Recall: Ron Tonkin to replace Sam Adams, Avel Gordly leads effort.

What an amazing 10 days in the second recall effort to oust Mayor Sam Adams. First it was Columbia Sportswear CEO, Tim Boyle, who announced that he is helping support the effort against Sam Adams.Then it was former Portland Democrat State Senator, turned Independent, Avel Gordly who announced she would lead the campaign recall effort. Now we have another leading Portland figure, Ron Tonkin, who announced on the Lars Larson program that he would run for Mayor if Sam Adams was recalled.. “Over the past few administrations, we seem to have lost our way. We can’t keep taxing people the way that we are. We just need somebody that we can be proud of, that we can depend on, that we know is going to do the right thing for everyone, who doesn’t have ulterior motives.”

Is this this the end? Is this too late?