Kitz on coal: I’ll make decision by May 30, but answer will be NO

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by NW Spotlight

Kitzhaber cares more about environmental activists than jobs for Oregon – he admits to stretching state’s regulatory morass to what the Oregonian calls “the snapping point” to try to stop this low environmental impact project and the jobs it will bring to Oregon.

If you’re wondering how Governor Kitzhaber can simultaneously declare that it’s time to “say no to coal exports” while informing Ambre Energy that he’ll make a decision on their coal export terminal regulatory permit by May 30th, you’re not alone.  The Oregonian was equally perplexed, and they wrote a strong editorial  condemning the Governors’ comments.

Can any business have confidence in a transparent, consistent process for permitting at this point?  The answer appears to be “no.”  We’ve seen our share of Oregon politicians pandering to their environmental base, but this is a new low.  The Governor chose the occasion of a speech in front of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters to upend the regulatory review of Ambre’s permit and simply declare the project dead.

The comments were met by collective silence by business groups, which may be nervous to weigh in on the dreaded “coal issue.”  But, they’d be wise to get active.  In that same speech the Governor said he wanted to introduce legislation that would increase the regulatory burden on construction projects.  Growing Oregon businesses and attracting new ones to the state is what creates jobs.  Kitzhaber appears intent on making this job harder for everybody but wind farms and solar installations.

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  • .

    O key donkey pokey, PAC the goobermanure out of here by rescinding him in the May primary and writing in Jason Conger, a galoot worth voting-in for and sending the recumbent ICU proctor sailing south of Ecuador with Cylvia in his ayes of diamonds. .

  • Bob Clark

    The statists running our state asylum would like to jail anyone talking about the concept of “the rule of law.” But barring this, the next best thing is owning all the statist politicians sitting as administrative heads and the statist politicians wearing black robes on the bench. Three card Monty for the non-statists, tails you lose and heads statists win, and any edges are for redoing.

  • Richard_Ellmyer

    “he’ll [Kitzhaber] make a decision on their coal export terminal regulatory permit by May 30th” That would be incorrect.

    The governor has no direct statutory authority to grant or deny a Fill/Removal permit issued by the Department of State Lands. Only Mary Abrams, DSL Exec. Dir., has that authority. Her ruling is expected before the end of May.

    • thevillageidiot

      So what he appointed her he can and will make the decision. the big K using the Big Bs play book.

  • Jack Lord God

    Combined with events such as the Keystone pipeline it is becoming increasingly clear regulatory situations are resolved less with concern for the public interest and more with concern to electoral politics. If that isn’t abuse of the system I don’t know what is.

  • .

    Write in to recall Haber in the May Primary. Send Logan running from the covert Oregon disgrace and erase this jaundiced malaise case asap.

  • stopcronycapitalism

    Kitz refuses to be swayed by reality. He continues to spew his old line about how great it is that our state is drowning in industrial wind developments. Kitz in la la land continues flushing our hard earned tax dollars down the wind farm hole. Just read an interesting quote: Apostle of Prosperity: “He who sows wind will reap storm” Let’s hope the voters are smart enough to send this wind loving looser out the door in November. He should have stayed out of politics when he still retained the respect of some who didn’t know any better. Now he just comes off as a fool.

    • .

      Amazing his own party hasn’t deposed him. Are they so Dem’d down they can’t see the blight?

      Really, a RINO like Conger bodes a better choice for occupancy of Mahonia Hall.

      Oh woe is O when RINO Smith dung got replaced by a lot of Malarkey poop.

      Odd fellows, dem Dems unwilling to remove the dotty gov!

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