Crime is dark horse issue of 2010

Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The Statesman Journal reports that 4,169 inmates are eligible for early release options created by the 2009 soft-on-crime Legislature. In Marion County, 70 inmates have their request before the local judge. Some have been released already and are getting into trouble. One thing we know about criminals who leave early is that they have a great history of getting back into crime. With a possible 4,000 new early release criminals going free, it is a chemistry for disaster. Did the politicians not consider this when they voted? Is people’s safety something that the lawmakers will expect the public to ignore.

These eligble criminals are your favortite variety such as child abusers, domestic voilence offenders, drunk driuvers with multiple arrests. Down south, Bill Whalen at Stanford University saw how this issue created a sudden backlash in California years ago and is predicting a comeback in 2010.