just how really stupid they are.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Well, if you are a tax professional I am sure you are aware of the unique phenominon of the liberal who answeres every poll ” I would gladly pay more taxes if….” but then April 15th always seems to have a stack of Goodwill donation slips for $300 shoes.

        • Sybella

          Did you notice that. Also do you notice the numbers coming off the ceiling or from Aunt Martha? Oh, and if they get caught, It’s our fault.

  • Casual Observer

    Here’s something to watch closely. When Sizemore put a measure on the ballot to stop the public employee unions from using the public payroll system to collect political donations, the public employee unions spent something like $12 million to stop his measure. Their campaign spent an all time record to protect the public employee unions’ political clout.

    Now there will be two measures on the ballot that may affect union members directly by limiting the amount of money available for salary and benefit increases. The two measures will have minimal effect on the amount of union dues collected, but will directly affect union members. Now watch and see how much money the unions spend to pass the tax increases.

    Public employee union members are so naive. They think theirs unions are there to protect them. The facts, however, tell a different story. The unions may spend two or three million trying to keep the $800 million tax increases their Democrat minions passed this past session, but they will spend nothing near what they spent protecting their dues and their own political clout.

    Now that I think about it, I think the teachers unions spent fighting Sizemore’s Merit Pay Measure 60 about a quarter of what they spent fighting his union dues related Measure 64. And yet those teachers continue naively paying their dues, all so a handful of extreme activists can have the political clout to decide who gets elected in Oregon.

    • Ron

      Please do not lump all Public Employees together. When I was working, about 40% of us were Republicans. Unfortunately, the Union was lead by liberal Democrats. Thus, we could do nothing about what they wanted. A lot of us did what we could to counter their plans.

  • Beaverton Working Guy

    Rupert, I get the impression that we are all supposed to accept blindly the idea that teachers are all professionals and deserve their sacred cow status, because they “serve our kids.”

    I have read in several places that it is consistently true that public school teachers’ average GPA is in the bottom twenty-five percent of their college’s graudating class and that many teachers chose education as a major because they couldn’t cut it in tougher fields.

    I don’t know if this is true, but I know that when I was in school there were really good teachers, life-changing ones, and there were teachers that were just plain dumb. The ones who were just plain dumb were paid more than the really good ones, if they had been at the school for a longer period of time.

    That just plain stinks. That’s not fair for kids and it is not fair to the teachers who are doing a better job. And it makes me wonder which type likes the teachers union the most and depends on it to keep their job, a job they probably do not deserve.

  • John Fairplay

    I think it’s important to separate the teachers union leadership thugs from the rank-and-file teachers. While it’s true that many teachers are as rabidly pro-Socialism as the leadership, most are not. Many teachers signed the petitions to refer these tax increases to the ballot. Some actually circulated petitions. Any teacher who attempts to campaign for these tax increases should be challenged, directly and vigorously. File an “Oregon open meeting” request for any emails discussing these matters sent by or to teachers or administrators in your district. File ethics complaints on any use of taxpayer funds to support the tax increases. Watch closely who supports these tax increases – especially if they represent a tax-exempt organization – and complain to that charity’s Board of Directors.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      I see no reason at all to excuse teachers union members for the actions of their leaders.

      The fact is teachers unions haven’t been spouting this nonsense for a short while, its been going on a long time.

      If this was just a one time thing, or a remarkable instance of complete idiocy on the part of the union leaders I would have some sympathy for the rank and file.

      However that is not the case. Teachers unions consistently spout this garbage about corporations and I for one and tired of being insulted by a group that constantly demands I respect them.

      If teachers want some respect, then they better start earning it and stop acting like little kids on the play ground pointing their fingers “not me he did it, he was the one who instigated it”.

      Grow up and elect union representatives who aren’t scum. If you can’t do that, then refuse to be represented by them.

  • Anonymous

    “Right now, two-thirds of the corporations doing business in Oregon pay just $10 a year in income taxes, while the average family pays about $3,100.”

