Robbing Our Children’s Future: The Case for Tar & Feathers

By Kurt Weber,

A new campaign is afoot to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams. Perhaps a reason stronger than lying exists for yanking him from office: He’s stealing the future from The Children. As Nigel Jaquiss reports in Willamette Week, Adams just begged in D.C. for tax dollars to build a Sustainability Center. (Who’d benefit? That’s another story.) Never mind that the city currently has a per-capita debt of $9,400. Never mind that the federal “We the People” government has unsustainable debt in the mind-boggling, upward-rocketing trillions. No matter, Sam will continue to plunder the future for all children by drowning them in more debt — before they can vote, before they’re born. Fiscally-irresponsible politicians, including Sam, should be removed from office — then symbolically tarred, feathered and their personal property sold to pay down government debt.