Lars Larson: Government Mandated Health Care

Hey, let’s be honest and stop calling it a public option, because it’s not. They’ve been calling it the “public option” so long they’ve even got some of us calling it that, too.

Let’s stop. The public option is not a public option, it’s a government mandate. It’s a government law and the fact is it’s going to be damaging for a lot of Americans.

ObamaCare is allegedly up to 2,500 pages. It’s a bill nobody is going to read in its entirety before they vote on it. Twenty-five hundred pages of law that includes mandates that will force you into government health care. If you don’t do it, they will throw you in jail and fine you.

Let’s do the honest thing. Instead of calling it the public option or the consumer option as Nancy Pelosi is trying to rename it, it’s a government mandate. It is government run health insurance. And you know, I don’t want those bureaucrats in charge of my health care. Do you?

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  • Martha

    Some of us are hurting and need help.
    At least this Obama man is helping us.
    We love him.
    We love how he cares.
    We love how he gives us free stuff.

  • Bob Clark

    It’s ironic this healthcare (blob) is being considered around Halloween.

    As for Martha, she might get help with this blob but it comes at other folks’ expense. These latter folk probably include existing Medicare patients who will be denied certain services they now receive, and a bit farther down the road, maybe they are encouraged to give up and die a bit faster so the government can cut its existing Medicare obligations. Then, too, most other folk who now are happy with their private or nonprofit healthcare plans are pushed over by this blob to goologue healthcare systems like the Oregon Health Plan or facilities like Dammasch.

    Rather than run the money printing presses a lot harder to finance free healthcare for everyone like this bill (blob) sets out to do, I propose instead a tough means test so that Martha can get public supported health care if she is truly needy. This test would be set at the poverty line, not two or three times it. Moreover, this test would check on assets. It would put a lien against the estate of the receipient so some costs could be recovered and used to provide other needy folk care.

    Finally, as they’ve learned in California recently, if you tax the productive hard and long enough, you lose the productive, state revenues can’t keep pace with expenditures, and even essiential services for Martha are cut. So, maybe Martha is helped by this blob but then again maybe not, and even she is lucky enough to benefit, others are hurt.

    The Blob! A Bama, Pelosi and Reid mega production.

    • snow

      I really wonder if the people who think the Obama system is so wonderful ever really, really counted the cost. The first cost comes at the expense of their self respect. This isn’t to give anybody wonderful health care, the whole program is to control us.

      Just look at the fear people have about being unhealthy. How long did it take to get them that way.

      Truthfully, I don’t want to be sick or die without medical care either. I have health issues. I took the time to educate myself about those issues. One requires medication, All the rest require diet changes. How hard is that? I believe we let our fear control our lives. as a result we grab at any straw that comes along.

  • v person

    “Let’s do the honest thing. ”

    Start by practicing what you preach Lars.

    As for the rest of you, why are you so easily taken in by Jerry playing at being a hapless liberal? Find a real liberal to argue with, like me.

  • Martha

    I am me. Please stop telling others I am not.

    • v person

      I didn’t say you were not YOU Jerry.

  • Anonymous

    v dean,
    Your blue version of honesty is the essence of what’s gone wrong with this region, state and country.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Well, remember Dean was the guy who so no problem in rationalizing two divergent things.

      1 – He supported Oregon State government health insurance mandates, such as the mandate requiring health insurance has to cover acupuncture treatment.

      2 – He supported Washington’s idea of taxing cushy employer provided health insurance plans to, among other reasons, discourage people from “over insuring” as he put it.

      He never could clarify how government mandating acupuncture coverage, a treatment not known for bankrupting people, was a good thing but private business providing what clearly would be extended coverage were it to include acupuncture treatment was a bad thing. However it was a perfect illustration of how liberal double think can enable its subscribers to hold two contrary ideas to both be logically convergent.

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  • Majorie

    I was thinking, this Dean guy is onto something. I think the state should pay for therapeutic massage.
    I need it and I don’t have $ for it.
    Why shouldn’t they help me out. I am one of the little people.

    • v person

      Give it up Jerry. We are on to you. At least i am.

      Rupert, I said this before, i’ll say it again, I don’t care if your plan has acupuncture or not. I have not idea where you got the idea I cared one way or the other, but for the last time I don’t.

      As for so-called “Cadillac” plans, the question is limiting the tax break, not whether one should choose to pay for extra benefits or not. I’m for scaling back the tax break AND for letting people choose what they want to pay for (or not) up to infinity. Is this so hard for you to grasp? Apparently yes.

      • Majorie

        I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ASKING PEOPLE FOR FREE STUFF. It works, so why should I???

      • name

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  • dartagnan

    “And you know, I don’t want those bureaucrats in charge of my health care. Do you?”

    Hell no! I am sick of those insurance company bureaucrats deciding what health care I can and cannot get!

  • Roadrunner

    So, all of you who oppose a “government mandate” for healthcare: Will you renounce your right to Medicare after you turn 65?

    If “government mandated healthcare” is so bad, why is it that in so many countries that have it, they pay LESS for healthcare and live longer?

  • Reedy300

    What are other health plan proposals by senate