Lars Larson: The Census Hires Crooks

Can you believe this? The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says criminals were hired to work in the census.

All this talk about government taking over our health care, well just imagine them doing it this way. The Census Bureau has been hiring people to go door-to-door in America. Census Bureau employees would have access to all kinds of information. They’d get a chance to walk into your house to ask you personal questions. They’d have your name, your address, and other personal data.

The Census Bureau screwed up. They hired 200 people who had criminal records to do that door-to-door canvassing. The Census Bureau takes finger prints and they do background checks but a brand new report from the GAO found that tens of thousands of workers were not properly fingerprinted.

They missed 200 people with unclassified permits that had disqualifying criminal records. That is straight out of the report. Now, do you want criminals hired to do that kind of work? Do you trust the government to guard your personal information?

You shouldn’t.

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