Poll: Most Oregonians disapprove Obama

By Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC

Roughly 46% of Oregonians think Obama is doing a “poor” job, compared with 41% who think he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job.   This news is from a May 29- June 1 poll of 607 Oregonians by national pollster Wenzel Strategies.

Oregon voters feel Obama’s zombie recovery and the negative GDP growth this year.   Oregon voters also see the Veterans Affairs scandal, IRS abuse scandal and the ObamaCare website catastrophe and know that their Commander in Chief is neither acting like a commander nor a chief.


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  • Maximus Prime

    I still feel Oregon would elect Obama to a 3rd term

    • guest

      Now that Oregon, former Gaza Strip on the Left Coast separating California and Washington, has embraced the ranks of Dem oppressors, it doesn’t take an advance math or rocket science degree to see what you’re sayin’ as Nostradamus encyclical.

      End game in point: How many Dems compared to the GOP representing our states-of-affairs in Congress?

      Folks, the ‘contusion’ is clear – and we’re in for more of the same old *hit…unless fans of common sense reverse the political airs and stem the political plunge into the left wing cesspool of infernal socialist-give’m airing a lot of New World Odor jeffMalarkey.

      • Myke

        Cute! What’s your point?

        • guest

          Acute is the issue! Oregon’s pulse is so close to flat-line and fiscal death, no resuscitation seems possible unless “posse common census” comes to the rescue.

          Factoid: Low information voters believe DEMs as their masters and so *hit seems “that’s the way it is” and nigh damned to remain so,
          ~ Walter Crankcase

  • Jim

    The 17% must be the dumbest of those.

  • Jim

    And the 24 % must the the Dumb and Dumber class.

  • Bluebaer22

    At least President Obama is working for the people, and not against the working people of this nation. Bush and the GOP have done nothing but work for the rich! Money does not trickle down! To grow the economy the money must be spent and saved by the majority of the working people. What the Republicans have done is give everything to the rich and take away from those that need it to support their families! If President Obama could run for a third term he would be elected by a landslide!

    • Granola girl

      Another idiot for Obama…….

      • .

        Bb22 an idiot? How about his bean a dildo with French tickler adorning his clapp trap?

    • poor trash

      So how many raises have you received in 6 years and how as inflation affected you wint .25 % on your savings

      • CherryAnn1000

        In our one person business, the answer is one, and that was years ago, and it doesn’t look like there will any more any time soon. Thanks to Obama.

    • thevillageidiot

      So he works for the people. how do you justify the huge benefits to the health insurance companies in allowing large rte increases before the whole law takes effect? how do you explain the benefits to big Pharma who have a lock on all the drugs including generics. how do you justify the benefits to all the large corps who can delay implementation of the full effect of BO care. how do you justify the increased costs of power to the consumer while the green jobs go down the drain as the green power companies go broke and the taxpayers foot the bill? yes he does work for the people. increases taxes on all so he can buy votes for the Dems and the low information voters. GM benefited while the taxpayers got stuck with the losses. His wonderful economic policies have increased the number of jobs at a lower rate than the working population has grown resulting in a net reduction of available work. Yes he has worked for the people to keep them in their place while he has helped the big get bigger. If you are a public employee at any level you have been helped at the expense of the private sector employees who pay taxes to pay your wage and benefits. since two thirds of the work force is made up of people who get paid from the gov (ie taxpayer) I guess he has worked for the people.

      • Bluebaer22

        First the insuance companies now must use at least 80 percent of the premiums for health care! In the past there was no set asmount. The increases in premiums was just before the ACA took effect. Now there have been 2 consecutive drops in the insurance rates. As for the Big Phara companies the Republicans passed the Medicare Part D that helped do that to the people. The power companies are donating millions of dollars to the Republican campaigns, why? The green energy companies are being under cut by the companies in China, and overseas. The Republican states are now planning on taxing peoples solar systems because it is costing the power companies. As for GM, they paid back every cent that was borrowed from the feds. The Tax payers did not get stuck with any of the losses because there was none! The Hyperbol is all that bulls—! I was a public emplyee before I retired. The majority of the federal work force are good hard working people, that will give you the shirts off of their backs. Unlike the Republicans and the Republican supporters that want to cut help to those that need it the most! Open your eyes and read more than just the conservative bullcrap!

        • Jack Lord God

          That people actually believe this is more than a little scary. Essentially this entire argument is easily dismantled by the fact that the gap between rich and poor has grown dramatically under Obama, nobody disputes that.

          But let’s go point by point:

          >First the insurance companies now must use at least 80 percent of the premiums for health care!

          Are you aware that insurance companies are also guaranteed a taxpayer bail out if Obamacare subsidies eat into their profits too much?

          >The increases in premiums was just before the ACA took effect.

          Right, I got my increase almost exactly one month before. I hope you aren’t trying to argue that because the premium increases happened right before ACA implementation the events are unrelated.

          >As for GM, they paid back every cent that was borrowed from the feds. The Tax payers did not get stuck with any of the losses because there was none!

          Say what? This is kind of like the lone Japanese pilot still thinking WW2 is on when rescued on a desert island. I mean come on, literally every news source reported on the $10B loss for taxpayers with GM.




          >I was a public emplyee before I retired.

          What’s it like to retire when you are in your 50’s?

          Look, you are retired, so you have absolutely no excuse for being this misinformed.

        • poor trash

          as a taxpayer I would like to know when government motors will make whole my losses from the theft of my General Motors stock and the losses to suppliers when the obama admin. refused to let bankruptcy take place.

  • Myke

    I don’t care about Obama. Lord save us from the dumb a$$e$ that elect twits like Kitzhabor over and over again!

  • CherryAnn1000

    Good. And let’s hope that dislike carries over into not electing Dims who now hold office and have long needed to go (i.e., Kitzhaber, Merkley, Schrader, etc.)

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