CNN Decline to Last Place Parallels Oregonian’s Dropping Circulation

What happens when a news organization takes on the mantle for the far left and steadfastly, regardless of facts, carries the water for them? Circulation and viewership decline and decline rapidly and irreversibly.

One only need consider the Oregonian, whose dramatic decline in paid circulation was reported on just one day ago here on Catalyst. Today, one only need consider the once proud CNN, a “news” network in such decline as to become totally irrelevant. CNN averages just a shade over 202,000 viewers in the 25 — 54 age category. To see just how low that is, Shepard Smith on Fox had 465,000 viewers from that same demographic. Bill O’Reilly had 881,000. CNN’s Campbell Brown had just 162,000, an audience so low as to be not only irrelevant, but embarrassing as well.

So, just to recap, the only difference between the Oregonian and the Wall Street Journal is that the Journal actually reports the news without a leftist slant. Its circulation is doing fine. The only difference between Fox and CNN is that Fox actually reports the news without a leftist slant. Fox is doing well, CNN is just about out of business.

The moral here is that the marketplace actually does decide. Leftists need not comment here on anything — the proof is in the numbers — and the proof is in. Fail to report honestly and you pay the price.

I suppose it won’t be long before we get a CNN bailout from the government, but it won’t matter. No one is watching. Just like no one is reading the Oregonian. Welcome to the 21st century people. Truth is what matters, and the truth is, as they say, out there. One only need look.