Lars Larson: CBO Report on Health Care

The Obama Administration is going to try a fast one on health care and it all has to do with that CBO report.

You are probably hearing headlines about the issuance of a Congressional Budget Office report. The CBO report is supposed to be good news for the President’s health care plan. It says that over the next ten years it’s only going to cost $800 billion and we’ll be able to make up all of that through cuts. It will not add one dime to the deficit.

There is a problem though. The President made the promise not to add anything to the deficit. What he didn’t say was that it assumes Congress can make cuts in Medicare of $500 billion. It is completely, politically impossible.

It’s not going to happen. Politically it won’t happen and the President knows it. He knows it will add to the deficit but the headlines may just convince average Americans who don’t pay attention to the fine print on the ObamaCare Plan.

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