Lars Larson: Agreeing with Obama on the school year

I disagree with just about everything Barack Obama is doing””the way he’s handling Afghanistan, health care, taxes, global warming””the whole nine yards. But yesterday I discovered something the President is doing that I agree with, and I mean this seriously.

The President says kids ought to be in school more and I couldn’t agree with him more. The fact is it was always nice to have ninety days off in the summertime. But, whether it’s adults or kids, if you stop doing something for three or four months every year, you fall out of practice. That includes study habits and school.

I know it’s nice for the teachers to be off for three months every year and generous vacations the rest of the year, but we should have kids in school for most of the year. Short breaks are fine. They’ve even healthy. But three months off? That makes no sense.

Obama, I agree with you on that.

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