A Taxing Poem

Tax $$ for Kulongoski
to replace his state car of 16,000 miles.
$400 chairs in the capitol
for politician’s cushy-bottom lifestyles.

Our state pension system
is in deficit & can’t even pay for itself.
Since politicians are on it
they pass the bill to somebody else.

A half-million in taxes
for art in a county jail called Wapato.
Only gov’t would put
public art where the public can’t go.

$40 million over budget
on that boondoggle Portland Tram.
Public transit for the rich,
while local taxpayers get the sham.

The Transportation Dept.
spends $2 billion to help you and me.
Yet $2 billion still can’t buy,
a shorter line at the DEQ & DMV.

– Jason Williams

(Now it is your turn. Email us a political poem to [email protected], and we may submit it on this blog during the election cycle as much needed comic relief. Don’t be shy.)