    This is the biggest load of CRAP that is misused again and again and again.

    The CORPORATION may not be paying taxes, but the PEOPLE who own shares of corporate stock DO. In addition to the corporate tax, there is CAPITAL GAINS TAX that people pay when a stock increases in value, and there is DIVIDEND TAX that people pay on profits distributed by the corporation.

    Also, the minimum tax is a MINIMUM because is supercedes the usual tax on PROFIT. Most corporations pay the minimum because THEY AREN’T MAKING MONEY and therefore aren’t paying more than the MINIMUM.

    But it makes a good sound bite and bumper sticker for the uninformed masses out there who want to rally against “corporate greed” and other bogeymen by saying corporations only pay ten bucks.

    We have idiots electing lawyers for purpose of stealing our money. This is what we get.

    • Mike M

      More on corporations and small businesses:
      – they have employees who pay federal, state, and property taxes!
      – fewer businesses, then fewer employees, and less tax revenue on all fronts

      More on teachers and other public employees:
      – they have health and other benefits that cost $10K or more per year, and no taxes are paid on these benefits!

      The state and local governments offer tax-free bonds to investors, and these investors pay no taxes on the income generated by these investments. Do you want to target the retirees, too?

      There are people who are considered “rich” due to their property holdings and other assets, yet may have no income at all; they pay no taxes. Do you want to target these people as well?

      Residents across the river in Vancouver actually drive a short distance across the river using Oregon’s streets and highways, and make purchases of essentials and non-essentials, and gasp, they don’t pay any taxes at all to Oregon. Do you want to set up a border crossing to capture a use fee from these consumer commuters?

      The canard that Oregon corporations pay only $10 in taxes is a great cry to the masses, but critical thinking is needed. There are many, many other groups that pay little or no taxes to Oregon.

      Bottom line; Oregon had better shape up, get its financial house in order, and eliminate these stop-gap bandaids to meet our ever increasing expenditures. How about really looking at spending?

      Where is the focus on job creation? on attracting new businesses? Where is the message to be more efficient?

      Why offer tax incentives to businesses to come here, and then attack those same businesses for actually using them?

    • Oregonian

      You’re REALLY going to complain about the capital gains tax?! REALLY?! I effing work for a living and have my taxes too high because they’re being used to subsidize the rich folks making money off of having money!

      • Mike M

        Anyone can put some of their savings into stocks, bonds, mutuals, whatever, and hold them for a year, and then pay the capital gains rate to reduce their taxes.

        Not limited to rich folks at all.

        What, no savings? Then I am truly sorry. Saving for a rainy day is something we all should try very hard to do.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I am going to complain about it. People pay corporate tax, dividend tax, capital gains tax, and personal income tax – plus pay to drive, pay to park, pay for permits, pay for licenses, pay for regulatory fees, pay for environmental impact statements, pay for lawyers to fight off stupid bureaucrats, pay for zoning restrictions, pay gas taxes, pay liquor taxes, pay tobacco taxes, pay health care taxes, pay pay pay pay pay pay pay until they die, they their kids pay inheritance taxes.


  • Joe Shaddix

    I can’t wait to hear the whining when the teacher’s unions get their butts handed to them in January. They’ll have no one to blame but the worthless democrat majorities and RINO’s in the legislature. I’m am past being reasonable with these babies. Now it’s time for a dose of reality, and it is going to make castor oil taste like ice cream.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, businesses do pay more taxes then they lead you to believe. Example, my husband and I own two small tobacco stores, yes, I know that makes me a real bum, but children ,do not buy from us. That isn’t the point though. We spend just under two million dollars a year to purchase our product, which we earn an 8% profit. Of that amount approximately 1.9 million goes for Oregon state tax. The balance gives us a wage at just under minimum wage, covers our overhead, and hires 10 to 11 people. The profit that is left, and usually is because of inventory on the shelf we can’t deduct because we haven’t sold it, that’s law. Another term is cash cow for the government, We pay taxes on that amount at our personal tax rate because an S Corporation itself does only pay a $10.00 excise, tax, but the profit is taxed at our rate and usually puts us in the highest tax bracket. That’s a lot of bucks for the state.
    They are so greedy our politicians and the taxes I just mentioned don’t cover the federal tobacco tax That is also included in the taxes this greedy cheap corporation pays

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for selling tobacco. Without you and your clients, there would be no public health care.

