Milne leaves commissioner seat to focus on senate race

Patti Milne

Patti Milne for State Senate

Patti Milne (R) running for State Senate seat held by Peter Courtney (D)

Salem, OR – Marion County Commissioner Patti Milne gave notice today that she would step down from her seat on the Marion County Board of Commissioners on April 21st, citing her responsibility to taxpayers and the increasing demands of her busy campaign for State Senate.

“I have always advocated for government responsibility to taxpayers and, as a commissioner, our paychecks are paid by the hard-working citizens of Marion County.  With my Senate campaign off to a strong start, and knowing it will become increasingly difficult to carry out my duties as commissioner, I feel this is the responsible thing to do,” said Milne. “The citizens are not paying me to be there part time.”

Last August, Milne announced that she would not seek re-election as County Commissioner for a fifth term following her final year of service in 2014.  Recently, however, she announced her bid for Oregon’s State Senate District 11, which stretches from South Salem north including the City of Woodburn.

“I put a lot of thought into the best time to depart,” said Milne.  “I tried to choose the best date possible that would be the least disruptive of county business and would allow everyone involved sufficient opportunity to apply fair and due process for my replacement.”

Milne has held the county seat since 1999.  Throughout her tenure as Marion County Commissioner, Milne has advocated for oversight and transparency of government programs and services. With her leadership, the county implemented annual department audits, a county-vehicle cost-saving program, built reserve and contingency funds, created a Rainy Day Fund, and instituted the Economic Development Advisory Board. Milne also oversaw the implementation of Health Savings Accounts for county employees and was instrumental in reorganizing the County Dog Control Program and Shelter for more efficiency and improved health and care of the dogs.

She has served on the Board of Directors, and Executive Council for SEDCOR, and the boards of Northwest Senior and Disability Services and Travel Salem.  In addition, she is a member of Marion County Veteran’s Task Force, and chairs “Striking Out Meth in Marion-Polk Counties,” a popular annual event Milne started in 2006 to counter the growing problems of methamphetamine use throughout Marion and Polk Counties.

Commissioner Milne is a member of numerous other local organizations including the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce and was just chosen Woodburn’s Senior First Citizen.  She is also president-elect of the Woodburn Rotary Club.