Lars Larson: Government Mandated Health Care

Hey, let’s be honest and stop calling it a public option, because it’s not. They’ve been calling it the “public option” so long they’ve even got some of us calling it that, too.

Let’s stop. The public option is not a public option, it’s a government mandate. It’s a government law and the fact is it’s going to be damaging for a lot of Americans.

ObamaCare is allegedly up to 2,500 pages. It’s a bill nobody is going to read in its entirety before they vote on it. Twenty-five hundred pages of law that includes mandates that will force you into government health care. If you don’t do it, they will throw you in jail and fine you.

Let’s do the honest thing. Instead of calling it the public option or the consumer option as Nancy Pelosi is trying to rename it, it’s a government mandate. It is government run health insurance. And you know, I don’t want those bureaucrats in charge of my health care. Do you?

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