  • Anonymous

    I think the point to remember is that if you own your own corporation, the corporation makes money but you don’t. You have to draw a salary out of the corporation’s income, and you pay personal income tax on that. So if the corporation makes $1 million in income, with operating costs of $900,000 (excluding salary) and you pay yourself $100,000 in salary, then:

    Corporation pays $10 in tax, the minimum, because costs, including salary, is equal to the income.

    You pay personal income tax on $100,000.

    This is $10 MORE in taxation than if you did not incorporate.

    No incorporation:

    You make $ 1 million. You have business expenses of $900,000. Your taxable income is $100,000.

    So, in these two examples where the only real difference is corporation, the corporation pays $10 more than the individual.

    Now, here is where it gets more complicated: the corporation might pay you $50,000 in salary, then issue a dividend of $50,000 for the rest. In this case, you pay taxes on the $50,000 at the dividend rate. Yes, it is lower. But there are other considerations to offset that. For one thing, in addition to opening yourself up to the IRS, you are now also accountable to the SEC. You have to do a lot more administrative paperwork to pay yourself that money – if you aren’t an accountant and need to hire one, it could easily cost a few thousand dollars to save about that amount. Your financial records have additional retention and transparency requirements. If you are married filing jointly with a no-income spouse, you can’t get the better rate on dividends like you can with personal income. There are many considerations, and for most self-employed people it doesn’t even make any sense to incorporate – otherwise, everybody would.

    • v person

      That depends on where you live. If your corporation does business in Oregon but you live in New york then you don’t pay any personal income tax in Oregon.

      • Anonymous

        You always pay somewhere. States with better tax rates draw businesses in. States with higher tax rates drive businesses out.

        This is really simple:

        If you want more businesses doing business in Oregon, have more competitive tax policies than other states.

        If you want more unemployment, more exodus of capital, more talent fleeing to other states – and taking their demands for goods and services with them – then raise taxes.

        It doesn’t get more simple than this.

      • Anonymous

        “If your corporation does business in Oregon but you live in New york then you don’t pay any personal income tax in Oregon”

        This is New York’s problem. It is not Oregon’s problem.

        If you don’t live here, you aren’t using Oregon roads, Oregon schools, Oregon Human Services, etc. You aren’t voting for Oregon’s leaders. You are, however, contributing to Oregon’s economy by providing goods and services, which is a benefit to all Oregonians.

        You are, however, draining New York of resources.

        This does not mean that Oregon should raise taxes to “punish” you for choosing an advantageous arrangement for your work and living.

        • v person

          “If you don’t live here, you aren’t using Oregon roads, Oregon schools, Oregon Human Services, etc.”

          But your business is benefiting from all those and more. Which is why we have taxes on businesses not just individuals, who can claim residence in any low or non income tax state.

          People do business in Oregon either because this is where they want to live, or this is where they can make money. They don’t do it (for the most part) to “contribute” anything in particular to the greater good. That is the job of government.

          • Anonymous

            “But your business is benefiting from all those and more.”

            Plenty of people from out of state also benefit. People in Iowa wear Nike shoes. The entire world benefits from clean air and water that result from local business compliance with environmental regulations. Should the entire world pay taxes in Oregon?

            “That is the job of government.”

            Wow, you just walked right in to that one. NO, IT IS NOT THE JOB OF GOVERNMENT! The job of government is to provide the most basic functions of law and order. It is not to provide every benefit and perk under the sun.

