Ex-Blazer, Chris Dudley, closer to Governor run with website

You know former Oregon Trail Blazer and NBA star, Chris Dudley, is closer to running for Governor when he posts a website, forms a committee and announces he is taking donations.

The Chris Dudley website mentions, “By opening the Friends of Chris Dudley committee, I’ve taken the first necessary step toward determining how I can help, whether running for Governor or some other way. I’ll make a decision soon and report back. One way or another, I intend to help change Oregon for the better.”

Is this the candidate who can save Oregon?

Is this the candidate who can win?

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  • Anonymous

    I need to know more about him and what he stands for. I was solidly in Atkinson’s camp – both because I know and admire Jason and because no other candidate had emerged who I could support. Now, with Jason out due to family medical emergency, I know only this: all the other potential candidates who I know about are flawed. This man is an unknown. If he can articulate a clear message of limited government and fiscal conservatism, I will support him. If he can’t, I won’t.

  • wnd

    Standing tall like Tom McCall, Chris Dudely may be the breath of fresh air Oregon sorely needs – perhaps, for no other reason, he’s NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN collared with PAC mules hauling PERSax, a decahydrate variant, extracted from pockets of taxpayers.

  • anonymous

    We had Arnold in California, a man elected to run a major state when all he really had for credentials was movie and body building fame and the fact that he was married to a famous liberal woman. That hasn’t worked out so well for California. Dudley needs more than basketball fame (of sorts) and a charitable heart.

    Working with charities ought not correlate directly with good government. “Charitable” politicians have a tendency to donate billions of dollars of other peoples’ money to help the poor and the needy via government run social programs. There’s nothing Republican about government coerced charity.

    So, what does Dudley have to offer as a Republican? So far, we know of nothing. He will need to change that before I would even consider voting for him.

  • Anonymous

    And what does anon know about what Kitzhaber and Bradbury have to offer as cloned liberal democrats?

  • Coyote

    We do know that one of Dudley’s advisers is Dan Lavey. Of course Lavey was Gordon Smith’s advisor and Merritt Paulson’s adviser.

    • Jim Ray

      Choosing Lavey goes to show that CD is truly a political babe in the woods. Kiss of death before he even announces. Trust Lavey, trust a RINO.

  • Here we go again

    Dan Lavey is calling the shots on Dudley? Oh boy, talk about the kiss of death!

    This is a very bad sign for Chris Dudley’s prospects. Here we are, 2009, with a tremendous amount of new energy in the conservative movement, just sitting there waiting for a candidate like Dudley to tap into.

    And he is listening to lavey, who will undoubtadly counsel him to distance himself from anything conservative.

    Lavey engineered Gordon Smith’s loss by systematically ensuring that Smith, year in and year out, continued to give the middle finger to conservatives.

    Dudley could be promising, but Lavey will destroy him. Guaranteed.

  • Draft Dennis

    We need a strong dark horse conservative candidate like Rep. Dennis Richardson, instead of a bunch of squishy moderates like Alley, Lim and Dudley.

  • Anonymous

    We could really mess with liberal minds and draft Jackie Winters.

  • Jerry

    RINO’s take notice. You are not wanted nor will we vote for you. You may as well just switch parties.

    • v person

      Music to my ears Jerry. Keep sending them our way.

  • Dick McQueen

    Didn’t appreciate the long winded poll questions by phone this evening. I was trying to answer legitimately, to what seemed like 20 or so serious seeming questions. Then it abruptly turned out to be nothing but a Dudley push-poll from NY. What a way to start a campaign, Chris! Deceptive practice and all!. What’s coming next in your attempt to fulfill your ambitions?

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