      • Sybella

        That is not necessarily true. Oregon does tax income that was earned in Oregon unless there is a credit from either Oregon or the other state so they are not double taxed. Depending on the state such as California, they give the credit and the money goes to Oregon, If it is several other states, Oregon gives the credit and the tax goes to the other state. That does avoid really unfair double taxation on the sme money. Yes, after 25 years, I do know that.

        • v person

          That is your interpretation of the job of government. But obviously government does a lot more than that. Providing National Parks has nothing to do with law and order, nor does mailing out social security checks or operating Medicare. They all have to do with promoting the general welfare of the people.

          And talk about walking into things. What do government regulations on environment have to do with law and order? Answer is they don’t. They have to do with promoting the general welfare.

          Question for Sybella: If I am the CEO of Chevron, and my corporation is based in Texas, and they have no income tax, and my company earns say a billion on Oregon operations, and I am paid $100 million in salary, am I liable for any personal income tax in Oregon?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Question for Sybella: If I am the CEO of Chevron, and my corporation is based in Texas, and they have no income tax, and my company earns say a billion on Oregon operations, and I am paid $100 million in salary, am I liable for any personal income tax in Oregon?

            Good lord, would you please, and I mean please, I beg of you, please put your brain in gear before engaging your mouth?

            Seriously, think a little bit before you pop off.

            Lots of companies have operations in multiple states. Employees of those companies are not required to pay personal income taxes in every state the company does operations in.

            UPS workers, including the CEO, do not pay taxes in all fifty states and every country in the world even though they have operations in all of those places.

            The McDonalds worker in New Jersey, does not pay taxes in all fifty states and every country in the world.

            Good God man, please, for the love of all that is holy would you think for five seconds before popping off with this complete and utter drivel.

          • v person

            Yes, thinking for 5 seconds is a good idea. Had you done so you might have noticed that I posed a question to Sybella, not Rupert, and I made no claims about who pays what. She presented herself as expert on corporate taxation. I’m not, so I asked a question based on a hypothetical. Why did you feel the need to butt in with a non answer? If you know the answer to the question fine, please share. If not, then go back to whatever it is you do.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Good lord.

            You seriously are pressing this?

            The answer is exactly what I said. If you work for a company, you do not pay taxes on income in every place of operations the company has.

            I mean you seriously need to ask this question?

            You really don’t know?

            You really have no idea whether the CEO of UPS, for example, is responsible for income tax on his income to all of the 50 states that have an income tax or not just because the company has operations there?

            You really can’t figure out if the guy at the drive up window of McDonalds pays income taxes just in Oregon and Federally, or in all fifty states and several countries?

            OK – Tell you what, lets walk over to the learning corner, put on our thinking caps and reason this out.

            CEO income is limited to $1 million. you didn’t know that, fine. That happened under Clinton and that’s why we have all the zany stock option deals.

            Ok – so, try and think about how much income would be left to the CEO of UPS, who I am sure is probably paid around $1 million.

            Since UPS operates in all 50 states, what would his tax rate be if he paid income taxes in all the states that have an income tax?

            Well, lets just guess low and say only 20 states have an income tax.

            Lets also guess that the tax rate is real low in all 20 of those states, guys who make $1M a year pay 5% lets say

            So, if the CEO pays 5% of his income, to 20 states, his taxes would be all of his income – 5%x20 = 100%

            Ok, so got it now?

            I mean I seriously cannot believe I have to go through this long example, because you simply can’t be troubled to think.

            You don’t pay income taxes in every state a company has operations in.

            Id suggest you learn from this latest silliness, but we both know you can’t learn anything because you can never admit you were wrong.

          • v person

            Rupert, stop being a putz and read Sybella’s comment #8.1.3 Sybella on 2009-09-29 15:03 that I was responding to. She made the claim that money earned in Oregon is taxed by Oregon unless there is an arrangement with other states. That is the point I was trying to get clarification on, because I don’t think it actually is the case. Your pompous, tautological response actually supports my understanding of the situation, but contradicts Sybella.

            “CEO income is limited to $1 million. you didn’t know that, fine.”

            No. I didn’t know that. And neither do you because it isn’t true. Corporations can pay CEO salaries as high as they want to. But they can only deduct up to 1 million $$ of it for corporate tax deduction purposes. It is in Section 163(m) of the Internal Revenue Code. And “income” by the way, includes both salary and options. Suggesting that CEOs in America are limited to earning 1 million in income is thus sheer nonsense.

            “So, if the CEO pays 5% of his income, to 20 states, his taxes would be all of his income – 5%x20 = 100%”

            OK Rupert. Try to slow yourself down here a minute. The issue I raised was not about what a CEO earns altogether. It was about what portion came from income due to Oregon operations. The argument advanced by you and others seems to be that we should not raise the corporate minimum because after all, corporate employees already pay income tax here anyway. The argument I’m making is that if a corporate employee does not reside in or work in Oregon, yet their earnings are based in part on Oregon revenue, and if that corporation is scamming the $10 minimum payment, then they are basically escaping from paying Oregon taxes (corporate or otherwise) even though they are benefiting from Oregon public spending. I’d say that is not fair to the rest of us, and is an argument for raising the corporate minimum.

            “but we both know you can’t learn anything because you can never admit you were wrong. ”

            Well here is your chance to show me by example Rupert. Admit you erred on limits to corporate pay and in misreading my question to Syb and you get 2 gold stars for today. I will be so proud I might plotz.

          • Anonymous

            Chevron is based in California and pays a shitload of taxes. CEOs are limited under federal law to $1 million in salary – additional income is from stock bonuses that are subject to dividends and capital gains.

            I thought about this for less than five seconds.

          • v person

            OK. How much is a “shitload” in terms of taxes in Oregon? Have there been years when Chevron paid the $10 minimum here? CEOs are not “limited” to $1M in salary. OI have no idea where you got that one.

            How much does that CEO pay in Oregon income taxes?

            Think about it for more than 5 seconds this time and maybe do some research. Or just call me names if that feels better. But take more than 5 seconds if needed to come up with a really good name.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Every wonder how if you ever suggest illegals don’t pay income taxes the Barak Obama mmmm mmmm mmm crowd jumps up and down to insist “oh yes they do… oh yes they do… they pay payroll taxes…yep they sure do”

    Gee, isn’t that funny? All of a sudden they are accountants.

    But yet when it comes to this BS that corporations only pay $10….oh gee.. they somehow are ignorant?

    Yeah right. They know damn well this $10 thing is a total lie but when you confront them on it they give you the doe eyed innocent routine.

    The things that’s hilarious, is this is the same crowd that gets outraged if you say their motive is to kill honest business and cater to criminals like illegals.

    The math is pretty easy to do on that one, experts on the taxes illegals pay, but somehow know nothings when it comes to corporations. What a bunch of frauds.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Consider what will happen if the tax measures are defeated. That will suck about $1.2 billion out of Oregon’s economy in the form of the budget cuts, and federal match dollars lost.

    If the tax measures pass, taxes will increase by $733 million. Of that amount, a significant fraction would not have gotten spent in Oregon anyway, because it represents profits to out-of-state companies, investments in 401k/IRA plans, and spending on vacations or imported goods by the high-income people who would pay them. (The only people paying extra individual taxes earn over $250,000 per couple. These are not folks just scraping by.) Let’s say spending in Oregon gets cut by $400 million.

    The difference in this analysis is $800 million net advantage to the Oregon economy if the taxes pass, which gets multiplied by about 2 times through continuous circulation of funds, making a difference of $1.6 billion. At say $100,000 per job, that’s 16,000 jobs lost if the anti-tax people win.

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